Introduction to iridology

Iridology is an alternative medicine that allows practitioners to read and analyze the characteristics of human eyes to determine their general health conditions.

This form of esotericism, dating back to ancient Greece, has seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years due to the role it plays in complementing or strengthening certain traditional therapies.

Today, we'll explore this fascinating field further: its ancient and modern history, its basic science, the physical signals it uses, how it's applicable to everyday life, and how it can help bring your body toward a state optimal operation!

Contents :

1. Definition of iridology

2. The main principles of iridology

3. History of iridology

4. Main benefits of iridology

5. How does an iridology session work?


Definition of Iridology

Iridology is a holistic medical science that offers valuable insights into each person's well-being and dysfunctions. It is based on the careful observation of the colors, shapes and structures visible in the iris (the colored part of the eye). Each iris corresponds to a particular organ of the human body.

Changes can be due to external influences such as stress, food or internal influences such as chronic illness for example. Iridology helps identify which systems are working properly and which are working poorly to find appropriate treatment to restore our optimal overall health.

This complete ancestral technique also evaluates the individual constitution as well as hereditary tendencies in each person using their fundus as a revealer. Indeed, it offers practical information to determine if we need to modify our eating habits or our lifestyle to bring more vitality throughout the body.


The main principles of iridology

Iridology is a holistic diagnostic method based on the study of the eyes. It is an ancient art that can help us detect anomalies before they become visible and become aware of the path to inner healing.

The main principles of this practice are – The iris reveals the energetic, physical and historical terrain of a person –. Color, shape or mark can indicate an organic or psychosomatic dysfunction – Iridological analysis allows us to understand how the body functions and what the root causes are.

In short, iridology offers patients a unique and comprehensive way to fully understand their symptoms in order to identify the root cause of the problems encountered by each patient. This then allows the patient to have easier access to appropriate care to regain their physical, mental and spiritual balance.


History of iridology

Iridology is an ancient medical practice that dates back more than 3,000 years. It is based on the study of the marks and colors of the iris to diagnose health problems. Indeed, an iridologist analyzes the pattern, shape and nuances in order to detect signs of an illness or emotional disorder.

This technique was perfected by Nils Liljequist in the 19th century in Sweden before Bernard Jensen spread it to the United States after World War II. Even today, this discipline remains very popular because it allows rapid and effective diagnosis without going through invasive examinations or using harmful chemicals. Iridology is therefore an interesting alternative for quickly obtaining a reliable diagnosis while preserving your physical and mental health.


Main benefits of iridology

Iridology is an ancient practice of observing and interpreting the markings, colors and textures of the iris to obtain information about a person's health. It can help identify certain genetic tendencies or conditions, which allows doctors to direct treatment toward a more precise diagnosis.

The benefits of this technique are numerous: understanding the human body, quickly performing examinations to detect abnormalities and identifying chronic illnesses before they become serious. Iridology also offers additional assistance to the traditional diagnosis based on visual observation and can be used as a starting point for a holistic therapeutic process integrating different types of natural treatments adapted to each individual.

Therefore, judicious use of the iridological concept can go a long way in moving a patient towards a better overall quality of life with the information provided by this one-of-a-kind technique.

How does an iridology session go?

How does an iridology session work?

Iridology is a diagnostic technique which consists of examining the iris of the eyes to obtain important information about the physical and psychological state of the patient.

During the consultation, a thorough visual examination is carried out and the symptoms reported by the patient are carefully listened to. Then, the diagnosis obtained is interpreted in order to offer dietary advice adapted to each individual situation.

This practice makes it possible to evaluate the general functioning of the body and to detect any dysfunction or abnormality that may appear in the eyes.

Thus, thanks to iridology it is possible to diagnose various diseases before they worsen or cause more serious complications for the patient's health.

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