Introduction to Sacred Geometry

Sacred geometry is a form of ancient wisdom that lies at the foundation of spiritual and religious traditions around the world. This ancestral practice offers a system of inner exploration rich in hidden symbols and meanings, which helps human beings understand the deeper meaning of existence.

For my part, I have devoted a lot of time to uncovering the mysteries hidden behind sacred geometry in order to reveal its transformative power for anyone seeking their own personal and spiritual balance.

In short, I am preparing to share my knowledge acquired over the years as well as an in-depth analysis on the healing power inherent in the practice of sacred geometry.

Contents :

1. Definition of sacred geometry

2. The main principles of sacred geometry

3. History of sacred geometry

4. Main benefits of sacred geometry

5. How does a sacred geometry session work?


Definition of Sacred Geometry

Sacred geometry is a form of spirituality that relies on understanding the relationships between numbers and their application to the universe. It is based on the idea that all things in our world have symbolic meaning, using mathematical principles to represent these spiritual meanings.

This practice can be applied to different aspects of life, such as discovering your personal purpose or mission, understanding how the cosmos works, or working with subtle energies.

It allows us to increase our knowledge and helps us more easily find our way to a higher intuitive state. Sacred geometry therefore offers a variety of possibilities for exploring one's own spirituality and advancing one's psychological and intellectual abilities.

By exploring sacred geometry, it is possible to benefit from a better understanding of the world around us thanks to the symbols it offers. When this practice is properly understood and applied, it can contribute to personal development by providing a clear perspective on oneself as well as the world extemporaneously accessible through natural or spiritually acquired human intuition, sometimes called "gnosis."


The main principles of sacred geometry

Sacred geometry is a form of ancient wisdom that uses symbols and figures to understand the spiritual world. It helps us find our place in this mystical and magical universe where all things are interconnected.

The main principles of sacred geometry include harmony, unity, connection between human beings and their environment and universal interconnection. Understanding this science allows clairvoyants specializing in esotericism, spirituality and energies to amplify their services to those seeking a better understanding of the cosmos.

This ancient form of knowing offers intuitive people a powerful way to explore their own spirituality through the practice of fundamental principles related to the cosmos. Sacred geometry can help individuals discover how this subtle world works so that they can more easily connect with themselves and increase their innate psychic powers.

By learning about sacred geometry, you can develop your intuition naturally so that you are able to increase your spiritual awareness to advance on your personal path for greater overall well-being and intimate peace.

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Sacred geometry has pierced many


History of sacred geometry

Sacred geometry is a form of art and meditation that dates back to ancient times. It has been practiced by various cultures, such as the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Celts.

This technique focuses on the symbolism of numbers and geometric figures to understand the deeper nature of the cosmos or to support a spiritual process. The fundamental principles of Sacred Greek can be used to create a harmonious atmosphere around a place or in a personal intimate space.

From Antiquity to the present day, this ancient art continues to inspire artistically, philosophically and spiritually all those who are in search of profound knowledge about their existence. Sacred geometry has therefore been an invaluable source of inspiration for several centuries now.


Main benefits of sacred geometry

Sacred geometry is an ancestral practice that helps restore harmony between body and mind.

It offers various benefits, including:

  • An increase in energy levels
  • A deeper sense of inner peace
  • Better connection to yourself and others
  • An improvement in the sense of spiritual perception.

Additionally, it helps develop a positive mind by promoting positive vibrations to balance our thoughts and actions. Sacred geometry acts as a powerful catalyst to guide personal and spiritual transformation as well as interpersonal growth.

This ancient practice can help amplify our inner strength so that we can better understand our true nature, which leads us to achieve higher goals while finding happiness within our souls.


How does a sacred geometry session work?

A sacred geometry session is a practice that aims to balance vibrations and harmony between body, mind and nature.

It consists of three stages.

First, the practitioner uses certain techniques so that you can achieve a state of deep relaxation. Then, work is done with geometric figures in order to realign your higher chakra. Finally, specific techniques come into play to activate certain points on your body that need to be stimulated.

The average duration of a session is generally one hour.

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