Bes: protective god of the home (Egyptian mythology)

Delve into the mysteries of ancient Egypt with Bes - Bes, a deity with an essential role.

This protective god of the home watched over the well-being and security of Egyptian families. His spiritual influence extended to all aspects of domestic life.

Discover how this important figure shaped ancestral beliefs about positive energies and protection against evil.

Contents :

1. Egyptian mythology: who is Bes?

2. The powers and attributes of Bes

3. Symbolic meaning of Bes as divinity

4. A striking legend about Bes

5. What is the lucky symbol of Bes?

Egyptian mythology: who is Bes?

Egyptian mythology: who is Bes?

Bes, a small divine figure in Egyptian mythological stories, is famous for his kind character and protective function. Although considered a secondary deity in ancient Egypt, his influence on the daily lives of the inhabitants was significant.

Small in size but of great importance, Bes is distinguished by its beneficial nature. His presence brings serenity and protection to the individuals he supports.

Its place may seem modest within the pantheon of ancient Egyptian gods. However, we should not underestimate the impact that this divinity had on everyday life.

In short, despite his minor status compared to other more imposing figures in ancient Egyptian mythology, Bes remains a central character in the hearts of the Egyptians thanks to his protective and affectionate qualities.

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The powers and attributes of Bes

Bes, often depicted in a grotesque form or as a lion-headed man, is distinguished by his imposing beard. Its webbed bird feet and tail raised in joy reinforce its unique image in the Egyptian pantheon.

As guardian of the home, Bes is revered by families to ward off malevolent spirits. Its role is also to spread happiness and health within homes. His jovial nature adds a playful aspect to the ceremonies.

Notable symbols include the sistrum, a sacred instrument used to cast out harmful demons. Tambourines and cymbals are also associated with Bes during religious rituals.

Symbolic meaning of Bes as a deity

Symbolic meaning of Bes as a deity

The abundance of representations of Bes, in the form of amulets or statues, demonstrates the esteem given to this Egyptian god. His image was omnipresent in ancient homes for his reputation for bringing protection and good fortune.

Bes had a special place with expectant mothers and newborns. His figure often adorned their rooms or cradles as a shield against any malicious spirit that could endanger their lives.

This protector of the home also looked after the family well-being. The Egyptians firmly believed that Bes ensured domestic prosperity by warding off potential misfortunes.

Its reassuring omnipresence served as a reminder that despite the challenges encountered on a daily basis, a beneficial force was always ready to intervene to preserve those who placed their trust in it.

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A striking legend about Bes

Bes, the legendary protector of gods and men, has a history rich in exploits. He is best known for his invaluable assistance to Horus during an epic battle against Seth, the evil uncle.

In this Egyptian mythological story, Bes stands out for his exceptional martial qualities and his unwavering bravery. These attributes allowed Horus to defeat Seth, thereby restoring divine order in the heavens.

This myth clearly depicts the guardian function that Bes plays not only with the deities but also with the Egyptian people. His combative nature in the face of evil represented by Seth makes him a powerful ally for all those who seek protection and triumph in the face of the challenges they encounter daily.

Thus emerges the emblematic figure of Bes: a courageous warrior ready to face any adversary to protect those he serves. An enduring symbol of heroism and safety in ancient Egyptian culture.

What is the lucky symbol of Bes?

What is the lucky symbol of Bes?

Egyptian antiquity gave particular importance to the sistrum, closely associated with the figure of Bes. This unique instrument, consisting of a wooden handle and attached metal plates, produces a distinctive sound when shaken. His role ?

Repel malicious entities and attract divine protection.

Even today, the iconography of the sistrum or amulets with the image of Bes are used as lucky talismans. These symbolic artifacts refer to the legendary protective power of the benevolent god in the daily lives of individuals.

Finally, Bes is an essential icon of Egyptian mythology thanks to her joyful and guardian nature. Its comforting presence reminds individuals that despite the challenges and dangers encountered throughout their lives, a positive force always remains ready to protect those who place their trust in it.

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