Ganesh: Divine elephant, removes obstacles, promotes wisdom

Ganesh, the divine elephant in Hindu mythology, is revered for his power to remove obstacles. Known as the god of beginnings and new opportunities, he also promotes wisdom.

Honored in sacred rituals before any important undertaking, Ganesh offers protection and success. Discover how this spiritual symbol can enrich your inner journey.

Contents :

1. Hindu mythology: who is Ganesh?

2. The powers and attributes of Ganesh

3. Symbolic meaning of Ganesh as a deity

4. A striking legend about Ganesh

5. Culture: The place of Ganesh in current India

Hindu mythology: who is Ganesh?

Hindu mythology: who is Ganesh?

Ganesh, Ganesha or Vinayaka is a major sacred figure in Hindu mythology. This deity with a unique appearance - a plump human body and an elephant's head - fascinates and attracts the respect of believers. He was born to Shiva and Parvati, two central figures of the Hindu trinity with Brahma the creator and Vishnu the protector.

The legendary birth of Ganesh reveals an intriguing story. Parvati fashioned this deity to watch over her during her daily bath. One day, after spending time in deep meditation, Shiva returns home to find an unknown boy blocking his entrance.

Unaware that this child was his son, Shiva became angry at what he perceived as an unwelcome confrontation. In his blind rage, he decapitates the unsuspecting child.

But when Shiva realizes the dramatic consequences of his impulsive actions, he orders his servants to promptly bring every available head to earth to resurrect Ganesh. The first head found was that of an elephant which gave life to the Ganesh we know today.

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The powers and attributes of Ganesh

Ganesh, an emblematic figure of spirituality, is revered for his unique symbolic powers.

Firstly, it is known as the remover of obstacles. Ganesh uses his divine wisdom to clear all obstacles present on the spiritual or material path of the faithful.

Second, as the deity of wisdom and intelligence, Ganesh inspires and blesses all intellectual or creative activities before they begin.

Third, its protective role should not be neglected.

Indeed, it offers security to those who undertake a physical or spiritual journey. Revered as the guardian of travelers; it ensures their protection throughout the journey.

Finally, son of Shiva himself, Ganesh also embodies new beginnings. He brings luck and prosperity to all businesses started under his aegis.

Each symbolic aspect thus reinforces the profound influence that this divinity holds in daily life.

Symbolic meaning of Ganesh as a deity

Symbolic meaning of Ganesh as a deity

Ganesh, with his distinct elephant head, is loaded with deep meanings.

The first notable feature is the elephant head itself. It symbolizes superior knowledge, a wisdom that transcends the common and the ability to perceive beyond the tangible world.

Next comes his plump human body. This representation embodies the idea that everything that exists materially contains within itself the infinite universe.

Then there are his big ears. They serve as a constant reminder to devotees that they must remain receptive to sacred teachings to nourish their spiritual understanding.

Finally, its curved proboscis is not simply an anatomical detail; it represents Om - the original sound of the universe - inviting cosmic harmony and unity.

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A striking legend about Ganesh

The story of Ganesh and Kartikeya, two brothers at the heart of a singular competition, is well known. Shiva and Parvati, their divine parents, issued a challenge: the first to circumnavigate the world would be crowned the winner.

Kartikeya hastened to mount Mayura, his faithful and fast giant peacock to begin his race around the continents. Meanwhile, Ganesh opted for a different strategy. He was simply content to walk around with his parents.

When they questioned him about this unconventional decision, the answer was revealing: according to him their presence symbolized the entire universe. The blessings they could offer him were more valuable than any material trophy.

The wisdom in this expression of filial love has left its mark with its spiritual depth anchored in Hindu traditions.

Culture: Ganesh's place in today's India

Culture: Ganesh's place in today's India

In India, Ganesh remains a worshiped figure. Its worship culminates in the annual “Ganesh Chaturthi” celebrations. It is a memorable show which takes place over 10 days in August-September. There we see huge statues of Ganesh designed especially for the event, before their immersion in water. This ritual symbolizes the return of the god to his celestial residence.

The attraction to Ganesh transcends Indian borders. His popularity extends far beyond thanks to his universally recognized kind and protective character.

For those who are fascinated by Hindu mythology or seek spiritual inspiration, invoking Ganesh can be beneficial. It is considered a guide to wisdom and enlightenment, offering protection from obstacles in your path.

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