Justice: Arcana VIII of the Tarot de Marseille

Justice is an ancient concept that exists in every human society. It can be abstract or concrete, but always linked to morality and law. People often seek to understand what the concept of justice really means for themselves and their communities.

The first thing to know is that there is no single, universally accepted definition of justice. Each culture has its own interpretation of the basic principles behind this word: fairness, equality, shared responsibilities.

Well, hold on: the tarot can shed new light on us here.

Contents :

1. General symbolism of the Justice card in the Marseille tarot

2. Positive messages for our future (place)

3. The negative messages of the Justice card (reverse)

4. The Justice card and your career

5. The Justice card and your love life

6. The symbolism of Justice in numerology

General symbolism of the Justice card in the Marseille tarot

The Justice card is powerful in the tarot. It symbolizes balance, justice and truth. This card represents karma and its consequences: we must be responsible for the choices we make. Every action has a reaction, so if we act well and honestly, it will have a positive impact on our future. But if our actions are motivated by injustice or deception, then they will ultimately backfire permanently.

The Marseille Tarot offers those consulting practical advice for finding harmony between the spiritual and material aspects of their lives thanks to its deep meaning linked to karma and the righteous consequences that flow from it. The female figure holding a sword in one hand and a scale in the other reminds us that everyone must make their own decisions while being aware of the role they will play in their immediate or more distant future.

Justice is more than just an image, it embodies a very strong feeling that allows people to understand how past actions can have a real effect on them today and tomorrow!

Positive messages for our future (place)

When Justice appears in the right direction during a divinatory reading, it transmits several encouraging messages for our future. Balance, justice and decision-making are the main themes highlighted by this card.

Past actions have laid the solid foundation we need to move towards a better destiny. We can also receive rewards for our righteous and ethical actions through positive karma working in our favor.

It is also the perfect time to make an important decision or act on our deep moral convictions, because the universe is with us on this righteous path we have chosen. Difficulties will be resolved harmoniously and fairly if they come your way.

Your moral integrity will even inspire confidence in others, offering positive and lasting professional or romantic opportunities!

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The negative messages of the Justice card (reverse)

When Justice appears reversed in the tarot, it can mean several negative messages. First of all, a general feeling of unease and injustice sets in. It is also possible that your past actions were motivated by impatience or selfishness rather than the greater good. This could have undesirable consequences that are starting to be felt now.

It is important to remain vigilant against malicious people who seek to manipulate the rules to the detriment of others to get what they want. Your past choices may also have caused unexpected conclusions about your future and you will have to confront the mistakes of the past if you want to move forward.

Finally, the reversed position highlights a lack of harmony between your own intimate standards and those imposed by society, in order to regain this lost balance, a fairer approach must be adopted to make future decisions correctly and judiciously.

The Justice card and your career

When Justice appears in a reading related to your career, it carries several important messages. First, you can be rewarded for the hard work and honesty you demonstrate. Thus, you may be required to help me between colleagues or hierarchical superiors to resolve a conflict.

Drawing the Justice card also means taking responsibility at work and assuming the consequences of actions taken.

Additionally, this card is often associated with professions that aim to make the world a better place or actively work for social inclusion and social justice.

Finally, take into account fundamental principles such as emotional intelligence and intransigence towards oneself in order to make the right professional decisions over the long term.

The Justice card and your love life

When Justice appears in a reading related to your love life, it indicates key messages.

First of all, a balanced relationship built on respect and honest communication.

Then, if problems have arisen recently, they can be resolved through dialogue between the two partners.

Third, the importance of being loyal to yourself and your partner to maintain a good relationship.

Fourth, this is the moment when the balance shifts in favor of emotional happiness if one has been hurt in the past.

Fifth and final point: trust your intuition when you have to make an important decision regarding your love life (for example, choosing between two people). Follow these tips to hope to find the harmony that will come with this tarot!

The symbolism of Justice in numerology

In numerology, the word "Justice" is associated with the number 7.

This represents balance and moral justice, but also financial and material success. Those connected to this number are often blessed with innate integrity and can be very good at resolving conflicts impartially.

Justice is a powerful tarot card that symbolizes the harmony maintained by our past and present actions towards ourselves or others. It also embodies the individual responsibility that we must assume to obtain lasting spiritual or material benefits.

To conclude, Justice represents a fundamental principle, particularly in the professional field where it reminds us that fair behavior can lead to justifiable rewards on any personal or financial level.

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