Maat: goddess of order (Egyptian mythology)

Discover Maat, Egyptian goddess of order and justice. Revered in the time of the pharaohs, she embodies cosmic balance.

Maat regulates the interactions between the physical and spiritual world. Its symbolism continues to influence our perception of the universe today.

Its role in Egyptian mythology offers a unique perspective on their understanding of the cosmos.

Contents :

1. Egyptian mythology: who is Maat?

2. The powers and attributes of Maat

3. Symbolic meaning of Maat as divinity

4. A striking legend about Maat

5. What is the lucky symbol of Maat?

Egyptian mythology: who is Maat?

Egyptian mythology: who is Maat?

Maat, a central figure in Egyptian mythology, is the goddess embodying order, truth and justice. Its designation literally translates as “truth” or “right measure”. She held an essential role in the Egyptian pantheon by ensuring cosmic balance.

This divinity took the form of a woman adorned with an ostrich feather on her head. This emblem mainly symbolized integrity of words and actions. The ancient Egyptians firmly believed that at the final court after their death (the court of Osiris), the weight of the deceased's heart should be as light as this feather to enter the celestial realm.

In all aspects of their daily lives and in their sacred rituals, they sought to honor Maat by living according to her precepts of truth and justice. Its influence continues today through its timeless symbol: a simple feather that embodies everything that Maat is – order, truth and justice.

The powers and attributes of Maat

The powers and attributes of Maat

Maat, the primordial Egyptian divinity, embodied universal harmony thanks to her particular attributes and powers. Its principles governed not only the physical world but also the interactions between human beings.

One of these principles was fairness. Maât ensured mutual respect between individuals to ensure harmonious coexistence.

Truth constituted another fundamental pillar of his doctrine. She encouraged her followers to favor sincerity in all circumstances and unreservedly condemned any form of deception or lies.

In his legal capacity, Maat presided over decisions during disputes and conflicts. His supervision thus guaranteed fair justice for all.

Finally, she also represented the supreme cosmic order. As such, she ensures that everyone complies with divine and terrestrial laws in order to maintain perfect balance in the universe.

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Symbolic meaning of Maat as deity

Maat, an emblematic figure of ancient Egypt, symbolized universal cohesion. Its primary mission was to establish perfect harmony between deities, human beings and all other forms of life. In addition, she embodied a moral model that each person should strive to integrate into their daily life.

By representing a high moral ideal, Maat encouraged everyone to adopt a just and honest attitude towards others. She also advocated kindness as a fundamental pillar of interpersonal relationships. The palpable influence of his presence within the Egyptian community aimed to establish a social organization based on these essential principles.

A striking legend about Maat

A striking legend about Maat

In Egyptian antiquity, a fascinating story features Maat. Seth, the god of chaos, provokes Horus, son of Osiris, into a fight for the throne. During this epic fight, Seth gouges out Horus's left eye while Horus inflicts a devastating injury.

Following this fierce battle, they appear before the divine court of justice to resolve their conflict. During the final verdict, it is the honest heart of Horus which is weighed against the symbolic feather of Maat.

Thanks to the precepts received during his childhood from his mother Isis, Horus manages to prove his integrity and accesses the royal throne.

This ancient myth perfectly illustrates the deep meaning of Maat during divine judgments. He also reminds us that only those with pure souls can aspire to supreme authority.

What is the lucky symbol of Maat?

What is the lucky symbol of Maat?

The ostrich feather is a traditional symbol linked to Maat. She embodies not only truth, but also the balance necessary to maintain universal harmony. This feather also evokes equitable justice, a role of which Maat was the guardian during divine judgments.

Even today, this feather is often used as a talisman or lucky amulet. People seeking fairness, truth and harmony in their daily lives use it. This symbol reminds those who wear it that they must always act with righteousness and integrity in accordance with the fundamental principles that govern our life on earth.

In short, Maat has a prominent place in Egyptian mythology as a primordial goddess embodying key moral values ​​such as truth, justice and balance. His role was to ensure mutual respect between individuals as well as a fair distribution of divine powers to preserve cosmic order.

Today, the ostrich feather remains a powerful talisman recalling these ancestral teachings.

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