Meretseger: goddess of the mountain (Egyptian mythology)

Immerse yourself in the mysteries of ancient Egypt by discovering Meretseger, the tutelary goddess of the artisans of the village of Deir el-Medina.

Revered as the “She Who Loves Silence,” she is also known as the “Mountain Goddess.” Its enigmatic and powerful presence reveals a fascinating part of Egyptian mythology.

Contents :

1. Egyptian mythology: who is Meretseger?

2. Meretseger's powers and attributes

3. Symbolic meaning of Meretseger as a deity

4. A notable legend about Meretseger

5. What is Meretseger's lucky symbol?

Egyptian mythology: who is Meretseger?

Egyptian mythology: who is Meretseger?

At the heart of Egyptian mythology is Meretseger, an often forgotten goddess. Her name, literally translated as “She who loves silence”, testifies to her mysterious and reserved character. Thebes, the ancient royal city of Egypt, was the main place of his worship.

Meretseger played a crucial role as protector of laborers working in the Theban mountains. It maintained an intimate relationship with the necropolises located in this geographical area. The sacred hill of El-Deir el-Bahari was reputed to be his abode; where several royal tombs stood.

The discreet but powerful presence of Meretseger is thus deeply engraved in ancient Egyptian historiography. A silent deity who watches from his sacred hill over the buried secrets of past pharaohs.

Meretseger's powers and attributes

Meretseger's powers and attributes

Meretseger, goddess linked to the Theban mountains, was considered a protective guide. He was given the power to watch over those who worked in these perilous areas, allowing them to avoid any incident or disaster.

Additionally, she played a crucial role as a heavenly judge after death. She evaluated souls to determine whether they had lived a noble and moral life while still among the living.

It was distinguished by specific symbols such as an erect serpent wearing a royal crown. The latter symbolized not only its destructive power but also its purifying aspect. The fire-spitting cobra is the other iconic representation of this complex and fascinating deity.

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Symbolic meaning of Meretseger as a deity

Meretseger, the divine embodiment of the perfect balance between vital and destructive forces, symbolizes the universal principle of cosmic harmony. It is a pillar of the ancient Egyptian concept which advocates the need for balance in all spheres of life.

His retreat at the top of the sacred hills underlines another profound value: that of inner silence. This contemplation suggests that to reach a higher spiritual level, one must know how to exercise discretion and cultivate one's inner tranquility.

Meretseger also plays the crucial role of judge of departed souls. This function reminds us that every action has repercussions even beyond our existence on Earth. It is therefore an invitation to lead a virtuous and moral life so that our actions positively survive us after we are gone.

In short, Meretseger symbolizes not only balance but also personal responsibility for our actions - two essential pillars for living fully here on earth while harmoniously preparing our passage to the Beyond.

A notable legend about Meretseger

A notable legend about Meretseger

In an epic from the heart of Egypt, there once lived a ruler named Hatshepsut. Reigning with wisdom and prosperity, she left an indelible legacy. However, his reign was marked by a sinister plot to erase his mark after his disappearance.

The criminals planned to destroy the legacy of this queen by destroying her funerary statues. The latter were nestled in the Theban mountains, the final resting place of the pharaohs who left too soon.

It was then that divine intervention occurred in the form of Meretseger. She appeared to the conspirators in their dreams as a colossal serpent about to emit flames if they ever dared to desecrate the sacred monuments dedicated to Hatshepsut.

Frightened by this apocalyptic vision, the plotters renounced their harmful project and thus respected the posthumous memory of Queen Hatshepsut.

What is Meretseger's lucky symbol?

What is Meretseger's lucky symbol?

The cobra overlooking a royal crown is an emblem frequently associated with Meretseger. This fire-breathing serpent symbolizes a shield against malicious and destructive influences.

This sign also represents the purifying force that sweeps away all obstacles on our spiritual path.

Thus, displaying or wearing this emblem can promote luck and safeguarding in our daily routine.

Finally, Meretseger materializes an often neglected but essential facet of Egyptian mythology. Its symbolic meaning underlines the importance of virtuous conduct throughout our lives as well as the crucial role of inner silence in achieving deep spiritual harmony.

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