Introduction to Holism

Holism is a practice that seeks to integrate body, mind and soul into a single whole.

This spiritual approach draws on the principles of traditional medicine and modern science to offer people a holistic solution to improve their physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Contents :

1. Definition of holism

2. The main principles of holism

3. History of holism

4. Main benefits of holism

5. How does a holism session work?


Definition of holism

Holism is a philosophy that considers the human being as a whole. It focuses on the fact that all aspects of our lives are linked and impact the way we live, think and act.

Holism recognizes that each person can be influenced by their physical, psychological and spiritual environment. As a holistic expert specializing in esotericism, spirituality and energies, I therefore focus not only on your physical well-being, but also mental and spiritual in order to find solutions to improve your overall quality of life.

By practicing holism, I seek to understand how each aspect of your existence can contribute to creating lasting well-being. I work with my clients to find ways to improve their mental, physical and spiritual health so that they can achieve optimal levels in every important area of ​​their existence.

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The main principles of holism

Holism is an approach that considers the human being as a whole and focuses on holistic well-being. Learning to live harmoniously with yourself and the outside world involves adopting this holistic vision to develop your full potential.

The main principles of holism are: becoming aware that body, mind and emotions form a whole, respecting our inner unity by taking care of each part, connecting to one's intuition to find solutions to personal or professional problems, working with our intuitive forces rather than with our rational thoughts, opening ourselves to the infinite possibilities offered by our spiritual world.

To achieve this level of holistic well-being, let's be attentive to what's happening around us. We must learn to recognize the subtle signals sent by our body, mind and emotions in order to increase the connection between these three essential aspects of our beings. It is also important to use tools like meditation or yoga to more consciously bring calm and greater awareness of the present moment on a daily basis.


History of holism

Holism is a philosophy of life that promotes health and well-being through the harmonization of the different aspects of a person. First formulated by Jan Christian Sauts in 1926, this holistic worldview has its roots deep in Eastern philosophies like Taoism and Buddhism.

The concept focuses on an integrative system where each part influences the whole and vice versa. No split exists between what is physical, psychological, spiritual or emotional, there is just a single organism each aspect of which must be kept in harmony to ensure its overall proper functioning.

By considering the complex interactions between these varied domains, we can more explicitly observe how our thoughts, feelings, and behavior affect our overall health. Holism therefore offers a comprehensive perspective on how we can achieve optimal well-being through the harmonization of different aspects of our personal lives.

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Main benefits of holism

Holism is a philosophy that views human beings as an integrated and interconnected whole. It offers many benefits for physical, mental and emotional health.

The benefits of holism are varied: the feeling of belonging to a larger group, personal development through practices such as meditation or spiritual exercises, a better understanding of oneself through work on one's consciousness and soul. A deep connection with nature and the universe, which helps increase our intuition and psychic abilities.

Holism can bring inner peace by helping to accept our weaknesses, find solutions to personal or social problems, as well as become aware of the connections between body, mind and soul. When you take this holistic approach to your mental, physical or spiritual well-being — you can see how all of these aspects connect to give rise to your complete life experience.

By taking the holistic approach to mental, physical or spiritual well-being — it is possible to amplify your overall quality of life by realizing how each aspect connects together to create a unique experience!

How does a holism session work?

A holistic session is a unique approach to taking care of your body and mind. She guides you through various techniques to restore harmony between the physical, mental and emotional.

The practitioner may use means such as positive visualization or breathing exercises so that you can more easily integrate these new sensations. It also incorporates essential oils and semi-precious stones which carry out this work on your chakras.

At the end of the process, he will discuss with you the results obtained and share his personal vision regarding the experience you had during the holistic session.

Your mental, physical and spiritual health will be improved thanks to a holistic approach!

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