Introduction to Katsugen Undo

Katsugen Undo is a spiritual and energetic practice that helps release deep physical, mental and emotional blockages.

It is a unique holistic means of healing that combines mindful movement with breathing to relieve built-up tension in the physical body, mind and soul.

This ancient technique consists of conscious movement associated with breathing to release the tensions accumulated in all these vital areas. In this comprehensive guide, we'll take a closer look at how this Japanese skincare practice works.

Contents :

1. Definition of katsugen undo

2. The main principles of katsugen undo

3. History of katsugen undo

4. Main benefits of katsugen undo

5. How does a katsugen undo session work?


Definition of Katsugen Undo

Katsugen Undo is a spiritual and energetic practice aimed at unlocking the body's memories in order to immerse oneself in a deep state of relaxation. It consists of simple exercises, such as breath work and the use of vocal sounds.

This technique offers those who practice it calm and serenity within the physical and mental body, thus promoting natural healing while improving their intimate understanding of themselves.

Thanks to this ancestral practice, you can restore your internal harmony to find better physical and mental well-being. You will then be able to fully enjoy your existence thanks to greater self-awareness!

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The main principles of Katsugen Undo

Katsugen Undo is a movement practice that aims to restore balance between body and mind. It is a holistic system established on fundamental principles: integration, unity, harmony and freedom.

These principles allow practitioners to reconnect with their deep being to find a state of physical, mental and spiritual harmony. By applying the main principles of Katsugen Undo, it is possible to facilitate natural healing by releasing the tensions accumulated by our modern lifestyle.

In addition, this technique offers suffering or sick people the opportunity to regain their overall well-being more quickly. Thanks to Katsugen Undo, we can achieve lasting bodily and mental balance while initiating a natural and holistic process towards complete healing.


History of Katsugen Undo

Katsugen Undo is a Japanese healing method developed by Dr. Gaharu Moto. This practice uses the principles of harmonization of energies to allow people to feel more peaceful and free internally.

The goal of Katsugen Undo is to realign the mind, body and soul so that they function harmoniously together again. It is a very powerful form of self-work that allows people to increase their personal and spiritual awareness, while improving the overall quality of life.

The method involves a progressive process where each step leads towards a deeper and more stable feeling within the intimate being of individuals. Results may vary between different people, as they strongly depend on the efforts invested during this unique initiatory journey towards ultimate knowledge! A conscious commitment to this practice often brings significant transformation to those who adhere to it.

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Main benefits of Katsugen Undo

Katsugen Undo is an ancestral energy healing method that helps increase harmony and vitality. It combines yoga, meditation and traditional Japanese breathing techniques to develop a deep state of physical and mental relaxation.

The main benefits of Katsugen Undo include: a better connection with your body, a greater ability to relax, a feeling of inner peace, a strengthening of the links between the mental, spiritual and physical, a reduction in stress, an overall improvement in physical and psychological health.

This holistic practice offers considerable benefits for achieving perfect mind-body-soul harmony. People who fully desire this experience can enjoy a greater connection with themselves, an increased sense of inner calm, as well as better overall health – both psychologically and physically.

Katsugen Undo is therefore ideal for those looking for a natural way to find internal harmony while remaining connected to themselves through the ancient principles of yoga, meditation and traditional Japanese breathing techniques.

How does a katsugen undo session go?

How does a Katsugen Undo session work?

A Katsugen Undo session, also known as "Regenerative Movement", is a practice developed by Haruchika Noguchi. Here is how a session generally goes:

  • Preparation: The Katsugen Undo session begins with a preparation phase. The practitioner and participant sit comfortably on a mat or cushion.
  • Centering: The practitioner invites the participant to center themselves and connect to their body by taking a few moments to relax and concentrate on their breathing.
  • Spontaneous movement: Once centered, the participant is encouraged to let spontaneous movements emerge freely from their body. These movements can be gentle or vigorous, rhythmic or messy, and vary from person to person.
  • Benevolent observation: The practitioner carefully observes the participant's movements without intervening or guiding them. The emphasis is on caring, non-directive observation.
  • Emotional expression: During the session, it is possible that emotions or sensations emerge and are expressed through body movements. The participant is encouraged to allow these emotions to arise and to experience them fully.

A typical Katsugen Undo session usually lasts between 20 and 60 minutes. The duration may vary depending on the needs and availability of the participant.

Once the session is over, the practitioner and participant take a moment to refocus and integrate the experience. Sharing or reflection times can be planned to discuss impressions or feelings after the session.

It is important to note that each Katsugen Undo session is unique and may vary depending on the practitioner and the specific needs of the participant. The practice of Katsugen Undo often requires the guidance of a trained practitioner, who can provide a safe and supportive space for exploring the body's spontaneous movements.

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