Prayer of universal love (of oneself, of God, of others)

Discover the power of universal love through a loving prayer. These sacred words can transform your life, helping you love more deeply.

Collecting spiritual and esoteric teachings, this article explores different ways to pray for love: self-love, divine love, and love of others.

Immerse yourself in this inner journey towards a heart filled with unconditional affection.

Contents :

1. Christian faith: Why a prayer of love?

2. Who is the prayer of love addressed to?

3. Prayer of love: example 1

4. Prayer of love: example 2

5. Prayer of love: example 3

6. According to the Bible, what can we expect from effective loving prayer?

Christian faith: Why a prayer of love?

Christian faith: Why a prayer of love?

The essence of Christianity is rooted in divine love and the precept of affection for others. The expression of this love is through prayer, a wonderful channel for connecting with God and demonstrating our affection for our fellow human beings.

Connecting to God through prayer provides access to His unfailing love. It is an invitation to open our hearts, thus welcoming his love without conditions.

Actively seeking to be vectors of this heavenly love is also essential. By showing love to others, we reflect the divine image that resides within us.

In short, regularly practicing the prayer of love is an effective way to strengthen our spiritual connection with God while concretely showing our affection to those around us.

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Who is the prayer of love addressed to?

The supplication of affection is adaptable according to our particular requirements. It can be directed towards the Almighty, to consolidate our connection with Him and obtain His sacred guidance in our lives. Furthermore, it can be addressed to others, either to express our tenderness or to solicit spiritual favors from them.

This invocation of love has a universal scope and touches all aspects of human life. Whether to cultivate a stronger connection with the divine or simply to show sincere affection towards others, this prayer plays an essential role.

Finally, it is also a powerful way to invoke blessings on those we love. Whether it is a loved one close to your heart or even a stranger who may need divine help - this prayer offers not only comfort but also inner strength renewed by divine grace.

Prayer of love: example 1

Prayer of love: example 1

Dear Heavenly Benefactor,

It is essential to give thanks for the priceless gift of affection. May I be allowed to share this deep feeling every day, with everyone who crosses my path.

Gives the power required to show affection without limit or prejudice towards others. May your divine forgiveness accompany me in healing wounds caused by others and repairing bonds broken by misunderstandings or resentment.

So be it.

This example demonstrates a personal invocation seeking to develop higher love within oneself while aspiring to harmony between individuals.

Prayer of love: example 2

Prayer of love: example 2

O Divine,

Beg for (person’s name) this day.

Offer him/her your blessing and hug him/her with your inexhaustible love.

Give him/her intimate peace, solace and optimism in all situations of his/her existence.

May your loving arms be constantly around them, bringing them vigor and bravery to face daily obstacles.


This model represents an intercessional supplication where we invoke the Creator to imbue His affection on a specific individual so that they can perceive His beneficent presence.

Surely, these words can comfort those who are going through difficult times or are simply looking to feel a loving presence in their daily lives. They can also serve as a source of inspiration for those who wish to express their own feelings through personalized prayers.

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Prayer of love: example 3

Dear Most High,

In all humility, I appear before you to tell you about my family ties. Grant me the opportunity to express your affection towards my family through tangible actions such as sincere listening, unfailing support and reciprocal consideration. Also offer me the discernment required to manage the disagreements that may emerge in our home.

May our home be imbued with your tranquility and may each individual find asylum in your sacred love. In the name of Christ Jesus, amen.

This example illustrates an invocation seeking to consolidate family ties by demonstrating Christian love on a daily basis.

According to the Bible, what can you expect from effective loving prayer?

According to the Bible, what can you expect from effective loving prayer?

Sacred doctrine reveals that sincere and loving prayers are heard by the Almighty. He answers our calls, bringing a constant presence in every situation of life. By demonstrating his love for us and those who are the objects of our prayers, he offers comfort, spiritual healing and resolution of disputes.

Divine love anchors itself more deeply within us through the regular practice of these loving prayers. They play an essential role in intercession for others or strengthening family ties. This form of appeal to heaven is a powerful tool for expressing our connection to God as well as our affection for others.

In conclusion, living fully according to Christian precepts centered on unconditional affection is made possible by this specific form of heavenly communication.

Thus, it can be said without hesitation that loving prayer is an essential key to spiritual well-being.

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