Strength: Arcana Xi of the Tarot De Marseille

Strength is a universal concept that allows us to move forward. It manifests itself in courage, perseverance and hope for a better future. Strength can help us overcome the greatest difficulties and provide opportunities for spiritual growth.

Thus, the eleventh card of the Tarot de Marseille is undoubtedly one of the most powerful that we can draw.

Contents :

1. General symbolism of the Force in the Marseille tarot

2. Positive messages for your future (place)

3. Negative messages from the Force (reverse)

4. The Strength card and your career

5. The Strength card and your love life

6. Strength in numerology

General symbolism of the Force in the Marseille tarot

The Strength card is one of the most powerful in the tarot. It symbolizes inner mastery, moral strength and our ability to overcome obstacles. In the Marseille tarot, it is associated with the number 11 which represents harmony between the material and the spiritual.

The main image shows a woman calmly opening a lion's mouth with her bare hands as a reminder that we can tame our primal instincts through our will and emotional control. An infinity-shaped crown on his head indicates that this force comes directly from the divine within ourselves.

This card reminds us that by cultivating this spiritual side, we will find true inner strength capable of solving any problem. We must learn to channel our fears and control our impulses in order to transcend the difficulties encountered on a daily basis without losing hope or courage in the face of the challenges that present themselves to us!

Positive messages for your future (place)

Strength is a positive tarot card that indicates that you have control of your destiny. Your confidence and courage will allow you to achieve success. In relationships, it suggests that your needs will be respected while listening to those of others.

Plus, your natural charisma will attract the right people to you.

From a professional point of view, this card will show great success if one acts with conviction and perseverance. The decisions made will be wise and mature to achieve the set objective without fear or hesitation. Thanks to his unwavering confidence, the Force promises significant progression in his professional career!

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Negative messages from the Force (reverse)

When the Force appears reversed in tarot, it can signify a lack of emotional control. We would then risk acting impulsively and damaging our personal or professional relationships.

Likewise, we must be careful not to manipulate or control others by abusing our personal strength. It is essential that everyone can freely decide for themselves.

If you are faced with this type of situation, work on your personal development in order to find the balance necessary for a harmonious life. Become aware of the choices you make and respect them and those of others.

The Force card and your career

In a professional context, Strength is a key symbolism. It represents the tenacity, courage and determination necessary to succeed. You have probably developed leadership skills that allow you to positively influence and inspire your colleagues.

In addition, your ability to remain calm in the face of stressful situations greatly facilitates the resolution of problems encountered.

The Force also shows that you are able to achieve ambitious goals thanks to your persistence and unalterable will. Your determination allows you to overcome all the difficulties linked to work or the often complex professional projects that present themselves before you. This can be very helpful in achieving lasting, lasting success!

The Strength card and your love life

When the Force appears in a love reading, it means you have great inner strength that positively influences your relationships. You know how to find the balance between pride and compassion for your partner. This card also represents the self-confidence necessary to explicitly express one's needs and desires while respecting those of others. Open communication is essential for a successful relationship.

If you are still single, this card indicates that it is time to have faith in your personal qualities in order to attract a person who will be sensitive to your unique intimate strength. Let's stay patient, because this type of authentic love won't come until the time is right.

Strength in numerology

The number 11 is considered a powerful master number in numerology. It represents spiritual intuition and the ability to connect to universal energies. People associated with the number 11 have great inner wisdom and exceptional creative potential. They can overcome challenges with ease thanks to their inner strength.

However, they must be careful not to overanalyze or be too perfectionistic, which could hinder their personal and professional progress. The tarot card “The Force” symbolizes our emotional will and control to tame our primal instincts while respecting the choices of others — whether in your career or love life. This intimate strength will then be beneficial to achieve objectives successfully.

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