Taoist School #22: The School of Vital Essence

The School of Vital Essence is a Taoist institution renowned for its deeply spiritual teaching. It is distinguished by its philosophy centered on vitality and human energy potential.

This twenty-second branch of Taoism offers unique methods for releasing internal forces, promoting balance and well-being. A fascinating journey to discover in this detailed article.

Contents :

1. The school of Vital Essence: introduction to this Taoist movement

2. When and where was the School of Vital Essence created?

3. Structure of the School of Vital Essence

4. The principles and values ​​advocated by The School of Vital Essence

5. Gods and Specific Rituals

6. What Path of Development for the Practitioner?

The school of Vital Essence: introduction to this Taoist movement

The school of Vital Essence: introduction to this Taoist movement

Vital Essence is a spiritual and energetic school anchored in Taoist philosophy. Often called the "Breath" school, it aims to develop and master internal forces to create perfect harmony between the physical, the mental and the universe.

We will uncover the deep roots, unique structure and basic principles that have shaped this ancient tradition. It's a fascinating journey that awaits us, so let's dive into this mystical world together.

Let's enrich our knowledge by discovering how this ancient practice has survived centuries to remain relevant today. Let yourself be captivated by its story full of valuable lessons about life, love and well-being.

As you explore these pages, let your mind open to the endless possibilities offered by this centuries-old tradition. Learn to tap into your inner resources to achieve a state of perfect balance with everything around you.

It's more than just exploration; it’s an invitation to embrace a new way of living – one where every breath truly counts. So get ready because our journey to the heart of the Vital Essence begins now...

When and where was the School of Vital Essence created?

When and where was the School of Vital Essence created?

The history of this institution has its roots in ancient China, during the Tang (618-907) and Song (960-1279) dynasties. Prominent Taoist masters contributed to its development, constantly seeking to enrich their knowledge of the universal forces that reside within every creature.

It is in the heart of the sacred Chinese mountains that these precious teachings were entrusted. Only disciples chosen with the greatest care had the chance to access this rich and profound knowledge. This rigorous selection ensured an authentic transmission of ancient wisdom.

Thus, this heritage has crossed the centuries to still be alive today. The fundamental principles established by these Taoist masters continue to influence our understanding of the natural and spiritual world. This testifies to the timeless power of this ancestral tradition of which we are the current custodians.

In short, the rich and varied history of this school perfectly illustrates how it has remained relevant despite the passage of time. Its ability to transcend the ages reflects its undeniable value in the eyes of contemporary researchers seeking a better understanding of the cosmos.

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Structure of the School of Vital Essence

At the heart of this discipline, an established hierarchy guides followers toward a better understanding of themselves. It also strengthens their connection with the environment around them. The progressive levels are determined according to the skills acquired by each person during their initiation.

First, there is the apprentice level. Here, fundamental principles such as conscious breathing and physical exercises to stimulate Qi (vital energy) are taught.

Second is the level of the disciple. After having mastered the basics, the adept devotes himself to deepening his knowledge of energies.

Finally comes the advanced practitioner stage: here the individual is able to fully integrate the Taoist precepts they have learned into their daily life and can begin to guide others on their own spiritual journey.

The principles and values ​​advocated by L’école De L’essence Vitale

The principles and values ​​advocated by The School of Vital Essence

Vital Essence is a school of thought that promotes several key principles. These guide the disciples in their daily practice.

First, it advocates harmony with nature. This approach encourages a deep respect for all living beings and encourages a close connection with natural cycles.

Second, this philosophy emphasizes self-cultivation. Followers are invited to develop their inner awareness and purify their thoughts, feelings and actions. This process aims to access a higher vibrational level.

Third, the balance between Yin and Yang is central to the teachings of this central Taoist school. It is crucial to establish harmony between these two complementary forces present in each individual.

Gods and Specific Rituals

Gods and Specific Rituals

The Vital Essence school, in its quest for spiritual awakening, pays homage to several deities. These sacred entities are linked to the various cosmic dimensions that we have the possibility of discovering. During a specific ritual, they are summoned to intensify the link with universal forces and receive their wisdom.

These gods or goddesses are not simply recognized by this school; they play a crucial role in his journey towards a deeper understanding of the cosmos. Their invocation is not taken lightly; it is considered a powerful way to amplify our connection with the universe.

Each ritual performed aims to strengthen this bond and seek their precious advice. Therefore, each event is planned carefully with a view to a fruitful encounter with these higher energies.

Ultimately, the main goal lies not only in the recognition of the deities associated with the different cosmic dimensions but also in the ardent desire to increase our universal consciousness through their guidance.

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What Path of Development for the Practitioner?

The school of Vital Essence guides each individual on a unique path. The objective?

Achieve spiritual fulfillment and a deeper understanding of existential mysteries.

Each disciple is invited to cultivate a regular practice, mixing meditation, physical exercises and Taoist studies. It is through this daily routine that personal progress is anchored.

The Vital Essence offers a structured framework to intrinsic researchers. Based on Taoism, it increases their internal sensitivity while improving their interaction with the outside world.

The cultivation of Qi or the constant quest for a balance between Yin and Yang are at the heart of this approach. This ancient tradition directs its followers toward deep harmony in all aspects of their daily lives.

Thus, this ancient philosophy has not only survived the ages - it continues to guide those who seek to understand the truth hidden behind the appearance of things.

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