Taoist School #7: The Way of Supreme Purity

Discover the path of Supreme Purity, an exceptional Taoist school. This ancestral philosophy guides you towards a state of unparalleled spiritual elevation.

Immerse yourself in learning the essential principles of Taoism and explore the unsuspected riches that this age-old practice conceals. Follow us on the luminous path of supreme purity to reach your true divine essence.

Contents :

1. The path of supreme purity: introduction to this Taoist movement

2. When and where was the path of supreme Purity created?

3. Structure of the path of supreme purity

4. The principles and values ​​advocated by the path of Supreme Purity

5. Gods and specific rituals

6. What path of development for the practitioner?

The path of supreme purity: introduction to this Taoist movement

The path of supreme purity: introduction to this Taoist movement

Supreme Purity, also called Quanzhen Dao, is a spiritual and religious movement rooted in Taoism. He is one of the major figures of integral Taoism in China.

Founded in the 12th century by Wang Zhe (or Wang Chongyang), this philosophy encourages harmonization between man and the universe. This movement offers a life path based on symbiosis with the cosmos.

The Quanzhen Dao illustrates how to achieve a balanced existence through a deep understanding of the relationship that binds every living being to its cosmic environment. It offers new perspectives for those seeking a broader meaning to their existence.

So discover this captivating current that is Supreme Purity, immerse yourself in its ancient wisdom and discover how it could transform your view of the world.

When and where was the path of supreme Purity created?

When and where was the path of supreme Purity created?

In the heart of China, from the beginning of the 13th century, a new spiritual path emerged. This emerging philosophy took root in the mountainous regions that now border Shaanxi and Henan provinces.

This is where Wang Zhe stands out. With the help of eminent spiritual masters such as Ma Danyang and Liu Changsheng, he shaped a new line of thought. This revolutionary movement finds its inspiration in traditional teachings that are already well anchored.

Their approach is unique and avant-garde for the time: it fuses existing elements with their own interpretations to create something completely new. This is how they created the “Path of Supreme Purity”, a movement that continues to influence millions of individuals to this day.

Thus, it is these emblematic figures who marked their time by pushing back the known boundaries to give birth to this new form of spiritual expression.

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Structure of the path of supreme purity

The Voice of Supreme Purity is based on a pyramid structure with three distinct levels.

At the top of this pyramid we find the founders. They are the ones who established this specific teaching. Among these visionaries are Wang Zhe, Master Ma Danyang and Liu Changsheng.

At the second level are the spiritual masters. They represent the direct link with the founders and play a crucial role in disseminating the teachings to followers.

The last rung is occupied by practitioners. The latter take the path of Supreme Purity in search of enlightenment and inner harmony, seeking to align their personal energy with that of the cosmos.

This organization guarantees the integrity of the teachings transmitted from its origins to the present day for all those who aspire to explore this path to spiritual awakening.

The principles and values ​​advocated by the path of Supreme Purity

The principles and values ​​advocated by the path of Supreme Purity

Supreme Purity, a profound philosophy, is structured around several essential axes.

First, it advocates integral harmony between the body and mind with their environment. To achieve this, activities such as qigong or regular tai chi sessions are recommended. These practices help maintain a state of holistic balance.

Second, this path emphasizes moral purity. Core values ​​such as respect and honesty are encouraged. Kindness and compassion are also considered essential to follow this path.

Finally, third is the interest in personal development. Continuous improvement is at the heart of this doctrine in order to raise one's vibrational level towards greater wisdom.

To conclude, embracing the path of Supreme Purity therefore implies a constant commitment to oneself and others in a perpetual quest for harmonization of the physical with the mental while promoting high moral values.

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Specific gods and rituals

In “The Voice of Supreme Purity,” the focus is on Taoist divine figures such as Yuanshi Tianzun, Xiwangmu, and Laozi. These entities are viewed with the greatest respect.

Specific rituals are carried out to pay homage to these deities. The goal is to connect to their benevolent force and derive spiritual benefits from it.

These ceremonies frequently include symbolic offerings, as well as sincere prayers addressed to sacred entities. Dedicated meditations also play an essential role in these rituals.

Through these spiritual practices, one seeks to establish a deep connection with the higher forces of Taoism. This is a fundamental aspect of the philosophy expressed in "The Voice of Supreme Purity."

Thus, each action undertaken has the ultimate goal of strengthening this divine connection and increasing personal understanding of the Taoist spiritual world.

What path of development for the practitioner?

What path of development for the practitioner?

The progression towards supreme Purity is a gradual spiritual journey. Commitment, discipline and the desire for personal growth are essential. Four important stages mark this journey:

Physical and mental purification: This is a phase of internal sanitation through various methods such as fasting, purifying exercises or meditation.

Energetic strengthening: After being purified, the individual can begin to nourish their vital energy through qigong, tai chi or other similar forms of physical-mental practices.

Spiritual Openness: As the individual's energy increases over time, he or she becomes able to reach deeper levels of consciousness and even have mystical experiences.

-Ultimate Realization: This final phase represents the state where the individual achieves total enlightenment by becoming aware of their intrinsic divine nature and merging with universal energy.

In short, the path to Supreme Purity offers a spiritual journey that enriches those who aspire to personal development as well as to connect to the cosmic forces omnipresent in our universe.

The Taoist moral principles integrated into the rituals devoted to associated deities constitute excellent tools for moving towards increased inner purity while harmonizing one's being with the surrounding cosmic vibrations to access higher levels of consciousness.

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