Taweret: goddess of childbirth (Egyptian mythology)

Dive into the depths of ancient Egypt and discover Taweret, the protective goddess of pregnant women.

Forgotten by some but still revered by others, it symbolizes the miracle of birth. Admired for her crucial role during the birthing process, this powerful maternal figure left her mark on the eternal history of ancient Egypt.

Contents :

1. Egyptian mythology: who is Taweret?

2. The powers and attributes of Taweret

3. Symbolic meaning of Taweret as deity

4. A striking legend about Taweret

5. What is the lucky symbol of Taweret?

Egyptian mythology: who is Taweret?

Egyptian mythology: who is Taweret?

Ancient Egypt is full of fascinating divine figures, of which Taweret is one. This Egyptian goddess is distinguished by her representation in the form of a hybrid being. Its robust and imposing body is that of a hippopotamus, with powerful limbs similar to those of a lion and webbed feet reminiscent of a crocodile.

Its impressive appearance is not without reason.

Indeed, Taweret was revered as a formidable protector. It played a crucial role in the daily life of the ancient Egyptians.

As the goddess of motherhood and the home, she embodied protection and fertility for pregnant women as well as for recently born infants. Popular beliefs also gave it the salutary power to ward off any malevolent spirit or harmful force.

Thus, Taweret occupied a primordial place in the Egyptian mythological universe thanks to its protective aura which greatly influenced family life.

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The powers and attributes of Taweret

Taweret, an Egyptian goddess revered for her maternal role, also possessed other fascinating attributes. It symbolized the chaotic primordial waters, a key element of Egyptian cosmogony.

With water central to its divine nature, Taweret was intimately linked to natural cycles. The floods of the Nile and the constant renewal of agricultural resources fell particularly within its prerogatives.

Thus the image of an essential divinity emerges in the balance between chaos and order at the heart of the cosmos.

In addition, Taweret was believed to have an influence on certain bodily afflictions. Its curative power would extend from headaches to abdominal pain, including protection against venomous insect bites. This underlines its omnipresent status in the daily lives of the ancient Egyptians.

Symbolic meaning of Taweret as a deity

Symbolic meaning of Taweret as a deity

Taweret, an emblematic figure of ancient Egypt, embodies the omnipresent duality. Its hybrid form illustrates this notion of a world shaped by contrary but complementary forces.

It is the reflection of vital beneficial forces such as fertility and maternal affection. However, it also contains darker facets associated with primitive disorder.

As the guardian of the domestic hearth, Taweret symbolizes a strong and protective mother who watches over her family with determination and bravery. Her intrinsic power makes her an emblem of feminine strength capable of meeting daily challenges while guaranteeing the well-being of those she loves.

This ancient Egyptian deity perfectly expresses the balance between the beneficial aspects necessary for daily life and those darker ones linked to our chaotic origins. She remains a powerful symbol of the essential role played by women in all societies: that of being not only nurturers but also courageous guardians in the face of dangers.

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A notable legend about Taweret

Taweret, a legendary and formidable figure, is at the heart of a fascinating story. She faces Seth, the incarnation of chaos and opponent of Osiris. Her role is essential in this mythological story where she becomes a key ally for Horus.

Horus seeks to avenge his father Osiris, betrayed by Seth. Taweret then provides support with his impressive abilities and deep knowledge of ancient times. His contribution helps Horus accomplish his mission to restore balance and justice among the deities.

This story illustrates the major role of Taweret as guardian of fundamental Egyptian principles. With its undeniable protective nature, it embodies the essential values ​​that make this ancient kingdom so rich.

What is the lucky symbol of Taweret?

What is the lucky symbol of Taweret?

The revered beetle, also known as the "dung beetle", holds a privileged place in ancient Egyptian symbolism. Associated with Taweret, this little insect is seen as a good luck charm.

The beetle's notoriety lies in its ability to create a sphere of excrement which it rolls in front of itself. This behavior was interpreted by the ancient Egyptians as a symbol of the rising Sun.

This tiny insect is not only associated with sunrise. It also represents profound concepts such as rebirth and the eternal return of life after death. Having in one's possession or carrying an amulet in the shape of a scarab was therefore supposed to bring luck and protection against malevolent forces while promoting opulence and well-being.

However, it is worth mentioning that this association between Taweret - protective goddess - and the scarab is not universal or systemic in all modern or ancient interpretations related to this intriguing deity.

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