The Moon: Arcana XVIII of the Tarot de Marseille

For thousands of years, the Moon has been a source of fascination for humanity. A symbol of divine femininity and linked to magic, it influences our emotions and our deepest feelings.

Even today its power remains intact and arouses the admiration of all.

It is therefore not surprising that a Marseille tarot card is dedicated to him.

But in fact, what is the meaning of this famous Moon card?

Contents :

1. The Moon: General symbolism in the Marseille tarot

2. Positive messages for our future (place)

3. Negative messages from the Moon (reverse)

4. The Moon card and your career

5. The Moon card and your love life

6. The Moon in numerology

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The Moon: General symbolism in the Marseille tarot

The Moon is a mysterious and powerful symbol for the Marseille tarot. It represents our fears, our subconscious and our buried emotions. We see a night scene with the Moon shining in the dark sky surrounded by two towers on the sides of a winding path leading to a calm lake. A dog howls in front of her while a lobster emerges from the water.

This tarot card conjures images that invite us to explore the unconscious, dreams, deep intuitions and even illusions that lie behind each symbolic word or image. The awareness that we can obtain thanks to the messages delivered by the Moon is essential to understand what we really feel beyond appearances.

Lunar light can guide our inner journey toward the spiritual knowledge that lies within each of us in our repressed or long-ignored feelings — what we become aware of in order to move more freely and consciously toward our unique personal destiny!

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Positive messages for our future (place)

When the Moon appears in your tarot reading, it offers you many positive messages. First of all, your intuition is amplified and it is important to trust these subtle signs that can guide your decisions.

In addition, this time is ideal for personal spiritual development. You can then explore esoteric teachings or progress on your spiritual path to fully evolve.

Finally, take advantage of the inspiring power of the Moon to harness your creativity! Whether through art, music or any other form of artistic expression — free yourself and let your imagination run wild!

Negative messages from the Moon (reverse)

When the Moon is returned in the tarot reading, it can indicate challenges and obstacles to overcome. This reversed card represents illusions and confusion that can harm personal or professional relationships. She also warns of hidden fears that must be recognized so that they can be faced with courage.

Making hasty decisions based solely on one's emotions should be cautioned when the Moon appears inverted. It is important to take the time necessary to think rationally to ensure that you do not regret your decision later.

The difficulties encountered when we turn the Moon upside down are great, but not insurmountable if we face them with lucidity and courage. Identifying your illusions, recognizing your deeply rooted fears and taking your time before any action will then be essential to face what this symbolic card means: hard choices to make, sometimes painful, but ultimately allowing us to grow spiritually thanks to learning. received during our personal journey towards true intimate freedom.

The Moon card and your career

The Moon is an important symbol in tarot. In the professional field, it can mean several things depending on its position in card reading.

First of all, it represents intuition and encourages us to follow our instincts when it comes to decisions related to our career and what is good for us.

Then, the Moon can be a favorable indication for creative professions, the sign of a favorable moment to show your talents and distinguish yourself in your field.

Finally, the Moon also warns against pretense: beware of promises that are too good to be true! Don't fall for dishonest people or illusory opportunities.

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The Moon card and your love life

When the Moon appears in a tarot reading, it conveys important messages for your love life.

First of all, relational intuition: trust your instincts and listen to yourself in order to make the right decisions when it comes to love.

Then, your romantic dreams can come true if you are willing to follow your intuition and stay practical.

Finally, beware of emotional misunderstandings that can arise with this tarot card. Ensure clear communication with your partner to avoid unnecessary confusion.

Listening to your intuitions is the best way to know how to act in the face of the different messages that the Moon transmits to us when it appears in a tarot reading concerning our love life.

The Moon in numerology

In numerology, each number has its own vibrational meaning. The Moon is associated with the number 18 (1+8=9). The latter represents deep introspection, spirituality and personal evolution. The 9 often indicates an end of the cycle and a new chapter to come. It encourages you to go beyond limits to allow for an intense inner transformation.

If the number 18 frequently reappears in your life, it may be a sign that important changes are about to occur that will be beneficial for you. Stay alert for opportunities that present themselves, because they can lead to exceptional personal growth!

The Marseille Tarot card of the Moon evokes powerful symbols which invite us to explore our fears as well as our deepest dreams. Whether professionally or emotionally, she reminds us of the importance of giving faith in one's intuition while remaining vigilant in the face of emotional pretenses. By combining this learning with that of the numbers linked to the Moon (18), it is possible to find essential keys in order to progress towards one's spiritual and personal fulfillment!

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