The World: Arcana XXI of the Tarot de Marseille

The symbolism of the World is complex and mysterious.

This Marseille tarot card is surrounded by invisible forces that influence daily life.

These energies are the basis of esoteric practices such as astrology, spiritualism and dowsing.

However, these practices allow individuals to access hidden knowledge to understand natural phenomena and their destiny.

In short, here are the promises of the world map

Contents :

1. General symbolism of the World in the Marseille tarot

2. Positive messages for our future (place)

3. Negative messages from the World (reverse)

4. The world map and your career

5. The world map and your love life

6. The World in Numerology

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General symbolism of the World in the Marseille tarot

The Marseille Tarot is a divinatory deck used to predict the future and provide spiritual guidance. Among the 22 major arcana, the World card is very important.

It represents the universe in its entirety and symbolizes personal achievement as well as material success.

The World Map is often illustrated by a woman wearing a plant crown with a veil floating behind her, holding two wands which symbolize her power over the creative cosmic forces.

The underlying message of this image is that you are in harmony with your environment and achieve a high level of personal accomplishment through your acquired skills. You are capable of creating your own reality according to what your heart deeply yearns for!

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Positive messages for our future (place)

When the World Card appears in the right direction during a tarot reading session, it means that your future is promising. You will take several important steps to achieve personal fulfillment, blossom your spirituality and financially realize your dreams.

Your perseverance and hard work will be fruitful on a personal level. You will reach a higher level of consciousness through deep inner peace. Finally, financial opportunities will come to you through wise financial management.

Your efforts to achieve your goals will now come to fruition: all that potential within you will be able to manifest! Material prosperity will bring stability and wealth to which your intimate soul mate has long aspired...

Negative messages from the World (reverse)

When it appears reversed, the World map can indicate less favorable aspects. Personal blockages or financial difficulties are among the consequences that this can have. In this case, it is important to identify and overcome these internal obstacles to find the desired balance.

Additionally, a lack of spiritual clarity can also be detected through the reversed card. It is therefore necessary to take a step back and explore practices that will help you reconnect with your intimate essence to find lasting inner peace. A thorough review of your financial habits can also help restore the personal and professional harmony you seek.

The world map and your career

The tarot reading can be an indicator of the professional direction you are taking. If the World is present, this is good news: your efforts will be rewarded with interesting opportunities and better recognition. In addition, your competence in your field is confirmed.

However, if it appears reversed on a professional level, let's evaluate the obstacles that stand in front of you to find adequate solutions to these problems. You can't get past these without facing them and trying to resolve them quickly.

Tarology can therefore be a practical tool for monitoring the direction your career is taking and identifying the difficulties encountered in order to better cope with them successfully. Carefully analyze each card in the deck before drawing important conclusions about the professional future that awaits you!

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The world map and your love life

During a tarot reading, the World can symbolize a harmonious period for romantic relationships. For singles, the card announces the imminent arrival of a meaningful relationship based on love and mutual respect.

Those already in a relationship benefit from favorable moments when everything falls into place perfectly between partners. A deep understanding then governs the relationship and allows it to flourish.

However, if this card is reversed during a tarot reading, conflicts are likely to arise as well as emotional stagnation. We must therefore be attentive to potential problems and communicate in order to find harmony within the loving couple.

The Tarot helps us understand what our romantic future has in store for us and how to face it adequately to live a lasting story filled with love and mutual respect!

The World in Numerology

In numerology, the symbol of the World represents a very powerful and universal vibration. The associated number is 3 (2+1=3), which reinforces its impact on our spiritual life.

The number 3 symbolizes creativity, personal expression and the manifestation of deep aspirations. This means that we can make our dreams come true through our natural talents and fertile imagination.

Do you often see 21 or its multiples like 42 or 63?

Perhaps this is a divine message to stay focused on your personal growth while putting your artistic skills to work for your material goals.

The symbol of the World in any case has a great meaning regarding the professional, sentimental and personal future depending on its position in a tarot reading. We can interpret this valuable information to navigate towards greater satisfaction on all levels of our existence!

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