7 Rules that Every Gypsy Must Respect

The gypsies are a people with very specific rules.

Known for their nomadic character (which many have left aside in favor of a more sedentary life, but so be it), these people are distinguished by their culture, folklore and customs. The rules of the gypsies therefore sometimes differ from those of the people alongside whom they live.

Passed down from generation to generation thanks to a rich, millennia-old oral tradition, we will now discover some of these tacit laws that make up the gypsy people.

Contents :

Staying single is frowned upon

Hospitality is a true way of life

Arranged marriages exist, and are not always frowned upon

A large family is the main goal to achieve

Have wealth, yes, but show it

A very… original fashion

A man cannot help his wife with certain tasks

Single woman holding a book, alone in the forest.

Staying single is frowned upon

In traveler communities, it is quite frowned upon to remain single until too old an age, and not only because you risk feeling lonely.

In fact, families often judge unmarried adults as abnormal, original, and sometimes even unbalanced. Yes, among travelers, gypsies and other nomads, family values ​​are sacred!

Marrying relatively young is so ingrained in gypsy culture that it is impossible for many of its representatives that celibacy results from a personal choice, but will rather be seen as an expression of personal problems.

Tarot cards and a crystal ball of gypsy fortune tellers, next to a guitar pendant

Make the gypsy mysteries your own

thanks to the secret symbols of travelers


Hospitality is a true way of life

If you have ever had the chance to be invited to eat at the home of a member of the gypsy community, you know it well: hospitality is a true way of life for them.

There is even a whole series of rules in this area that every gypsy must follow. Roma culture is very broad and whether you are talking about the Bohemians of Germany or the Manouches of Spain, some variations can exist. Hospitality, however, will be a constant rule.

Generally, it is customary to make guests feel at home. Given the opulent and sometimes flashy nature of some people, this can take unexpected steps, making those who are not prepared for it uncomfortable.

These people are truly astonishing and their particularities undoubtedly make them one of the most interesting to discover. If you are of this opinion, you should take a look at this collection created on the theme of gypsy culture.

Couple getting married according to gypsy rules and traditions.

Arranged marriages exist, and are not always frowned upon

Although this may be shocking, you should know that arranged marriages are still a reality in many gypsy families.

Although this is prohibited by law in many countries, it is still quite common for several clans to decide to override the prohibitions and make arrangements among themselves regarding the future of some of their children.

Please note, this is not a tribal operation which aims to create alliances (even if this is sometimes the case), but rather a general philosophy aimed at preserving the ethnic group which would also not be in danger.

Even though gypsies represent several million individuals worldwide, each region only sees a few thousand who, without this rule, would inexorably “dissolve” into the local populations.

The gypsy people are very pious and practice Catholicism.

Make the gypsy mysteries your own

thanks to the secret symbols of travelers


A large family is the main goal to achieve

We have seen several rules of the gypsies which aim to preserve the integrity of the people in general. This is undoubtedly also part of it.

While in most families having between one and three children is the norm, gypsies tend to have as many as possible. If you look in Central Europe for example, where many communities of Travelers exist, you will see that their birth rate is higher than that of the "Gadjo" (meaning, non-gypsies).

If we add to this the arranged and relatively early marriages (girls often marry after adolescence) that we have discussed, it is common for gypsy women to have around ten children during their life.

Moreover, since most of them are devout Christians, it is often unthinkable for them to resort to contraception, let alone abortion. As such, you will find many Christian items and accessories here that most practicing gypsies would wear with pride!

Several pretty bling gold chains.

Have wealth, yes, but show it

Unlike some cultures, money is not taboo among gypsies.

On the contrary, earning enough will be seen as the sign of a responsible adult capable of protecting his family and friends from want.

The custom also dictates that those who are doing the best show it to others through demonstrations of opulence, the purchase of expensive jewelry and the organization of large parties.

Thus, having money will above all be an opportunity to share it and show it, sometimes even going as far as exaggeration.

This way of doing things will also be a source of respect from other members of the clan.

Young gypsy woman with a fairly loose and colorful traditional outfit.

A very original fashion

Although it has been lost in recent years, clothing and style of dress were once governed by rules that every gypsy had to follow.

Although fashions may vary greatly from one region of the world to another, particularly among men, certain rules are common to almost the entire community.

Perhaps one of the most famous is the way women can't bare their legs, especially by wearing loose skirts made from layers of fabric. This is truly a particularity of gypsy women, a particularity on which you will find more information here.

In any case, it is undeniable that these colorful outfits look magnificent when they float during gypsy jazz dances and concerts!

If you add jewelry full of pearls, shiny bracelets and precious talismans, you understand why the women of the gypsy people are so associated with mystery.

Washing machine representing the household chores that gypsy women must do.

A man cannot help his wife with certain tasks

Gypsy men are very protective of their women. Some will even sometimes describe them as macho.

Even if this can be subject to discussion, there is one area that should be unanimous: that of household chores.

A man who helped his partner take care of the house would indeed be seen as showing an unacceptable sign of weakness. This strict separation of tasks is thus a rule that the gypsies follow to the letter.

It is for this reason that, from a very young age, young girls in the gypsy community are educated to become housewives and good housewives.

Between the dishes, the cleaning, the laundry and raising the children, future women will not have a moment's respite!

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