delivery time

We collaborate with suppliers around the world to be able to offer you some of the rarest products, while maintaining affordable prices.

Concretely, this means that your orders can be sent to you from several regions of the world.

Given the geographical disparity of our suppliers, the average delivery time generally varies from 4 to 30 days for France.

What delivery costs will I have to pay?

Many offers and promotions will allow you to avoid having to pay delivery costs.

Most of the time, these fees depend on the weight and price of the items, or the geographic area where you are located.


What delivery time should I expect?

This may necessarily vary for each order. As we told you above, most of the time, our delivery times vary between 7 and 30 days.

In any case, you will be entitled to request a full refund of your order if it has not reached you after 60 days.


Do you provide tracking numbers?

Not all of our partners provide tracking numbers.

However, we are committed to guaranteeing you maximum satisfaction. If you want to know the progress of one of your orders, do not hesitate to contact us via the address

I have not received all my items!

As we have already mentioned, we work with many suppliers all over the world. Therefore, all our products are not necessarily stored in the same places.

To save you time, we do not always reassemble all the elements making up your order before shipping.

Items from the same order can therefore reach you in different shipments and within different delivery times. (Don't worry, any additional costs incurred by separate packages would of course be covered by our team.)

I do not receive notifications (confirmations, etc.) related to my order, is this normal?

When processing your order, we generally send you several emails, including an order confirmation. If you do not receive anything, this may be due to an error in your email address when you filled in your personal information.

Don't panic, you can always contact us to indicate the error, we will try to respond as efficiently as possible.

Are you contactable?

Of course ! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us via We will do our best to answer you as best we can.