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It's time to find your lucky charm!


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Why should we be interested in lucky charms?

Our goal in setting up this project was to share as much luck as possible around us. Just as a particular connection with a particular philosophy/religion/thought can occur for any individual, a connection can be made with a particular type of lucky charm. So by continually searching for more and more good luck charms (that you won't find anywhere else), we're fulfilling our part of the job.

Now it's up to you to do yours: keep an open mind and be aware that a connection may well be made!

What's the most effective lucky charm?

A lucky charm often has a special meaning for the wearer. Whether it comes from your culture or represents a symbol that has marked your life, these elements will make your good luck charm terribly effective. And yet, none of the objects we propose here rely on this phenomenon: all have great powers that they are capable of expressing on their own.

So don't wait any longer, get on the search, find the lucky charm you need!

Giving a lucky charm: a good idea?

To make it short: yes, giving a lucky charm is a wonderful idea!

To make it long: we can say that, while many people focus on the object itself, part of the power of a good luck charm comes from the perception we have of it. Basically, offering a good-luck charm could increase its effects tenfold. In fact, experience has shown that those who receive a gift will generally be more open to it (whether we're talking about its meaning or its powers).