Triple Goddess and Triple Moon: the Great Symbol of Wicca

We have recently seen an increase in public interest in the moon.

More and more people are interested in the messages it has to bring us and we, like our ancestors before us, are once again punctuating our lives with its phases.

In this completely lunar perspective, there is one lucky symbol that stands out from all the others: it is that of the triple goddess, sometimes also called triple moon.

This is precisely the subject that will interest us today. Together, we will try to learn more about this triple goddess, about her links with the moon and those she maintains with witchcraft and paganism.

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Description of the triple moon

Meaning of the Triple Goddess Symbol

Ancient pagan goddesses...

…to the rediscovery of modern esotericism

Enjoy the Powers of the Triple Moon Today

Merlin, or the place of the triple goddess in pop culture

In conclusion

Drawing of a statue showing the triple goddess under a magical blue light.

Description of the triple moon

As we explained earlier, this symbol shows us the moon in its three phases: ascending moon, full moon and waning moon. The first and last are represented by two symmetrical crescents.

If you want to have it in mind, here is a necklace bearing the symbol of the triple moon in all its simplicity.

Often, people don't look any further and are content to think of the triple moon as just a simple expression of this celestial body.

Nothing could be further from the truth...

We'll see it right after, but the meaning and message of this lucky charm is profound.

Concretely, each of the three phases of the moon is associated with a very specific period in a woman's life:

  • The ascending moon shows youth, a period of development and discovery.
  • The full moon symbolizes the status of mother, the apogee of femininity through the transmission of life.
  • The descending moon represents old age which possesses all the wisdom accumulated during its existence.

Thus, it is priestesses of all times who have worn the triple moon as a decoration but also for other reasons.

Some say of this ancient symbol that it contains powers and that there are rituals (magic, witchcraft, etc.) which can awaken them.

Diagram showing the path of the moon in the sky and all the phases through which it passes.

Meaning of the Triple Goddess Symbol

Over time, the symbol of the triple goddess was adopted by most pagan or esoteric movements as an emblem of the sacred feminine.

Among all these, Wicca practitioners in particular give pride of place to this lucky symbol.

If you don't know what we're talking about, here's a quick summary of what Wicca is.

If you have been interested in this type of spiritual current, perhaps you are already familiar with the meaning of the triple goddess. In this case, you can easily skip to the next paragraph.

If its meaning is still a mystery to you, let us share with you the main interpretations.

In reality, the messages associated with this symbol are very (but very) deep.

As we said previously, the three moons that he shows us represent the three major stages of a woman's life.

This is clearly the most often cited meaning and undoubtedly the most relevant…

However, there are others which may also be interesting!

Here are some ideas that came to us and that we wanted to share with you:

  • The triple goddess would represent the three planes of existence (or kingdoms): Earth, Heaven and Hell.
  • More than simply that of the woman, it would show us the cycle of belief-climax-death specific to all life.
  • We will talk about it in a paragraph a little later, but the triple goddess apparently comes from goddesses of ancient times. Specialists cite the names of Demeter, Persephone and Hecate in this regard.
  • This seems quite obvious, but the triple goddess undoubtedly has a link with everything feminine...
  • …and therefore in particular to mysteries, the sacred and unexplained psychic abilities

Yes, as is often the case when it comes to witchcraft, esotericism or magic, there is not just one way to connect with the symbol of the triple moon!

In reality, it will be good for you to meditate on the different possible interpretations in order to choose the one that suits you best.

A crystal ball, elements of magic and palmistry as well as a witches' owl pendant

Occult powers?

The esoteric secrets of witchcraft


Ancient pagan goddesses...

In the 5th century BCE, the goddess Hecate occupied an important place in Greek mythology. Now fallen into disuse, she was once one of the most powerful deities in the Hellenic pantheon.

However, this goddess was often represented in the form of… three women: a young woman, a mother and an old woman.

Clearly we can see a direct connection to the triple goddess we are talking about!

Besides the disturbing case of Hecate, there are actually hundreds of texts from Antiquity which refer to three goddesses who symbolize three phases of life.

However, nothing in the early days seemed particularly to connect them to the moon. It is necessary to reach the 3rd century and the texts of a certain Servius to definitively associate the triple goddess with the moon.

Regardless, the most famous goddess triad was made up of the three female powers that we still know today. These are Demeter, Persephone and Hecate, the three deities we spoke to you about previously.

Here you will find some images which will show this famous trio. You will see, certain representations sometimes have nothing to do with each other!

In short, in this group, Persephone is the young girl, symbol of purity and hope for the future. It represents beginnings and new adventures.

Specialists attribute to it in particular:

  • Creation
  • The power of virgins
  • The youth
  • Carefree eroticism
  • The passion of youth
  • The excitement

Demeter is associated with the mother. Goddess of harvests and agriculture, she is the source of life, the necessary condition for the development of humanity and therefore of humans.

Associated with the Mother is:

  • Maturity
  • Fertility
  • The power
  • Stability
  • Development
  • Compassion

To finish the trio, Hecate plays the role of the old woman. Thus, she has all the qualities of old age.

In particular, the following are cited:

  • Wisdom
  • The transmission
  • Rest
  • Calm
  • Understanding the secrets of our world
  • The development pushed to the extreme of spirituality
  • Discernment

Magic tokens, candles and tarot cards.

…to the rediscovery of modern esotericism

In 1948, an author named Robert Graves published a book called “The White Goddess.” For many, this work helped to rehabilitate the figure of the triple goddess in the collective imagination.

Indeed, having fallen into oblivion for centuries (perhaps even millennia), it was rediscovered by Graves during his research in esotericism.

He also drew in his book the triple moon as we know it today. There is no doubt that the symbol had existed for longer but this at least had the merit of fixing its form.

Despite this rather attractive official theory, other specialists say that Graves would not be the first modern author to have alluded to the triple goddess.

Groups from all sides claim to have documentation showing that they have been using it for longer. Other researchers will say they have absolute proof that all this is a deception and that, inevitably, it is they who were the first to use it.

In short, you understand: in the field of esotericism, everyone wants to pull the rug over themselves and attribute more to themselves than what is theirs.

I will try not to get too upset here, but you should know that this is a real concern for us which sometimes makes our work as researchers very difficult. Finding a reliable source or middle of this great jumble is sometimes not an easy task!

Several lucky charms linked to paganism and ancient religions

Rediscover a forgotten magic

pagan jewelry, symbols and lucky charms


Enjoy the Powers of the Triple Moon Today

You will no doubt have understood: the symbol of the triple moon is above all linked to feminine energy in its essence, in the purest form that it can take.

With this immediately come notions of mystery and magic.

In fact, when we talk about the powers of the triple moon, scholars on the subject often cite

  • The development of intuition
  • Greater creative energy
  • A psychic insight capable of better understanding the world
  • Access to mysteries of all kinds

Depending on your personality (and a whole bunch of other factors in reality), these will be the qualities that the influence of the triple moon can potentially develop in you.

In addition, we are talking here about a symbol representing a journey (that of the moon, first rising then descending). Some practitioners of witchcraft see this as an allusion to the great movement of life from birth to death, the eternal cycle of nature where the new replaces the old.

With its two symmetrical crescent moons, the triple moon symbol also represents the concept of opposite but complementary poles. This is often seen as an allusion to the divine as a whole.

In short, there is no shortage of reasons to include the symbol of the triple moon in your rituals and, why not, in your life.

Dark magician walking hooded in the forest at night.

Merlin, or the place of the triple goddess in pop culture

The Adventures of Merlin is one of the most mystical tales in all of European culture.

Through the adventures of King Arthur, Lancelot, the Lady of the Lake and Merlin the enchanter, it is in fact the functioning of the world at its most spiritual that is described to us.

In short, if we are talking to you about this today, it is quite simply because these legends were adapted for television in a series known as Merlin... and in which the triple goddess plays an important place.

There is a set of beliefs in this series known as the Old Religion that many characters in the series adhere to.

To put it simply, the Old Religion brings together everything magical (in the literal sense of the term) in the universe of Merlin.

The place of the triple goddess in all this is quite simple: she is the primordial goddess, the most powerful in the entire pantheon.

We can thus see Morgana (a witch from the series) serving as “high priestess of the Triple Goddess”.

In another episode, we hear that Arthur will one day face the "judgment of the triple goddess."

In any case, all this leaves us wondering about the possible knowledge of the writers of the Merlin series!

Stone statue showing a woman symbolizing the power of the sacred feminine.

In conclusion

It is clear: the origins of the triple goddess are very ancient and its meaning can vary from one context to another.

In the midst of all this, it can be difficult to form your own opinion.

It is therefore not surprising that so much controversy has arisen around this magical, ancient and oh so powerful symbol.

In fact, you don't need to join any Wicca or witchcraft group to benefit from its benefits. Many testimonies came back to us saying that simply wearing a ring like this was enough to feel certain energies.

In addition to seemingly tangible effects, such jewelry is a powerful reminder that will accompany us throughout our day, preventing us from forgetting the messages that the triple moon carries as a symbol.

If you have already had the opportunity to see the powers of the triple moon symbol at work, you can only have been seduced.

If not, we invite you to find out more, you will not be disappointed with what you learn.

Anyway, I sincerely hope that you enjoyed this article and that you learned something.

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