A magical gesture against the evil eye: the fica

Fica is a very popular magical gesture in Italy to protect oneself from the evil eye. It consists of making the hand sign to protect someone from the evil eye. This gesture is often accompanied by a phrase like “Non ti voglio bene” (“I don’t love you”) or “Va via il malocchio!” » (“Go away, evil eye!”).

It is said to return bad luck and attract good fortune and, as we will see together, this superstition may well be true.

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Origin of the magical gesture of fica

How to do the fica gesture?

Why does the fica gesture protect against the evil eye?


Fica, a magical gesture to ward off the evil eye

There are many superstitions regarding the evil eye and how to protect yourself from it. One of them is the fica, a magical gesture which consists of touching your index and middle fingers to form a fig.

This superstition is very widespread in Italy, Spain and the countries of the South of France. According to tradition, the evil eye is attracted to beauty and wealth, which is why it is important to protect yourself.

To put it simply, fica works by preventing the evil eye from approaching and thus keeps people healthy and away from misfortunes.

How to do the fica gesture

The origins of fica and its symbolism

The fica gesture is a magical gesture used to avoid the evil eye and bad influences. It is practiced in many cultures around the world, including Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece and the Balkans… but where does it actually come from?

There are many plants that are used as sexual symbols. One of them is fica, a plant native to Italy.

Yes, that’s where the name of the famous hand gesture we’re talking about comes from!

Fica is actually a type of fig tree whose fruits resemble vulvas. This plant is considered a symbol of fertility and sexuality.

She is often depicted in Italian erotic artwork. Fica is also associated with the Italian goddess Venus, who was considered the goddess of love and beauty.

Why does the fica gesture protect against the evil eye

How to make the fica?

And so, how to make the gesture of fica?

The gesture consists of placing the thumb between the index and middle fingers, forming a sort of “V” with these two fingers.

Fun fact, this hand gesture also gave its name to a massage technique.

Fica is in fact a very effective technique for people who have muscle or joint pain. It helps relieve pain and relax muscles by applying specific pressure with your thumb.

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