Alexander the Great and the Hermit (Tale of Antiquity)

Alexander the Great was one of the most powerful emperors of all time.

Conqueror heir to the illustrious Hellenic civilization, he was a student of Socrates, the greatest philosopher of classical Antiquity. And yet… his wisdom was not infallible.

The tale of Alexander and the hermit shows us this by reminding the emperor that even he is weak in the face of avarice, envy and greed. The hermit, reclusive and far from the world, on the contrary dominates his desires and therefore his connection with the material. As such, he is the leader of Alexander, the leader of the greatest emperor of all time.

A philosophical tale to share, this story makes us think and raises some questions. So what is true power? Is it material (that of Alexander the Great) or spiritual (that of the wise hermit)? Are these two forms reconcilable?

author picture(Cyril Gendarme)

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