Amber in lithotherapy: Virtues, Benefits and Meaning

Lithotherapy is an ancestral practice which consists of using stones and minerals for their healing properties.

Amber is one of these stones because it has many therapeutic properties that are simultaneously beneficial for the mind and body.

In this article, I will soon explore the benefits that can be gained from lithotherapy with amber and how to integrate this mineral into your daily routine to amplify its positive effects on your physical and mental well-being.

Contents :

1. Physical properties of amber on health

2. Psychological properties of amber

3. Spiritual and energetic properties of amber

4. Which stones to associate with amber?

5. Composition of amber


Physical properties of amber

Amber is a natural substance with unique physical properties.

It is mainly found in fossil deposits and has been used for thousands of years for its magical and medicinal properties.

Its unique orange-yellow color, its luster and its soft texture, simultaneously warm and cool to the touch, make it a precious object. Amber can also be reddish, green or light blue.

It is known to have a static charge when heated, making it particularly attractive to human and animal hair. Its density depends on the origin and varies between 1.05 – 1.09 g/cm³. Finally, it absorbs solar heat well while maintaining a constant temperature cooler than that of the human body.


Psychological properties of amber

Amber is a stone charged with powerful psychological properties that provides calm and serenity, soothing the minds and hearts of those who wear or handle it regularly.

It helps improve concentration, promotes deeper sleep and better memory and increases our self-confidence and our communication skills.

In addition, it stimulates our creativity and gives courage in the face of daily obstacles while offering protection against negative external influences while returning its positive energy to the person who possesses it.

To fully benefit from the psychological properties of amber, it is recommended to carry a small quantity on yourself or in your home in order to constantly receive its benefits!

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Spiritual and energetic properties of amber

Amber is a semi-precious stone that has possessed unique spiritual and energetic properties since ancient times.

It is used for its physical and mental benefits, as it can promote mental clarity and increase levels of positive energy within the body.

It also helps reduce stress and anxiety by releasing positive vibrations around you.

Additionally, amber supports the creative process by providing inner calm and focus to its wearer, which can be useful as a therapeutic tool to relieve physical or psychological pain with its powerful healing energy.

There are different types of amber, each with distinct properties: green amber to stimulate vitality; amber yellow to promote optimism; amber red to guide towards the prosperous spiritual path; amber black to purify bad external influences...

Each type will provide various benefits to people wishing to fully exploit their supernatural powers!


Which stones to associate with amber?

Amber is a precious stone that offers many benefits. By combining amber with other minerals, you can amplify its effects and achieve more powerful results.

Among the best associations with amber, we find rose quartz, carnelian, red jasper or even tiger's eye.

These stones perfectly complement the healing and protective properties of amber by strengthening its ability to restore psychological and physical balance in those who wear it.

Rose quartz brings great softness while carnelian helps increase self-confidence, red jasper provides protection and stability while tiger's eye promotes mental clarity and courage.

Together, these four stones form a magical combination to accompany you every day!


Composition of amber

Amber is a natural product made from fossilized resin that has been around for thousands of years and has been used for therapeutic, magical or ornamental purposes.

Its exact chemical composition varies depending on the location and age of formation, but it mainly contains covalent aromatic hydrocarbons (LACs) linked together by a complex three-dimensional polymer structure.

Amber can also contain various minerals such as quartz, tourmaline, and even living fossils trapped in the resin during its formation process.

Finally, it often contains essential oils with beneficial properties for our body and our mind.

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Bracelet made of amber gems

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