Bee Symbol: Understanding its Hidden Meaning

The little bee is one of the most important insects for nature and for humans.

This little pollinator allows plants to spread and prosper.

As a symbol, it brings us great spiritual messages that we would do well to listen to. (These messages, moreover, we will deliver to you today.)

Bees and humans have had a fascinating relationship since the dawn of time. And that’s what will be our topic of the day.

Contents :

General meaning of the bee (honey, collective, etc.)

Bees in Ancient Egypt

The bee in the Bible

Napoleon and the bee: symbol of kings

The bee as a totem animal

Seeing a bee at home: what does it mean?

Bee foraging on purple flowers.

General meaning of the bee (honey, collective, etc.)

Understanding the meaning of the bee is a complex task. Many different cultures have been able to find meaning in this flying animal.

Enough jokes, here is a list of the main ones:

  • Since ancient times, bees, and especially honey bees, have represented the hardworking and industrious character.
  • As they fly, bees are seen as messengers of the Divine, even saviors of humanity.
  • For the ancient Druids, the bee represented hidden knowledge. Some Celtic traditions considered bees to be messengers between our world and the afterlife.
  • In Hinduism, the “Rig Veda” tells how Vishnu created a spring from one of his footprints. From this spring flowed mead (a honey alcohol), which conferred fertility on those who drank it.
  • The complex social and hive hierarchy proves the organizational efficiency of the bee. It therefore reflects that of certain men.
  • The bee is also the symbol of people who remain persistent until they achieve their goals.

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Bees in Ancient Egypt

Like talking about the meaning of the bee without talking about Egyptian civilization!

The ancient Egyptians were the first to make artificial beehives to harvest honey.

A whole bunch of works of art and hieroglyphics show how the bee symbolized life and the sacred.

More particularly, it was linked to the god Ra, the one who gives life through “liquid gold”. (Is this honey?)

From a political point of view, the symbol of the bee was associated with the pharaohs. Yes, from the 4th millennium BC, it served as an emblem of the king of Lower Egypt!

Would the kings of Egypt have wanted to wear such a honey bee pendant ? If you want our lives, the answer is yes. And then, what's the point of listening to slanderers?

For everyday Egyptians, honey was a food of choice reserved for celebrations. Few ever had the chance to taste it.

Wax was used in religious ceremonies. Honey was used to feed the sacred animals of the temples and certain priests of the Nile.

In short, in ancient Egypt, the symbol of the bee was that of life, resurrection, the divine and light.

A swarm of bees around a wooden hive.

The bee in the Bible

In Christian tradition, the bee is one of the emblems of Christ. Its meaning is that of forgiveness and justice, two resolutely Christian values.

More secularly, the bee has been used as a symbol many times throughout Church history.

Saint Ambrosia, for example, was able to compare the Roman clergy to a large beehive. The Barberini family (a family which produced numerous popes) actually used the insect on its coat of arms.

Additionally, bees are mentioned multiple times in the Bible. Typically, seeing a swarm of bees will be considered a prophetic sign here.

In the story of Samson, for example, bees appear in the carcass of a lion that he kills, symbolizing his triumph over evil.

Some time later he went again to Thimna to take it, and turned aside to see the carcass of the lion. And behold, there was a swarm of bees and honey in the body of the lion. » — Judges 14:8

In the same book of Judges, Deborah is presented to us as a prophetess speaking the words of God.

She served as God's messenger therefore, and led the Israelites to safety when they were threatened by the Canaanites.

Fun fact: Deborah’s name is derived from the Hebrew name “ Devorah, ” which literally translates to “ bee. ”

Painting of the coronation of Emperor Napoleon.

Napoleon and the bee: symbol of kings

After careful consideration, Napoleon chose our insect as his emblem to represent his status as emperor.

As you can see in this model of the Napoleonic imperial flag, he even added the animal to the standard of the empire.

He was right: the meaning of the bee is particularly powerful in designating political power.

Because of its industrious habits, the bee symbolizes hard work, diligence and order.

Because it also produces honey, the bee symbolizes gentleness and kindness.

With the symbol of the bee, the people are reassured and enjoy participating in a common project.

But in fact, why did Napoleon choose the bee and not another animal?

It's true, after all: the lion, the eagle or the deer have just as many qualities!

Well, according to legend, golden bees were discovered in the tomb of Childeric I, founder of the Merovingian dynasty and father of Clovis.

The bee was therefore considered the oldest emblem of the sovereigns of France. It was therefore ideal for the great Napoleon.

Little by little, the symbol of the Napoleonic bee became so dear to the emperor that its use was reserved for the imperial family.

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The bee as a totem animal

We all have a totem animal. And those who are linked to the bee are very lucky.

This animal brings immense personal energy as a totem. Her qualities as a worker are no longer in doubt.

With bees as protectors, work is not a problem for you. No more than a game would be.

The bee also provides a clear idea of ​​which path is the right one. As when he leaves to collect a flower, those with him as a totem animal will know how to head towards great treasures.

Because it produces honey (sacred food par excellence), the bee is creative. Its meaning as a totem animal here will be that of a creative force that will benefit your life... and that of your loved ones.

The bee flies and builds its hive in the heights. Its link with the spiritual is no longer to be proven. Such a totem will therefore imply a strong connection with the world of ideas.

The other major element of the bee symbol is group work. Community, collectivity, networking, collaboration: these words have no secrets for you.

A bee landing on a flower.

Seeing a bee at home: what does it mean?

Seeing a bee is not something trivial. Far from there !

These flying insects are messengers between the spiritual and material realms.

They are true alchemists who transform life energy into matter, representing how we can transform our thoughts into physical manifestations.

Concretely, seeing a bee at home can mean that your wishes will soon come true.

If a bee flies around you in a circle, the message is even more specific. This is a sign that an idea or goal you have is now ready to be “pollinated.”

Seeing a bee in your garden is undoubtedly more common, but no less important.

It will indeed be a sign of future prosperity (as much for the harvests of your vegetable garden as for those of your life).

You will have understood: having a bee near you is synonymous with personal growth and achievement.

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