Celestine: Virtues, Benefits, Properties and Meaning

Lithotherapy is an ancestral practice based on the power of stones to help heal physical, psychological or spiritual ailments. Cerussite is an integral part of this and provides those who use it with direct access to its unique healing power.

If you are new to lithotherapy or want to know more about the special properties of this semi-precious stone, discover what celestine can do for your holistic well-being!

Thanks to its positive vibration rich in divine energy, it increases our spiritual awareness and restores harmony between our physical and mental bodies so that we can achieve an optimal state of overall good health. It also helps build our self-confidence and increases the feeling of inner peace.

Contents :

1. Physical properties of celestine on health

2. Psychological properties of celestine

3. Spiritual and energetic properties of celestine

4. Which stones to combine with celestine?

5. Composition of celestine


Physical properties of celestine on health

Celestine is a stone that has many physical properties for health. It has the power to soothe the mind and calm anxiety, while regulating our emotions.

This stone can be beneficial in relieving physical and mental pain, it also increases our concentration and our intellectual faculties. Celestine promotes a feeling of inner peace by strengthening our spiritual sensitivity.

In short, this type of stones offer various benefits to improve your overall health! Thanks to it, you can benefit from the positive effects on your mind and your body: reducing stress or increasing concentration for example. There are several ways to use cerulina to amplify its beneficial effects on your physical and psychological well-being: wear it like a bracelet or chain around your neck or place it directly on your chakras so that it can act more effectively!


Psychological properties of celestine

Celestine is a mineral that has powerful psychological properties. It helps calm the mind and promotes relaxation, which helps increase concentration and intuition.

This gemstone can also reduce stress and anxieties by providing a feeling of inner peace. In addition, it facilitates decision-making, because it stimulates the mental faculties to better understand one's deep thoughts and become aware of the meaning of things around one.

Finally, celestine provides spiritual wisdom so that each individual finds their path to personal enlightenment and is free to live their life fully according to their own choices. Thanks to this beneficial mineral, it is possible to amplify your ability to make informed decisions while remaining calm!

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Spiritual and energetic properties of celestine

The spiritual and energetic properties of celestine are powerful. It allows you to explore the subtle planes, while promoting communication with the world of angels and spirits. Celestine offers support in learning to connect to the divine.

It can be used as a spiritual alignment tool and helps purify the aura thanks to the positive vibrations it diffuses. In addition, it facilitates deep relaxation by helping to release psychological or emotional blockages that prevent progress on one's spiritual path.

Celestine provides a feeling of soothing inner calm that allows your consciousness to be ready to receive what you need for your personal and spiritual growth. Using the celestine stone is therefore an excellent way to develop your spirituality and personal well-being!


Which stones to associate with celestine?

Celestine is a powerful stone that can be combined with other minerals to amplify its properties. Sodalite, for example, helps reduce stress and mental confusion while promoting emotional harmony. It also helps you feel calmer internally.

Rose quartz is beneficial because it allows you to connect to your deepest feelings and brings a feeling of inner peace. Amethyst develops one's intuition and spirituality. Finally, black obsidian provides protection against external harmful influences and enhances the power of other crystals used with celestine.

This stone is therefore very useful for increasing the power of the magical or spiritual properties of other ores, and can be combined with various types of precious stones such as sodalite, rose quartz, amethyst or even black obsidian in order to increase its beneficial effects on oneself and one's immediate environment.


Composition of celestine

Celestine is a semi-precious stone formed mainly from strontium sulfate. Its luminous and shimmering shine comes from a composition rich in colors which can vary from blue to green, crossing into pale pink depending on its geographical origin.

This gem also features unique components such as quartz, potassium alkali feldspars, magnetite, aragonite and fluorite.

In addition, it has excellent resistance to scratches and humidity, which makes it an ideal material for creating durable jewelry.

If you are looking for a unique semi-precious stone with lots of varieties to choose from for your personal collection or as a special gift, then consider celestine!

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