Clairvoyance & Divination: Discovery of Alomancy

Alomancy is an ancient practice that focuses on interpreting signs and symbols in the environment, the movements of the universe, and their effects on us.

This form of divination dates back centuries but is still used today to uncover hidden meaning in what you see around you or to make important decisions.

And today, it is you who will be able to learn more about this powerful but often hidden art.

Contents :

1. Definition of alomancy

2. Etymology of the word alomancy

3. Principles of Alomancy


Definition of alomancy

Alomancy is an ancestral divinatory practice which consists of interpreting the messages and symbols contained in salt. This method makes it possible to reveal information about the future, to understand certain situations or to come into contact with higher energies. Alomancy has its origins in the Latin “alumen” meaning “salt”.

This technique has long been considered a magical art and is still used by some to access occult knowledge. It can be used to find answers to the questions we ask ourselves, discover what awaits us in the future or even obtain more clarity on our past and present choices.

The alomancic process begins with the crystallization of the salt: we pour a little of it into a bowl filled with hot water then we observe the patterns that it forms at the bottom of the container. These figures are then associated with different concepts in order to give symbolic meaning to the images produced by the dissolved salt.

Thus, thanks to this divinatory exercise, it is possible to grasp certain profound views on our existence and our personal or professional future.

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Etymology of the word alomancy

The term "alomancy" is a word resulting from the contraction between the Latin "alumen" (salt) and the suffix "-mancy" (divination). It specifically refers to a divinatory practice which is based on the use of salt as the main tool to obtain answers to the questions asked.

Alomancy is a form of ancestral magic that has its origins in ancient civilizations, particularly those of the Near East. It was later adopted by various peoples throughout history, including medieval and modern Europe.

To practice this form of divination, techniques such as reading the laser marks on the edges of a bowl filled with salt or the particular arrangement of grains on a flat surface before they are scattered are generally used. These movements are interpreted in order to obtain a symbolic message to answer certain questions related to the future or the past.

Nowadays, there are several different schools based on Alomancic interpretation and each offers its own rules and fundamental principles for performing this type of divination. Some believe that this technique can be used to explore the human subconscious while others believe that it simply allows us to increase our natural intuition through the messages transmitted by the salt during its manual or physical manipulation.


Principles of Alomancy

The fundamental principles of alomancy are based on the belief that each grain of salt has a unique vibrational energy. According to this esoteric discipline, salt can be used to capture subtle information from the invisible world.

Additionally, it acts as a medium capable of establishing a link between our earthly reality and spiritual planes.

The use of salt in alomancy has been known for centuries and its practitioners believe that it helps heighten spiritual awareness and gather information that would otherwise remain invisible or inaccessible to our ordinary senses. The technique consists of throwing a handful of salts on a flat surface and then observing its shape in order to interpret the divine messages contained within.

This ancient practice has been the subject of in-depth studies by modern researchers who have discovered that salt can indeed be used to explore different conscious levels and obtain intuitive data useful for understanding the past, influencing the present or anticipating the future..

In addition, some practitioners claim that this type of white magic can also have a beneficial effect on physical and psychological health by helping to release any accumulated stress as well as dissipate certain fears related to existential questions such as those concerning our personal identity or our future destiny.

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