Clairvoyance & Divination: discovery of Augury

Augurs are people with a special ability to perceive hidden messages from the invisible world. This ancient practice dates back to ancient times and has been used to gain spiritual answers to life's complex questions.

Augurs can thus understand the mystical language that is transmitted by their gods, ancestors or guardian spirits.

Contents :

1. Definition of augury

2. Etymology of the word augury

3. Principles of augury

4. What are the tools of augury?

5. How does augury work?

6. How does an augur session take place?

7. Advice and precautions to take regarding augury


Definition of augury

Augury is an ancestral practice of interpreting signs and omens in order to understand the future. This discipline, often associated with divination, was used by ancient civilizations such as Rome, Greece and Babylon. Augurs were considered specialists who could communicate with the gods to obtain answers about human destiny.

This practice dates back to ancient times and has developed over time in different cultural contexts.

Indeed, it served as a means of giving more importance to religious and spiritual beliefs while giving meaning to human existence.

The omens relied mainly on their natural observations to interpret various phenomena linked to atmospheric conditions or even animal behavior as clues likely to reveal what was going to happen soon. They also resorted to certain divinatory techniques such as reading animal entrails or the use of magical objects called "spells" in order to complicate their analysis and make their conclusions more reliable as to the future possibilities offered by each particularly complex situation encountered by them. themselves or by those they accompanied during their initiatory journey towards a better life..

In conclusion, it is clear that augury is a very ancient and powerful form of divination of which we find traces among almost all peoples from the ancient world to modern times; it not only allows us to anticipate certain future events but also provides a symbolic framework allowing a deep understanding of human destiny as a spiritual being directly linked to the infinity of the world.


Etymology of the word augury

The term “augury” comes from the Latin “auspex”, which literally means “one who observes birds”.

Indeed, in the practice of augury, observing the flight and behavior of birds was an essential part of deciphering divine messages. The omens then based themselves on these observations to predict certain future events.

Bird watching was thus an integral part of the practice of augury since its origins. The ancient Romans believed that their destiny was linked to the movements and songs of the birds they saw around them. They believed that the gods spoke through them and therefore sought to interpret what they said in order to know what would happen next.

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Principles of augury

The fundamental principles of augury are based on two key concepts: the belief in a connection between the material and spiritual world, as well as the idea that any natural phenomenon can carry a divine message.

This worldview implies that every event or object can have a hidden meaning that is important to study in order to be able to reliably predict what will happen.

This concerns not only animal movements and behaviors, but also natural events such as the weather or certain coincidences.

The augurs used several other techniques to interpret the signs sent by the gods via these winged creatures:

  • They counted the number of birds observed
  • But also the arrangement of the birds, if a group was mainly on the right or on the left
  • They examined the type of bird seen, for example with a certain weight given to the crow
  • They analyzed the direction each particularly important species flew, because it could indicate benignity (eastward) or malignancy (westward).

In short, the fundamental principles of augury encourage us to seek the deeper meaning behind things in order to anticipate what will happen.


What are the tools of augury?

Augury is an ancestral practice which consists of interpreting signs and omens to obtain information about the future. The tools used may differ depending on the culture, but we generally find:

  • Birds: Observing the flight, flight and calls of these animals provides a glimpse of what the future holds.
  • Animal Entrails: Divination by examining the internal organs of a sacrificed animal was very common among certain ancient cultures.
  • Fire: Interpretation of the movement of flames to have a prophetic vision.
  • The starry sky: Astrology is often associated with augury because it also offers the possibility of determining certain future events based on the position of the stars.

Thanks to the ancestral techniques used by augurs, it is possible to have a clearer insight into what our future has in store for us!


How does augury work?

Augury is an ancestral practice based on the principle that each natural element contains a divine message. To discover these messages, one must be able to establish a connection with the spiritual world.

This often requires great sensitivity to surrounding energies and in-depth knowledge of the symbols and meanings associated with each medium used (birds, entrails, etc.).

By closely observing the signs that appear during an auspicious session, the practitioner then attempts to interpret them in order to draw omens concerning a particular event or more generally health, romantic relationships or even professional success.

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How does an augur session take place?

An auspicious session begins with preparing the sacred space where the practice will take place. The practitioner can then invoke divine forces and establish a connection with them through specific rituals.

Then he carefully observes different signs which manifest themselves in various forms, such as the flight of birds or the movement of fire. Once this observation has been made, the practitioner interprets these signs taking into account his own experience and the traditional symbols associated with the elements observed.

Thanks to his intuitive skills, he then refines his analysis in order to obtain the most accurate prediction possible. Success therefore depends greatly on one's ability to correctly perceive the messages sent by the divine forces and to draw from them a true meaning for each particular situation encountered during the augury session.

Advice_and_precautions_to_take_with respect to_the_augur

Advice and precautions to take regarding augury

If you wish to consult an augur or practice esotericism yourself, here are some important tips:

  • Choose a recognized professional: To obtain reliable predictions, be sure to choose your augur carefully and make sure they have a solid reputation.
  • Be aware of the cultural context: Augury is linked to ancestral beliefs specific to certain ancient cultures. Respect their heritage while adapting your expectations to the modern world.
  • Keep your critical thinking: Although fascinating, symbolic interpretation remains subjective. Do not take the information as absolute but rather as possible avenues towards your future.
  • Stay open to divine signs: Divine messages can take different aspects and varied forms, whether obvious or more subtle.

By respecting this approach and maintaining a healthy attitude towards divination by augury, you will be able to benefit from the lessons offered by this ancestral practice in your daily life.

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