Clairvoyance & Divination: discovery of Cartomancy

Cartomancy is an ancient practice that dates back centuries. It allows you to use tarot symbols to obtain answers about the past, present and future

Card divination is thus based on the symbolic interpretation of the human figures represented by the cards of the tarot deck.

Contents :

1. Definition of cartomancy

2. Etymology of the word cartomancy

3. Principles of cartomancy

4. What are the tools of cartomancy?

5. How does cartomancy work?

6. How does a cartomancy session take place?

7. Advice and precautions to take regarding cartomancy


Definition of cartomancy

Cartomancy is a divinatory practice that involves predicting the future or giving advice using cards. It is part of the esoteric arts and is based on the symbolic interpretation of the different elements contained in a specific deck of cards.

This form of divination helps us better understand certain aspects of our lives, such as work, health, finances or even love. Reading the tarot cards allows you to bring more clarity to the questions asked and thus find the desired answers.

Guessing your future through cartomancy can be very beneficial in becoming aware of the path we still have to take in order to achieve our personal and professional goals. The interpretations made by an expert then allow you to have a broader vision of your current situation and what lies ahead.


Etymology of the word cartomancy

Cartomancy is a form of divination that uses cards to access hidden or future knowledge. The term "cartomancy" comes from the association of the words "card" and "mancy", an ancient Greek word meaning "divination".

This ancestral practice is based on the symbolism represented by the images appearing on each card. Symbols are interpreted by the reader in order to access a deeper understanding and a broader meaning of things.

Readings can be carried out according to different types of drawings: the cross drawing, the great arcana, etc., all aiming to help consultants obtain answers to their questions and find a solution adapted to each personal or professional problem..

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Principles of cartomancy

The practice of cartomancy is based on several fundamental principles. First of all, it considers that each card has its own symbolic meaning associated with different areas such as love, work and personal choices.

Additionally, it is believed that a cross draw made from randomly shuffled cards can provide precise information about our current situation and our future possibilities. Reading tarot cards can help people realize their intuitive and spiritual potential in order to navigate their lives with a better understanding of the past and a plan for the future.

When we read the tarot cards, we explore not only our current goals but also our deep aspirations which guide us towards a higher goal or a personal mission. By using the divinatory magic contained in tarot symbols to explore your future, you can find creative solutions to the obstacles sometimes encountered during your spiritual or marital journey.


What are the tools of cartomancy?

The games traditionally used in cartomancy are numerous. The Marseille tarot, the Belline oracle and the 32-card deck are among the most popular.

Each has its own specificities in terms of iconography and interpretation of symbols.

The choice of game will often depend on the personal preferences of the practitioner or consultant.

For example, tarot is recognized for its ability to provide a holistic view of the current situation and reveal future trends that influence a person's personal or professional life.

The Belline Oracle is known for its direct and intuitive approach which allows consultants to quickly access the information they need without resorting to the complex symbolism associated with classic Tarot.

Finally, the classic 32 Card game stands out for its simplicity as well as its ability to provide quick but effective reading thanks to the clear symbols it contains.


How does cartomancy work?

The practice of cartomancy is an ancient art form that requires a connection between the practitioner and the invisible energies that surround every human being. By shuffling the cards while focusing on a specific question, the psychic can channel these energies to obtain answers through the symbolic interpretation of the different readings.

The combinations formed by the draws are interpreted using the symbols they contain. Fortune tellers use this language to find answers to their questions and understand how to generate more personal and spiritual well-being.

Nowadays, there are a large number of different techniques for performing a reading with tarot cards or other divinatory tools. Each has its own layout, its own rituals and its unique way of interpreting the messages received by the reader while reading the chosen deck of cards.

Clairvoyance is essential when it comes to correctly using this ancient art to obtain relevant information about your current or future personal or professional life. A good reader will be able not only to correctly decipher each message that the cards send, but also to correctly interpret its deeper meaning so that you can become aware of the path you wish to take towards your ultimate destiny.

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How does a cartomancy session take place?

A typical clairvoyance session generally begins with a moment of discussion between the consultant and the clairvoyant. This allows the consultant to present their situation or ask questions of the expert.

Shuffling and then arranging the cards in a predefined pattern (such as the cross draw) comes next. The clairvoyant then examines each card carefully, as well as the interactions they may have with each other to provide a clear and relevant interpretation of the drawing to the consultants.

This analysis can take several different forms depending on the beliefs and training of the professional who performs the tarot reading or other divinatory supports used to obtain an answer to your personal questions.


Advice and precautions to take regarding cartomancy

The use of cartomancy can offer a fascinating perspective to explore hidden or future aspects of our lives. However, it is important to keep in mind that this type of symbolic interpretation should not be taken as an absolute truth and that it is recommended to turn to serious, competent and ethical practitioners.

Cartomancy can provide us with answers, guidance and a better understanding of the personal path that awaits us. However, we must always approach these predictions with caution and discernment in order to get the most out of them as a guide rather than an indisputable certainty.

We must therefore consider divination as a useful but not definitive tool to guide our choices because our future remains subject to external hazards as well as our own decisions.

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