Clairvoyance & Divination: discovery of Crystallomancy

Crystallomancy is an ancestral esoteric practice that allows you to use the powers of stones and crystals to read the past, present and future. Since the dawn of time, this method has been used to understand the invisible forces of our universe using different techniques.

Contents :

1. Definition of crystallomancy

2. Etymology of the word crystallomancy

3. Principles of crystallomancy

4. What are the tools of crystallomancy?

5. How does crystallomancy work?

6. How does a crystallomancy session take place?

7. Advice and precautions to take regarding crystallomancy


Definition of crystallomancy

Crystallomancy is a divinatory practice that involves using crystals to gain information about the past, present and future. This ancient method dates back thousands of years and has been adopted by different cultures around the world. Practitioners of crystallomancy believe that stones possess a unique energy that allows practitioners to access spiritual dimensions and receive intuitive messages.

The unique properties of the stones allow people who are versed in crystallomancy to connect to the cosmos, giving them a tremendous advantage in finding the answers they seek. The specific vibrational power of each type of stone can be used to understand certain important aspects such as love, money or professional career.

Many tools are available for those who wish to explore this ancestral art: tarots, magic candles or even aromatic fumigation are an integral part of the divinatory process linked to Cristallomancy.

According to some popular beliefs, there are also certain rituals associated with each particular type of stones in order to increase their mystical power.

However, it is important to note that despite its age and growing popularity, much remains unknown regarding this traditional form of divination.

In any case, we never know exactly how to correctly interpret the signals sent by each of the stones without in-depth knowledge of the subject in question.


Etymology of the word crystallomancy

The term "crystallomance" comes from the Greek "krystallos", which means "crystal", and the Latin "mancia", which translates to "divination". Crystallomancy is therefore a form of divination based on the use of crystals.

This esoteric practice considers crystals as a means of communication between the material world and that of spirits. People who practice it believe that the vibrations emitted by these stones can be used to gain more information about their surroundings or certain questions they have.

Crystallomancy is very old and is believed to have probably existed since ancient times, although its exact origins are difficult to determine. It has long been an integral part of many cultures around the world, including those of the Mayans, Aztecs and Incas in Central America; those of the Celtics in Western Europe, that of ancient Japan, etc.

It is also believed that some Chinese emperors may have used this form of divinatory art to make certain important decisions throughout history.

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Principles of crystallomancy

The fundamental principles of crystallomancy are based on the idea that each crystal has its own specific energetic vibration. These vibrations can interact with our higher consciousness and provide us with intuitive guidance tailored to our particular needs.

By choosing or being attracted to a certain type or color of crystal during a session, we can access this precise form of intuition. This can be done to find solutions to problems that arise, gain spiritual guidance, or even gain a better understanding of the future and repeating patterns in our lives.

Crystallomancy is based on the principle that each person has a unique vibrational field which will influence the stones they choose for their divinatory readings. Each color and type of crystal will therefore have different energetic properties that can be used to achieve various spiritually guided goals such as personal attunement, emotional and mental healing... and much more!


What are the tools of crystallomania?

Crystals are one of the main tools of crystallomancy. There are a wide variety of gemstones that can be used in this practice, each with its own energetic and symbolic properties.

Amethyst is an excellent choice for people seeking mental clarity and objectivity. Rose quartz brings love and emotional calm while citrine promotes abundance and prosperity.

Other stones such as lapis lazuli, red jasper or even turquoise can be useful depending on the specific needs of the crystallomancy consultant. These different types of gemstones all offer powerful spiritual benefits for those seeking to explore this ancestral divinatory form.


How does crystallomancy work?

Crystallomancy is an ancestral practice which allows a subtle link to be established between the consultant and the messages received through crystals. When you consult a crystallomancy specialist, you may ask specific questions or seek advice on a given situation.

The process involves intuitively selecting a suitable crystal or using a pre-selected set of stones arranged in a particular pattern. Crystallomancy experts can help their clients find solutions to solve their problems and achieve their goals with the information provided by this ancient tradition.

The benefits of crystallomancy are numerous: it offers comfort and support, helps to become aware of oneself, promotes introspection and brings more intimate and personal harmony to the consultant. Reading can also highlight what needs to be done to overcome certain obstacles encountered during your spiritual journey.

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How does a crystallomaniac session take place?

A typical crystal therapy session begins by establishing a calm and sacred environment. This allows the practitioner to fully concentrate on their connection with the crystals.

The consultant is invited to express their question or intention before the practitioner intuitively chooses or advises which crystal(s) to use during the session.

Then, the practitioner places the chosen stones in front of him according to a specific respective position in a divinatory scheme (for example: the Celtic cross, the magic circle or the seven-pointed star).

This ancestral technique allows people who use it to considerably increase their spiritual and physical benefits thanks to the energetic properties of different varieties of semi-precious stones.

Advice_and_precautions_to_take_with respect to_crystallomancy

Advice and precautions to take regarding crystallomancy

When practicing crystallomancy, it is important to approach this method with respect and caution. For a positive and beneficial experience, here are some tips to follow:

  • Choose crystals that resonate with your personal energy to maximize the effects of the session.
  • Purify your crystals regularly to purify the harmful energy accumulated over time by exposing them to sunlight or moonlight.
  • Meditate before each session to calm your mind and increase your intuition before using the stones effectively during a divinatory reading or other spiritual practices associated with crystals.
  • Pay attention to the subtle signs that crystals can transmit to you during a session as these can be very useful in discovering information on a physical, mental or spiritual level that would not be accessible through other more conventional means such as a classic tarot For example
  • Do not only use crystallomancy as the only way to make important decisions in your life because it should only be used to complement, in particular, the leads from your common sense.

By following these simple but important tips, you can take full advantage of the spiritual benefits offered by this ancient form of divination that is crystallomancy while remaining connected to wisdom.

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