Clairvoyance & Divination: discovery of Lithomancy

Lithomancy is an ancestral practice dating back more than 3000 years. It is based on the interpretation of the colors, shapes and textures of the pebbles to discover the divine messages contained in these stones.

Lithomancers use it to understand the deeper nature of things or gain clear insight into the past, present, and what the future holds.

Thus, they can provide us with enlightening perspectives on certain facets of our lives.

Contents :

1. Definition of lithomancy

2. Etymology of the word lithomancy

3. Principles of lithomancy

4. What are the tools of lithomancy?

5. How does lithomancy work?

6. How does a lithomancy session take place?

7. Advice and precautions to take regarding lithomancy


Definition of lithomancy

Lithomancy is an ancestral esoteric practice which consists of interpreting stones to predict the future or answer specific questions. It has been used for millennia by different cultures around the world.

This technique is based on the fact that each stone has its own energy and symbolic meaning, thus providing access to hidden information. Lithomancy relies on this concept to obtain revelations and understand the past, present and future of a person or event.

Lithomancy practitioners generally choose stones based on the nature of the question being asked and can then begin to interpret the signals sent by them to determine what information they contain. Lithomancy is not an exact science, but it can be very useful if used correctly with caution and discernment.

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Etymology of the word lithomancy

Lithomancy is a form of divination based on the use of stones. The term comes from Greek, with “lithos” meaning stone and “health” meaning divination.

Therefore, this practice involves interpreting the messages transmitted by the stones in order to obtain additional information and a better understanding of the world around us.

Stones play an essential role in the process of lithomancy.

Indeed, they offer interested people guidance on their existing questions or problems by providing clear and practical answers.


Principles of lithomancy

The original principles of lithomancy are linked to the energetic vibrations of stones. According to this practice, certain stones can provide spiritual and psychological answers to a question or wish.

By intuitively determining the right stones, the user can receive messages from the invisible world. These subtle insights offer a new perspective on the future and the possibilities available to him/her.

Lithomancy is therefore a powerful tool for exploring your future and finding the path to your personal destiny!


What are the tools of lithomancy?

Lithomancy is a divinatory practice that requires the use of specific tools. Semi-precious and precious stones are the most commonly used, as they are distinguished by their unique energetic properties.

A fabric bag to store the stones, as well as a divinatory tray or an interpretation book can be useful to facilitate the reading of the divinatory signs. These tools make it possible to successfully complete the consultation and obtain clear answers to the questions asked to the consultant.


How does lithomancy work?

Lithomancy is a practice that relies on the connection between each person and universal energy. According to this method, the stones can amplify this connection.

During a lithomancy session, the consultant manipulates different stones to feel their personal vibration and observe their spatial or symbolic arrangement. The practitioner then interprets these signs to provide answers to the client regarding their question.

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How does a lithomancy session take place?

A typical lithomancy session begins with a discussion between the practitioner and their client. They discuss to determine the question asked or the intention behind the consultation. Next, the practitioner chooses the appropriate stones to meet the needs of the consultant.

The last step is essential: throw these stones on a divinatory tray according to traditional methods specific to each divinatory system linked to lithomancy. There are different types of throwing trays and techniques that can be used by the practitioner to interpret the results obtained after throwing the stones.

Advice_and_precautions_to_take_with respect to_lithomancy

Advice and precautions regarding lithomancy

Lithomancy is a practice that requires a certain degree of intuition and sensitivity. It is important that people interested in this form of divination take the time to familiarize themselves with the energetic properties of the stones, as well as various methods of interpretation. Lithomancy should be used as a complementary tool to guide our thoughts and decisions rather than as an infallible source for predicting the future.

Lithomancy offers lovers of the esoteric world a unique way of accessing subtle information thanks to stones as a divinatory support. Whether seeking answers to specific questions or gaining general insight into their spiritual path, lithomancy can be fascinating if approached respectfully and with consideration of the symbolic power contained in each wisely chosen stone.

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