Clairvoyance & Divination: discovery of Ornithomancy

Ornithomancy is a practice of divination dating back to ancient times. The Greeks and Romans interpreted the flight of birds as a message from the spiritual world. In ornithomancy, we therefore observe the movements of birds to discover what they reveal about our future.

This powerful technique is used by practitioners specializing in esotericism, spirituality and energies to guide us in the right direction.

Contents :

1. Definition of ornithomancy

2. Etymology of the word ornithomancy

3. Principles of ornithomancy

4. What are the tools of ornithomancy?

5. How does ornithomancy work?

6. How does an ornithomancy session take place?

7. Advice and precautions to take regarding ornithomancy


Definition of Ornithomancy

Ornithomancy is an ancestral divinatory practice which consists of interpreting the flight and behavior of birds. It allows us to predict the future, thanks to the signs that nature offers us.

This method has its origins in ancient civilizations, notably the Greeks, Romans and Egyptians. These people attached great importance to the messages transmitted by nature to determine what would happen in the future.

Even today, ornithomancy remains a reliable tool for divining the future and making important decisions. Attentive observers know how to carefully observe each bird that crosses their horizon in order to take advantage of its invaluable divinatory potential.

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Etymology of the word ornithomancy

Ornithomancy is a divinatory practice that comes from ancient Greek. “Onis” meaning bird and “health” meaning divination. In short, ornithomancy is the practice of divination by birds.

People adept at this art form can interpret the behavior of birds to gain information about the future and answer various questions. They believe that each specific action of a bird has a particular meaning that they can decipher to find answers to the questions asked.

This art was very popular among the ancient Greeks and Romans, but also among some Celts, in China and Japan, among other ancient cultures around the world, using the careful observation of birds to guide their daily choices regarding politics interior as well as exterior, even personal!


Principles of ornithomancy

Esoteric beliefs state that each species of bird carries a unique message. Ornithomancy specialists examine birds, their songs and their behavior to translate these messages. They carefully observe how birds fly and how they interact with the environment.

This technique is based on the symbolism associated with each bird species and what they attempt to communicate to humans through subtle signs. Psychics are able to decipher these messages in order to derive deeper meanings that can steer our lives in a more positive direction.


What are the tools of ornithomancy?

Ornithomancies use different tools to observe birds. Binoculars, notebooks and notepads allow them to take notes on their impressions.

Additionally, the Internet is a great way to quickly find the symbolic meaning of different bird species.

During an ornithomancy session, the special binoculars provide a powerful zoom on a particular group of birds. Notebooks and notepads are ideal for writing down everything that was observed during the session. Thanks to the Internet, it is possible to discover in a few clicks the symbolic meanings behind each species encountered.

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with these clairvoyance and divination tools


How does ornithomancy work?

Ornithomancy is a form of divination that focuses on the interconnection between humans and nature. Birds are seen as spiritual messengers, offering information about what lies ahead or answers to our questions.

By observing their actions, we can learn a lot about our future. This ancient practice can be helpful in finding meaning in current events and gaining more inspiration for the future.

Ornithomancy is a powerful method for gathering invaluable knowledge from messages sent by birds across the sky.

How does an ornithomancy session take place?

How does an ornithomancy session take place?

An ornithomancy session begins with mental preparation. The clairvoyant specializing in ornithomancy must find a quiet place and observe the birds carefully. He perceives their subtle messages, then interprets these signs to answer the consultant's questions.

The first step is the mental preparation of the specialist so that he enters a meditative state. Then, he looks for a place without distractions or excessive noise to be able to properly observe the birds and perceive their subtle messages. Once this phase is completed, the interpretation of the signs is put in place to provide answers to the consultant who asks his questions.


Advice and precautions to take regarding ornithomancy

If you want to try ornithomancy, here are some important tips:

  • Be patient. Communicating with birds takes time.
  • Stay focused and don't miss the crucial signs.
  • Respect nature and do not disturb the environment.
  • Trust your intuition to interpret the symbolic language of birds.

Ornithomancy offers a unique approach to obtaining answers to the questions that concern us through the spirituality of nature. You can access the future and valuable advice by carefully observing the behavior of birds, so don't hesitate to try this experiment!

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