Clairvoyance & Divination: discovery of Pyromancy

Pyromancy is a very ancient form of divination. It allows us to interpret flames and their symbolism to explore knowledge of spiritual forces, predict the future or understand the invisible world.

Through her esoteric practice, she offers access to a deeper level of understanding of the non-tangible that surrounds each of us.

Contents :

1. Definition of pyromancy

2. Etymology of the word pyromancy

3. Principles of pyromancy

4. What are the tools of pyromancy?

5. How does pyromancy work?

6. How does a pyromancy session take place?

7. Advice and precautions to take regarding pyromancy


Definition of pyromancy

Pyromania is an esoteric practice which consists of reading divinatory messages in fire. This ancestral method dates back to Antiquity and has been used by many cultures, notably in Greece, China and the Celts. These practitioners believe that fire has great mystical power and can reveal information about the future or provide answers to questions asked.

Adherents of pyromania believe that by observing the flames they are able to gain additional spiritual knowledge. They use fire to interpret various future events or to seek answers to certain existential questions. The ancients believed that fire held a supernatural power capable of providing access to the invisible world and higher cosmic forces.

Pyromania is still widely used today as an alternative form of divination to gain more information about what is going to happen quickly, or much further into the future. It is important, however, to understand that this technique should not be taken too seriously, as it can lead to making erroneous decisions based on the reading made by the flames of the sacrificed hearth.


Etymology of the word pyromancy

Pyromania is an ancient practice of using flames to access the spiritual world. This divination by fire comes from ancient Greek, where "pure" means "fire", and "health" means "divination".

Pyromaniacs observe the shapes and colors of flames in order to decipher the future. For example, some see hidden messages in interpreting the patterns created by smoke or carefully looking at the changing colors of fire.

Other practitioners can also probe a certain location using the flames: they focus on a specific location and scan its aura to gather hidden information. Pyromania is also used to summon various spirits or magical entities in order to communicate with them directly via sacred fire.

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Principles of pyromancy

The original principles of pyromania are simple: each natural element, including fire, has its own energy which can create a link between our world and that of spirits or higher forces.

By carefully observing the shapes produced by the flames when we burn certain materials (wood, paper or herbs), it is possible to interpret these patterns to find answers to our questions.

Pyromania and interpretation of fire signals therefore make it possible to receive spiritual guidance by connecting to the invisible universe. Fire-related practices are ancient, dating back to biblical times. They have survived the centuries to the present day to offer an invaluable source of divine wisdom to modern researchers.


What are the tools of pyromancy?

The tools used in pyromania vary depending on the practitioner. Certain elements are regularly used for consultations by fire.

Candles, censer or incense burner, paper and wood: these accessories are used to create different shapes in the flames. The candles provide the light source and the censer allows aromatic herbs to be burned to influence the energies during the consultation.

Paper or wood are placed in the flames to form meaningful structures that allow the diviner to find a symbolic interpretation of the visions obtained during the fire reading.


How does pyromancy work?

Pyromania is a spiritual practice that relies on a connection between the consultant and fire. A calm atmosphere promotes this connection. During the session, questions can be asked mentally or verbally while carefully observing the flames.

To optimize the pyromania experience, it is important to establish a calm and serene climate. This allows the practitioner to better immerse themselves in the ambiance and establish a connection with the fire more effectively. The consultant can ask questions out loud or internally while observing the flames rising from the fireproof hearth.

This process requires concentration and patience to fully benefit from the benefits provided by pyromania, it offers consultants unique access to deep spiritual information through careful observation of the changing behavior of flames generated by this powerful primitive element: fire!

How does a pyromancy session take place?

How does a pyromancy session take place?

A clairvoyance session usually begins by purifying the sacred space and lighting candles. The practitioner then explicitly formulates their question or intention and places various combustible objects in a fire-resistant container before burning there.

By carefully observing the color, smoke and shape of burning materials, the clairvoyant can interpret the messages transmitted to him by the universe. Each practitioner has their own method of interpretation using their intuition to give customizable answers.

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Advice and precautions to take regarding pyromancy

Pyromania is an esoteric practice that requires caution and respect for the rules. Here are some tips to get started:

  • Educate yourself: It is important to study pyromania in order to understand the fundamental principles.
  • Safety: ensure that the environment is suitable and safe before handling the fire.
  • Open-minded: remain open to the information received during your session without becoming excessively attached to it.
  • Ethics: do not seek to influence others with your interpretations, but respect the ethical limits in force.
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