Clairvoyance & Divination: Discovery of Rhabdomancy

Rhabdomancy is an ancient spiritual practice that provides access to hidden information. It was used by many peoples, including those of Mesopotamia, Egypt and the ancient Near East. Rhabdomancy is a powerful tool that offers people additional information beyond the traditional physical senses.

This method consists of locating subtle energies using special wands. This tool allows people to have a deeper and more complete vision than physical or matte sight alone could give them.

Contents :

1. Definition of rhabdomancy

2. Etymology of the word rhabdomancy

3. Principles of rhabdomancy

4. What are the tools of rhabdomancy?

5. How does rhabdomancy work?

6. How does a rhabdomancy session take place?

7. Advice and precautions to take regarding rhabdomancy


Definition of Rhabdomancy

Rhabdomancy is an ancestral divinatory practice. It uses tools to detect the energies and vibrations present around a person or a place. Through it, one can obtain information about the past, present and even the future.

This ancestral method offers the possibility of knowing what has happened in the past and what is currently happening in terms of spiritual or vibrational influences. We can also know what the future consequences will be if certain actions are not taken quickly.

Rhabdomancy therefore allows people to make informed decisions, based on this information obtained via this ancestral divinatory art.

Etymology of the word rhabdomancy

Rhabdomancy is a divinatory practice that has its origins in ancient Greek. Radon means wand, staff and health translates to divination. In other words, rhabdomancy consists of divining things using a wand or stick.

It is a widespread ancestral practice that has spanned the ages and adapted to various cultures over the centuries. It can be used to find hidden objects, read the future or even learn about a person's past.

Rhabdomancy techniques vary depending on culture and location: some include a pendulum to determine which direction to go, while others use marotic maps or runes to get more specific about what they are trying to do. know.

Finally, some have been known to employ specially made magic wands to provide additional information about what they seek to understand.

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Principles of Rhabdomancy

Rhabdomancy is a practice based on the idea that all objects emit vibrations. These waves are perceived by certain individuals endowed with sensitivity to subtle energies. To amplify their perceptions, these practitioners use pendulums or divining rods.

This ancestral technique finds its origins in the belief that each being and object is connected to an invisible energy field which can be read using various divinatory tools.

Rhabdomancy is therefore based on the fact that by increasing one's sensitivity, it is possible to perceive the surrounding vibrational forces to derive a message or useful information for oneself or for others.


What are the tools of Rhabdonomy?

Rhabdomancy is a practice of using instruments to detect energetic vibrations. Among these tools are pendulums, dowsing rods and divining rods.

Pendulums generally consist of a weight suspended from a chain or flexible wire. We find the crystal pendulum known for its vibrational purity and its amplifying properties as well as the metal pendulum often used for its energetic conductivity.

Dowsing rods are rods, usually made of wood or metal, which allow the detection of underground water sources, for example, by the changes they make when manipulated.

Finally, we also find divining sticks made from different materials (wood, crystal, etc.) used to channel the energetic environment circulating around us.


How does rhabdomancy work?

Rhabdomancy is based on the principle that each individual can perceive vibrational waves in their environment. To amplify this ability, a practitioner uses various divinatory tools to obtain hidden information.

The pendulums will swing and the dowsing rods will cross over the desired point (for example, a water source). These movements are interpreted as signals showing certain directions to follow to find specific information.

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How does a rhabdomancy session take place?

A rhabdomancy session always begins with a short moment of calm. The practitioner then holds the chosen tool (pendulum, wand, etc.) and lets it react to the surrounding energies. He can ask questions or follow the movements of the pendulum to find answers.

Rhabdomancy should not be considered an exact science, rather it is a practice based on intuition and individual sensitivity. Confidence in your practitioner is therefore essential to obtain excellent results.


Advice and precautions to take regarding rhabdomancy

When looking for a rhabdomancy practitioner, keep these tips in mind:

  • Choose an experienced professional. Good mastery of the tools and adequate interpretation are essential to the success of a session.
  • Approach the experience without preconceptions, keeping an open and curious mind to get the most out of it.
  • Do not make an important decision based on the information obtained during the consultation, take a step back before any excessive personal or financial commitment promised by the therapist consulted.
  • Respect your budgetary limits in order to optimize your investment in this type of unconventional and non-scientifically proven practice.

Rhabdomancy can offer a new perspective on your existence and your questions. However, it is essential that this discipline is approached with caution and discernment to avoid unnecessary disappointment.

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