Clairvoyance & Divination: discovery of Tasseomancy

Tasseomancy is an ancient practice that uses our drinks to divine and predict future situations.

This form of divination is also based on the analysis of the different elements contained in the bottom of the cup after drinking an infused herbal beverage such as those found in black or green tea.

When we read the signs and symbols obtained by this method, we can discover our future as well as spiritual advice helping us to make certain important decisions.

Contents :

1. Definition of tasseomancy

2. Etymology of the word tasseomancy

3. Principles of tasseomancy

4. What are the tools of tasseomancy?

5. How does tasseomancy work?

6. How does a tasseomancy session take place?

7. Advice and precautions to take with regard to tasseomancy


Definition of Tasseomancy

Tasseomancy is an ancestral divinatory practice which consists of reading the future by interpreting the patterns formed by coffee grounds, tea leaves or other hot drinks. This mystical technique has its roots in various cultures around the world.

The use of signs and symbols to interpret what the remains in the cup say dates back to ancient times. Once cast, this practice allows the diviner to determine what direction the seeker's future life will take.

Followers believe that each image creates a unique and specific message that can be understood by the experienced reader. Colors, shapes and textures form meaningful scenes that guide destiny to its next destination.

The process is not limited to a single culture, traces can be found all over the planet - Africa, Central Europe or Native Americans - each of which has its own style of interpretation for the visions revealed by this dark and magical staging.


Etymology of the word tasseomancy

Tasseomancy is a form of divination that derives from the French mos “cup”. It thus consists of studying the traces left at the bottom of a cup after drinking a hot drink.

This practice dates back to Antiquity and has long been used by diviners to find answers or predict the future. Reading patterns, colors, shapes and figures is done through intuitive interpretation.

Adepts of this art are called Dissonants, because they specialize in this particular type of divinatory consultation: their expertise allows them to faithfully interpret what the signals they see on the surface of the magical liquid contained in the cup say.

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Principles of Tasseomancy

Tasseomancy is a practice based on interpreting the patterns formed by the residue in a cup. These symbols can give information about the future, provide spiritual guidance, or reveal hidden aspects of the present.

Interpreters of tasseomancy settle on a simple concept: each pattern has its own symbolic meaning. All visible lines and shapes are analyzed to decipher what destiny has in store for the consultant.

Each symbol included in the reading of the cup offers a specific message to decipher and integrate to fully understand one's future or even one's past. The reading is done taking into account not only the type of theme discussed, but also the relative position of the various elements observable in the bottom and around the edge of the cup.


What are the tools used in tasséomancy?

There are several tools commonly used in tasseomancy to practice this form of astrology. Charts and stars are two main ways astrologers predict the future.

The cards depict different astrological elements, such as a bright sun or a dark cloud. These symbols can indicate that happy or difficult events are on the horizon for the person concerned.

The movements and positions of the stars also help specialists anticipate the future. For example, if a planet is in conjunction with the sun during a session. Tasmania, impending happiness is surely about to arrive.


How does tasséomancy work?

Tasseomancy is an esoteric practice which is based on the interpretation of the patterns formed by the residues in a cup. During the session, the practitioner analyzes these symbols to determine their meaning.

The shapes and positions of the figures can be interpreted differently: a circle can mean harmony and perfection, while a triangle suggests stability and protection. Some more complex symbols like animals also have their specific meanings.

However, each case is unique, so each of these reasons must be carefully understood to obtain a relevant result that is truly adaptable to the consultant's situation.

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How does a tasseomancy session take place?

A typical tasseomancy session begins by preparing grounds or other residue in a small saucer. The consultant then drinks his hot drink while keeping certain thoughts in mind.

When the brew is finished, the practitioner analyzes the patterns and symbols formed by the remains. It interprets these signals to provide information about the future or answer specific questions from the consultant.

This traditional implementation of divination allows the consultant to receive relevant information that can transform their life and future destiny.

Advice_and_precautions_to_take_with respect to_tasseomancy

Advice and precautions to take regarding tasseomancy

Tasseomancy is a fascinating divinatory practice, but one that can be subject to different interpretations. To obtain accurate results, it is important to choose an experienced psychic and adopt an open attitude during the session.

The omens received should not be taken as absolute guidelines, everyone has free will to create their destiny. So use your common sense and intuition before any other crucial decision-making source.

These simple tips should help you get the most out of tasseomancy:

  • Choose a psychic specialist in this same form of divination
  • Be open to the information provided during this session.
  • Don't take the answers too seriously
  • Do not use the information received without personal discretion and intuitive common sense
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