Clairvoyance & Divination: discovery of Vitreomancy

Vitreomancy is an ancestral esoteric practice. It consists of reading the messages hidden in nature and their meaning based on signs, symbols or images reflected in a mirror or on a flat surface.

These messages can help us understand the mysteries of our existence and find answers to the questions we ask ourselves.

Spiritually speaking, it allows people who use it to connect with their intuitive guides to receive important information.

Contents :

1. Definition of vitreomancy

2. Etymology of the word vitreomancy

3. Principles of vitreomancy

4. What are the tools of vitreomancy?

5. How does vitreomancy work?

6. How does a vitreomancy session take place?

7. Advice and precautions to take regarding vitreomancy


Definition of vitreomancy

Vitreomancy is a divinatory practice that involves interpreting visions obtained by looking into a reflective object, usually a crystal ball or mirror. This form of clairvoyance dates back to ancient times and has been used by various cultures to divine the future and answer individuals' questions.

Vitreomancy has spread all over the world over time, including Europe, Asia and Africa. Followers believe that the crystal ball allows clairvoyants to access hidden information about the future or about certain people. They also believe that it can be used to communicate with the spirits around us.

Diviners often use the standard equipment provided by the practice: a black table covered with a dark red cloth on which the shimmering sphere rests, candles placed around it, and various aromatic herbs believed to purify the air and more easily invoke spiritual spirits.. Most also take care to concentrate before each reading in order to clarify their thoughts and achieve a mental state conducive to the divine visions which they will then receive via the sparkling magic sphere placed in front of them.


Etymology of the word vitreomancy

Vitreomancy is a form of divination that uses glass objects. The term comes from the Latin "virus", meaning glass, and the ancient Greek "manteía" for divination.

In other words, this practice involves obtaining information about the future through a glass object. It can be made with various types of materials, such as crystal or mirror. Interpretations depend on the type of object used and are often linked to the symbolism associated with the colors or patterns represented by the chosen object.

This ancestral practice dates back centuries and has been an integral part of many traditional cultures for a long time. In Central Europe, vitreomancy is considered a highly respected form of white magic. Thus, it does not provoke occult forces, but rather allows one to take a deep look at one's own personal or spiritual destiny.

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Principles of vitreomancy

Vitreomancy is an ancient practice that relies on the interpretation of images reflected in an object. Practitioners believe that this technique can reveal a person's past, present and even future by accessing the subtle plane of consciousness.

In this area, invisible energies linked to individual destiny play an important role. These strengths can be discovered through vitreomancy by qualified specialists.

Using this ancestral method offers a unique perspective to understand our lives and our choices, as well as to make more conscious decisions based on the future it reveals to us.


What are the tools of vitreomancy?

Vitreomancy is an ancestral practice that uses reflective tools to amplify energies and receive messages. Among these objects, the crystal ball or sphere is most often favored.

The mirror is also part of the classic glazing arsenal, but other surfaces can be used instead: polished metal bowls, still water, etc.

Followers of this discipline are free to use the object that suits them best to achieve an optimal level of concentration and mental clarity.


How does vitreomancy work?

Vitreomancy is a divinatory practice based on the use of reflective objects. These objects can capture and concentrate surrounding energies. A practitioner places himself in a meditative state to perceive images, symbols or impressions which allow him to deduce their meaning.

By concentrating on this object, he is able to interpret the information received, and thus receive divinatory messages. Vitreomancy therefore works thanks to the ability of certain objects to absorb and transmit vibrations from the environment.

A practitioner must be attentive to the messages received through this technique in order to be able to correctly interpret their divine meaning. It is not a matter of observing what a mirror or reflective surface reflects, but rather of understanding what these images mean to obtain an effective and beneficial spiritual consultation for all those involved in reading the divinatory message provided by vitreomancy..

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How does a vitreomancy session take place?

How to prepare for a vitreomancy session?

Before starting, the practitioner must relax mentally and physically. He then takes his reflective tool (crystal ball, mirror) which he places in front of him.

Then he stares intently at this object, emptying his mind to welcome the intuitive visions that come naturally.

Advice_and_precautions_to_take_with respect to_vitreomancy

Advice and precautions to take regarding vitreomancy

When you decide to practice vitreomancy or consult a specialist for a divination session, there are several things to consider.

First, choose a calm and quiet place to be sure you won't be interrupted during your practice. Also make sure you are in a stable mental and emotional state before you begin.

Then, when visions appear, remember that it can sometimes require a certain amount of intuition in order to correctly interpret the messages received. Vitreomancy is a complex activity that requires time and training to fully master this divinatory technique. Let us be careful not to fall into excess or dependence on the predictions obtained through this deep and intuitive spiritual process.

If all of these guidelines are followed, then vitreomancy can offer subtle information often inaccessible through other traditional means of diversion, making your experience enriching and fascinating!

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