Connect to your Spiritual Ego to live happier

The ego is the sense of identity, the perception that we are someone, an illusion that can distance us from our true self and make us feel separated from our true essence, from God, from consciousness, from everything that exist.

The illusory sense of identity we call "ego" exists to help us understand that we are not just an animal, but something greater, that we have what the wise call "soul", than a spark. divine life inhabits us.

Understanding what the ego is, what it is used for and the right ways to live with it (to ultimately better combat it) is therefore absolutely essential.

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Representation of the ego of a woman looking at herself in the mirror.

What is the ego?

The ego is a mechanism of the mind that causes us to self-identify as a unique being. It is the consciousness that has become individualized and makes us believe that we are something separate from everything that exists.

The ego is actually born from the dual vision of reality, due to a consciousness that is not unified with the world. An oversized ego can be the cause of many problems, but we will see that the picture is not entirely black, and that the spiritual ego does have a use.

If it is high, we identify what is important to our soul and we are able to maintain a much higher connection with our feelings and needs. Through what he made us in his image, this connection can subsequently be used to discover God and create a new relationship with him.

The ego is also what separates us from ourselves, from what we really are. It is an "imaginary companion" who will try to control us, taking control of our lives, until we can no longer be differentiated from him.

Some people see the spiritual ego as an energetic entity that feeds itself at our expense.

If we give Him absolute control, we become His food, His energy. As Eckhart Tolle says, it is “the pain body, that is to say all the pain and suffering which come from our identification with the mind and the ego and which prevent us from living totally”.

Woman doing Zen yoga facing the sea and the sky.

Reconnect with our soul

When we realize that the ego is the cause of all our suffering, we will return to "real" life. The death of the ego will cause life to flourish within us and what we truly are will emerge.

We will then be aware that we are the soul and, when we identify with it, we will be pure consciousness. Then we will emerge from the double vision that separates us from God and we will be one with him.

In this space of unity of the soul, there is no longer duality and we can live within ourselves, we are pure consciousness. We can actually say that God lives in us.

There is no more “I”, there is only consciousness. There is no more ego, there is only Being.

Remember that the ego seeks in order not to find. The ego does not want to find any answer, any solution, any way to awaken consciousness, because that would mean its end.

Strive to have a clear vision. Understanding and awareness will generate liberation.

And how to achieve this? Meditation, research, prayer and also "grace", that is, God, the Source, the higher spiritual, whatever you prefer to call it, must grant you "grace". to have access to Him.

This is one of the greatest mysteries of spirituality, and it requires time and dedication.

Either way, if you've started, the important thing is to continue on this path.

If not, you can get started today.

To help you, we have put together some resources and tools on our site. Discover for example this set of meditation tools which will make your sessions more varied, or our library containing digital books and thoughtful training to help you in your quest.

In the same vein, here is a list of 9 tips for getting rid of your ego, and another of 8 pieces of information that will allow you to better understand this quite complicated concept.

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The spiritual ego fueled by positivity

Have you opened your chakras, read all the books on spiritual growth, done yoga, reiki and become a vegetarian? In short, have you explored avenues intended to develop your spirituality?

Do you feel enlightened or higher? Do you see a difference between you and your other friends who have not chosen to evolve?

If this is the case, know that your spiritual ego is simply more developed, and that this is the result of positive things that you have put in place but which make you feel superior to others.

When we think about it carefully, nothing changes from the considerations in the previous point: even if it is disguised as something good for you, your ego once again separates you from others by a subtle and treacherous mechanism.

It is very easy to succumb to it during one's spiritual journey. The ego is there to be recognized and transcended. Even if it can push us to positive action (at least initially), it necessarily distances us from truth and unity in the world.

Please note, we are not saying here that there is anything wrong with seeking happiness, practicing holistic disciplines, or seeking to develop one's consciousness. No, we are simply saying that we must be careful to leave our ego aside and above all ensure that our actions do not fuel it.

When an individual is full of himself (even if it is through spirituality), there is no room for God and his soul is often crushed by the mind... even if this mind is filled with positivity and kindness.

The masters, the saints and all the great mystics of the different traditions of the world have all been able to overcome this stage. They never glorify themselves, but rather God or what they think is beyond them, the world, the universe.

Statue with a lantern which, through its light, represents the human soul.

What is the ego for?

The ego wants to survive and for us to identify completely with it. He therefore lives through us. The very fear of facing it fuels it and makes it stronger, depriving us of energy and preventing us from evolving in consciousness.

This description may seem bleak, but there are different "levels" to the spiritual ego. What we have just described undoubtedly corresponds to a theoretical extreme rather than a reality… but you get the idea!

The most common mistake regarding the ego is to fight it head-on, when we should rather understand it and associate it with our consciousness.

If we fight against the ego, we only feed it, thus creating an unnecessary internal conflict, we should instead learn to transcend it, trying to get out of the usual double game "good/bad".

In the words of Osho, " The true can only be known through the false, so it is necessary. One must go through that. "

The ego is in fact neither good nor bad, it only exists to allow us to understand who we really are. In a way, this serves our evolution.

So it is best to observe, accept and let it happen.

A single laugh is enough to destroy the ego, as the Zen tradition teaches!

If you want to intimidate the demon, laugh at him, and he will shy away, because he takes himself too seriously.

In other words, to dissolve, one must develop greater self-awareness. The light of consciousness dissolves the spiritual ego.

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