Let's Discover the Mysteries of Oneiromancy

Oneiromancy is a form of clairvoyance that uses dreams to gain information about the past, present and future.

Indeed, oneiromancers are capable of interpreting the hidden symbols contained in our dreams in order to guide us towards a better understanding of our personal or professional life.

In this article, I will share my knowledge of oneiromancy and explain how this art can be used to improve your quality of life.

Contents :

1. Short definition of oneiromancy

2. Etymology of the word “oniromancy”

3. How to practice oneiromancy?

4. Oneiromancy in Ancient Greece

5. Some tips for interpreting your dreams


Brief definition of oneiromancy

Oneiromancy is a form of divination that focuses on the interpretation of dreams. It can be used to learn about a person's past, present and future or to guide the choices they make in life.

This ancient technique has been used for centuries by various cultures around the world, including Africa, South America and Asia.

In oneiromancy, each element present in a dream is interpreted as having a deeper message hidden behind it.

In fact, symbols are generally linked to previous experiences or to the feelings that we feel consciously or unconsciously during our days.

By analyzing these symbols and their possible meanings, oneiromancy psychics can provide an accurate and personal interpretation of what your dreams mean.

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Etymology of the word “oneiromancy”

Oneiromancy is an esoteric practice dating back to Antiquity and which consists of interpreting dreams to derive meanings from them.

But in fact, where exactly does the word “oneiromancy” come from?

The term “oneiromancy” comes from the ancient Greek “oneiros” (dream) and “manteía” (divination). Together, they form a compound word meaning dream divination.

This brings us to a consideration which will be explored in one of the points which follows: the Greeks (and the Egyptians to a lesser extent) used oneiromancy, in particular to make important decisions such as war and politics.

x_How to practice oniromancy

How to practice oneiromancy?

Here are some useful tips if you want to learn how to practice oneiromancy.

First, it's important that you take time each day to write down what you remember about your dream. This will simultaneously improve your ability to retain dream images, and facilitate subsequent interpretation of the underlying message.

It is also recommended to keep a diary so that your notes will be more detailed and understandable later.

Next, try to recognize certain recurring patterns or symbols that appear frequently during your sleep; this can give clues as to the overall meaning of the message transmitted by the subconscious.

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Oneiromancy in Ancient Greece

Oneiromancy was a common practice in ancient Greece.

It was based on the idea that all events in life, including those that seemed random or unpredictable, could be explained by divine signs sent through dreams. Indeed, the Greeks believed that the gods communicated with them through the messages they received while sleeping.

The diviners specializing in oneiromancy used various means to discover the meaning of dreams. They often used symbols and images to find deeper meaning behind each night vision. There were also a multitude of books intended to guide Orchite interpretation, notably that composed by Arteriole in the 2nd century BC, “The Book of Songs” (Oneirokritikon).

To correctly understand their night visions, some Greeks appealed to the oracles of certain gods, who had a deep knowledge of symbolism and could provide a more complete and clear interpretation of the dreams.

Note here that the Romans are also known to have used oneiromancy to know their destiny thanks to what they called “dream oracles”.


Some tips for interpreting your dreams

Oneiromancy is the art of understanding and interpreting dreams. This ancestral practice can be very useful for knowing yourself better, finding answers to your questions or even exploring the subconscious.

In short, here are some tips for learning to interpret your dreams:

  • Keep a dream journal: write down all your dreams, no matter how bizarre, so you can come back to them later and discover their hidden meaning.
  • Analyze your context: try to see if certain things in the dream correspond to elements which are part of your daily life or which may have influenced your sleep the day before (readings, films, etc.).
  • Look for symbols: each object or person encountered during the dream can have a particular meaning that you will need to identify in relation to your own experiences and sensations felt during the dream.
  • Use the tarot cards: certain divinatory games like the tarot cards potentially help to understand what a message transmitted by the spirits in a given dream meant.

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