Does the Number 13 Bring Good or Bad Luck?

The number 13 has been known for centuries to be a true bird of misfortune.

If the number 7 brings luck or if 666 is linked to the devil, 13 is said to bring bad luck, defeat and misfortune.

Several buildings do not have a 13th floor. And many hotels avoid having a room number 13.

On Friday the 13th, some people play the lottery while others stay confined to their homes for fear that bad luck will come knocking at their door (which, put like that, is quite paradoxical!).

But actually, why is the number 13 unlucky? What does it mean ? And his story?

We will answer these questions together in this article.

Contents :

Why is the number 13 unlucky? (historical anecdotes)

Number 13, magic and numerology

The number 13 in the Bible

The number 13 in the tarot

Street number with the number 13.

Why is the number 13 unlucky? (historical anecdotes)

The number 13 is synonymous with bad luck. It is a fact. But why then?

Answering this question is not an easy task as the tradition is so old. However, there are several clues that mythology, history and legends bring us:

  • Friday the 13th of the year 1307 was the date on which the order of the Templars was destroyed, and when most of its members were condemned to death. Their disastrous memory would therefore be linked to the number 13.
  • When he was murdered by his brother Seth, the body of the Egyptian god Osiris was divided into 13 parts. This would explain the ideas of mysticism, death and bad luck carried by this number.
  • In Kabbalah (a Jewish esoteric society), the number 13 is that of evil, Satan and desolation.
  • Viking tradition tells us that Loki (the lying god) was seated in 13th place at a banquet organized in honor of the hero Baldr.
  • During the Salem witch trials, thirteen (13, yes thirteen!) women were condemned to burn at the stake. Their ghost would curse anyone who saw their destiny linked to the number 13.
  • A superstition tells us of this number as a fetish used to cast bad omen spells.
  • Coming across a black cat brings bad luck? Doing it on Friday the 13th while passing under a ladder is downright an omen of death!
  • Giving an amulet with the number 13 hidden on it could bring bad luck, even to the luckiest of your enemies.
  • And many others ! There is no shortage of legends surrounding this folkloric figure.

Jewelry and lucky charms linked to witchcraft.

Occult powers?

The esoteric secrets of witchcraft


Number 13, magic and numerology

If for believers and historians the number 13 brings bad luck, there is a category of people for whom it brings luck: magicians.

Witches, astrologers, numerologists and other esotericists: all see it as a powerful tool for their spiritual work.

Everyone will also like to poke their noses into this collection of tools and accessories dedicated to witchcraft.

In short, once is not customary, here is a list of some messages that the number 13 carries :

  • From an energetic point of view, this number carries divine feminine energy. It increases femininity tenfold and knows how to show a strong link with the Moon.
  • More particularly, the number 13 would be linked to menstrual cycles, through lunar cycles.
  • Asian numerology sees 13 as a karmic number capable of bringing prosperity and luck to those who choose it.
  • In number astrology, Friday the 13th is a lucky day.
  • 1 + 3 = 4. Like the numbers 1 and 4, 13 is particularly linked to the material aspect of things, more than spiritual. A link with prosperity can also be made here.
  • Some numerologists also say that the vibrations of 13 bring love. Be careful, however, not to fall into toxic… and unlucky relationships.
  • In angel numerology, the number 13 resonates as an invitation to work and effort.

Bible open to page of chapter 13 of the book of Revelation.

The number 13 in the Bible

In the Bible sometimes, the number 13 brings bad luck. Sometimes it also brings good luck.

Sometimes disastrous and sometimes happy, there are dozens of traces of this number, all having their own meaning. Here are a few :

  • In the Old Testament, Nimrod, a king who wanted to take the place of the Lord, was of the 13th generation in the line of Ham, one of Noah's three sons.
  • The thirteenth chapter of Revelation is dedicated to the Antichrist and the Beast.
  • The children of Israel circled Jericho 13 times before shouting and tearing down the walls.
  • It took King Solomon 13 years to complete his palace.
  • For some believers, Friday the 13th (of the month of Nisan) is the day Christ died on the Cross.
  • Others claim that it was also a Friday the 13th, that Eve would have been tempted by the devil and would have bitten the forbidden fruit.
  • Judas is sometimes described as the thirteenth of Christ's apostles.
  • Many stories speak of a thirteenth tribe of Israel.

Various clairvoyance tools.

The number 13 in the tarot

Clairvoyance is a complex art. The various divinatory tools that we have brought together in this collection show this well.

Getting the right messages from random signs is difficult. Lucky for you, we're here to help.

It is interesting to note the strong meaning of the number 13 in tarot. It is indeed a sign of death.

The associated card, unequivocally, shows a skeleton harvesting heads and limbs, armed with a large scythe.

This lugubrious card constitutes one of the greatest mysteries of the tarot. She has no name, which can indicate great uncertainty.

In fact, it should rather be seen as a mark of rupture (as much in the drawing as in the life of the person for whom the cards are drawn), of inconstancy and the unspeakable.

Be careful, however: more than simply sinister, death here rather carries a message of change, of renewal.

It symbolizes getting rid of the old to make way for the new.

It is therefore wrong to say here that the number 13 brings bad luck, even if that is what the general notion of things might suggest.

On the contrary, the 13th speaks of transformation. He reminds you not to look back and of the importance of starting a new chapter in your life.

If during a tarot reading, the card comes out reversed, it shows that something has failed, and that we must move on to the next one (which, we hope, will go better).

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