Double Infinity: meaning of a Romantic and Spiritual symbol

Infinity is a mysterious concept to the human mind.

It is something immense, much bigger than us, bigger than the world... Something which continues to grow, which moves ever further away from our perception... Something in the face of which we are powerless, insignificant, and this from the king to the beggar.

The double infinity carries within itself all this, and much more.

With notions of interconnectedness, inner and outer worlds, feelings of love and passion, it is no coincidence that this mysterious symbol has long served as a good luck charm. Between magic, secrets and mystical sense, let's discover without further delay everything you need to know about the double infinity!

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Infinity: source of our symbol of lovers

And so ? What does the double infinity mean?

The double infinity symbol as a tattoo

Infinity traced in the sky by fireworks.

Infinity: source of our symbol of lovers

The word “infinity” finds its origins in the Latin “ infinitas ”, which itself comes from ancient Greek “ apeiros ” which translates as “endless”.

We could say that the symbol of infinity therefore comes from this culture. The reality could, however, be more complicated, and historians still debate its real origin today.

Here are the main theories on this subject:

  • It is clear that infinity is above all a mathematical symbol. Specialists have therefore reviewed tons of scientific papers from the past, and it seems that it was the mathematician John Wallis who, in 1655, used this strange “lying eight” for the first time.
  • Another theory between math and archaeology, the Roman numeral notation system represented 1000 as “M”. Some scribes, for ease, traced this number in a single loop similar to infinity. By extension, this symbol would have been used to express the idea of ​​a great multitude of things.
  • In Christian tradition, infinity is used to designate the four evangelists (Mark, Matthew, Luke and John). Even if it has been somewhat lost, Gnostics and other esotericists still attach particular value to the symbol of infinity.
  • Further east, it seems that the Taoist monks of China have used a fairly similar curve for millennia to express the idea of ​​the continuation of Yin-Yang, of meaning immanent in the Tao.

To better explore the subject of the origin of the infinity sign, here is a resource from and another from

The double infinity is widely recognized by sacred geometry

Discover the secrets of the world

Sacred geometry has pierced many

And so ? What does the double infinity mean?

The double infinity therefore carries all the ideas that we have just cited… but much more!

If jewelry loves this double symbol so much, it is for good reason: none expresses so well the union of two beings, the meeting of two destinies which cross on the paths of life.

By intertwining two infinities together, something greater than infinity (which, by definition, is the biggest thing possible) is created... This shows the importance of the symbol.

Because clear ideas are better than long speeches, here is a second list, which this time will teach you more about the meaning of the double infinity:

  • The past is infinite in a sense. The future is in the other. The double infinity represents their meeting and therefore the present, but also the passing of time.
  • In the world, there is the infinitely large and the infinitely small. For some, it is these two facets that are represented in the double infinity. These two facets which are put on an equal footing... This leaves one to think.
  • Two souls, two destinies, but which form one: that is what a couple is. And this is what our symbol so dear to lovers expresses.
  • Sometimes too, particularly close friends find themselves in this idea of ​​almost sacred interconnection.
  • The infinite double is made up of two distinct but complementary elements, similar and in every way but each existing. This symbol is therefore also used to represent dualities (masculine-feminine, day-night, yin-yang, etc.).
  • Other additional ideas should be noted: balance, greatness, equilibrium, the destruction of our personal limits.

Infinity tattoo on the wrist of a free and loving woman.

The double infinity symbol as a tattoo

Necklace, bracelet, ring or earrings: the double infinity, we know it well as jewelry.

What few people know is that it is also a very popular motif for creating tattoos.

First of all, it's quite easy to do. Unless your tattoo artist is really bad, they can't miss a double infinity. And even if this were the case, it is quite easy to “fix” such a tattoo.

You must now suspect: this is not where the real interest of the double infinity lies.

We discovered together several meanings to bring to it. This actually carries one more idea: with this symbol, you are the one who decides the message.

Everyone is different and here you have the chance to express your individuality. Between timelessness, connection to others or to the sacred, spirituality and eternity, these are all beautiful and great ideas that you can have in your skin.

If you are not a fan of tattoos, such a double infinity bracelet could also do the trick, and help you get closer to him.

In particular, giving one to someone we love will be full of meaning. The double infinity is the symbol of a serious commitment, the representation of two beings united and who devote their lives to building something together, the image of two life paths which are linked to form only one..

There is no doubt: the double infinity is indeed one of the most beautiful things we can possess or offer!

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Double infinity bracelet

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