Establish a Karmic Relationship and Find your Other

Many talk about it, but most of them don't even know what a karmic relationship actually is.

Thunderbolt ? Reminiscence of our past lives? Simple attraction?

The question is decidedly complex and full of spirituality.

Today I would like to bring you a little light in the darkness, show you what a karmic relationship is and how to build it.

To this end, I will first explain the term karma and what exactly lies behind it. Then we will get into the actual analysis of what karmic relationships are.

Do you like the program? So let's go !

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Ancient Indian scroll with a scene about karma.

Definition of karma…

The term karma must be understood as a spiritual concept which assumes that each physical act (as well as mental for that matter) has a corresponding consequence.

It is assumed that these consequences not only occur in the present life, but can also take place in a future life. Likewise, we can absolutely suffer the consequences of actions taken in our previous lives.

Karma is therefore linked to the concept of reincarnation and, through it, to Indian religions (Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism in particular). “Karma” is also a Sanskrit word, the translation of which gives “action”. Already there we can get an idea of ​​what lies behind it.

In fact, to fully understand what we are going to talk about here, it may be good to understand Indian thought better. To do this, why not take a look at our collection of lucky charms and magical symbols from India ! You will undoubtedly find something there to arouse your curiosity…

Another thing to understand about karma is that everything happens according to known and fixed laws. It's quite easy to understand our future based on our past (as long as you can understand your past life)!

Today, too many people will confuse karma with things like luck, destiny, or chance. These are serious errors: karma involves nothing random nor anything absolutely fixed or determined.

We all have free will which allows us to influence the course of our existence and, even if the law of karma is a reality, we can impact our future lives. There are karmic debts that we receive from several incarnations in the past, but we have the power to clear them.

If we were to draw a parallel with modern thought, the best phrase to describe karmic philosophy undoubtedly comes from the physicist Isaac Newton: “For every action, there is an equal but opposite reaction which balances the sum of forces. »

Two friends who talk on the hood of a car and experience a very intense karmic relationship.

…and karmic relationships

In particular, all our actions will influence the relationships we establish. These relationships, influenced by karma therefore, are simply called karmic relationships.

Some people like to see relationships as predetermined things. This may be true, but if we refer to Indian tradition, our karma will inevitably direct them one way or the other.

Because it results from our karma debt, a karmic relationship is necessarily balanced. Never will more be taken from us than we have to give, and vice versa.

Our karma will thus lead to the creation of new relationships, but can also modify some that we are already experiencing... or even destroy them altogether.

In this sense, improving your karma is absolutely necessary for establishing healthy relationships. To help you do this, you can do charity, help your neighbor or even simply meditate. We have also created a collection containing various tools that should help you with this.

In short, when we understand this, we understand that we do not have to be sad about a breakup or happy about a meeting: these karmic relationships are ultimately only elements among many others aimed at the balance of life. 'universe.

This idea also frees us from the weight of many responsibilities…

We don't have to blame ourselves for leaving someone. If we feel like the time for a breakup has arrived, it’s simply that that time has arrived.

This idea of ​​karmic relationship also distances us from the trivialities of worldly life. Our past lives mark our relationships over several millennia and bad karma can take a deleterious physical incarnation.

What's the point of excessively socializing if our connections are dictated by our karma? We better do better in this case.

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How to establish a karmic relationship?

You will have understood : establishing a karmic relationship will above all be the result of our karma of the moment.

There are, however, a few ways to force destiny... or rather, to put ourselves in circumstances such that our positive karma will express itself in the form of a relationship instead of something else.

The basis is to create good karma. The next step is to remain open to the signs that the world sends you. Knowing how to listen is indeed an essential quality if you do not want to miss the karmic relationship in your life.

Who has never had regrets and thought about this or that relationship that life threw our way, but which we chose to ignore? Who has never missed out on a spiritual mission towards their soul mate?

If you don't want this to happen anymore, develop your skills of correct perception. There are many methods to do this, such as meditation or prayer. This is not the topic of the day, but I am sure that you will find something to grind by searching our site.

Another essential thing to establish a karmic relationship is to no longer have attachments to relationships from the past. Often, when life feels that we are not healed from our emotional history, it will avoid (for our own good) putting a new relationship in our path.

To learn more about this facet of karmic love, here is an article from which, for once, describes what we are talking about!

Final consideration: If you are looking for love, be aware that while karmic relationships can be of this type, there are many others as well. A solid friendship, a more relaxed close relative or a pleasant work boss can all be karmic relationships!

Couple in love holding hands and rejoicing in their karmic relationship.

Characteristics of karmic relationships

Most of the romantic relationships we experience during our lives are karmic. Obviously, given their intensity and the mark they leave on us, these relationships cannot be the result of chance.

With each couple we experience, the frequencies of patterns from other lives are awakened in us and without knowing why, we find ourselves attracted to a certain person, as if we were magnetized to them. This is a wonderful mark of the action of karma.

This energy actually links us to our karmic partner for the harmony and balance that he or she can bring into our lives...and that we can bring into theirs.

The incarnation of the ego allows the astral body to transform into the physical body. However, a karmic relationship will allow us to erase it (in part), freeing our subconscious, increasing our vibration rate and allowing us to experience unconditional love.

Truly, a karmic relationship is something very powerful that we should not ignore. Knowing your markers is therefore essential if we don’t want to miss out!

Here is the list of the main characteristics of a karmic relationship:

  • The attraction is very intense, which can sometimes even lead to obsession for the other person.
  • We tend to give up our interests for the benefit of those of others.
  • Our old demons (drugs, alcohol, violence, etc.) tend to fade away through contact with this person.
  • Mistakes made by one or the other are more easily forgiven.
  • Better levels of health (physical, mental or emotional) are often observed.
  • This relationship positively affects other facets of our life, such as our work or our passions.

The list could go on and on, and if you want to learn even more about karmic relationships, here is a fifteen-minute audio podcast that you should enjoy.

In any case, it is clear: such a karmic relationship is something resolutely positive.

Seeing one in our existence transforms us and helps us fulfill our life mission. It helps us rise and find balance.

This is also one of the goals of karmic relationships: to make us experience harmony and happiness such that we no longer want to bring too big changes to our daily lives. For some, these relationships would also be a way for the universe to make the beautiful and the good more lasting.

A man and a woman who meet again and kiss after being separated.

The purpose of reunions in karmic relationships

The last point we are going to address concerns karmic reunions.

If you don't follow the advice we've given you, you may miss out on a karmic relationship, or even end it prematurely. This creates guilt, a marked regression in our well-being and an astonishing repetition of misfortunes.

Sometimes too, your karma declines (for a whole bunch of reasons, that's not the point), which leads to the destruction of some of your relationships. Subsequently, he can go back up, reincarnate... which will just as inevitably lead to reconnections, to reunions.

Along the same lines, it is possible that the person with whom you had this relationship lowered their karma. In this case, even if you feel like the universe has taken something away from you, be sure it's for the better: few things hurt as much as unstable and toxic relationships.

Soul mates or twin flames are never meant to stay apart, the divine principle always connects our life path to the principle of duality. This principle heals, attenuates the excesses of the ego and allows the deep awakening of our intuition, our senses.

The first goal of a karmic relationship is to make you happy. Sometimes you still have to go through certain trials in life that will make you grow and make you stronger. This is another reason why relationships can be put on hold and ultimately lead to a reunion.

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