Everything about Merkaba (meaning, use and dangers)

The Merkaba is an ancient symbol, first appearing during the reign of the pharaohs in Egypt. It is also mentioned in the sacred books of Jewish belief. Through these two civilizations, he conveys very precise metaphysical theories. Each of its graphic structures therefore has an esoteric meaning directly linked to Judaism and ancient Egypt. This symbol is thus a very powerful figure of sacred geometry. Ancient peoples associated it with an important cosmic power. Its use then makes it possible to reach a three-dimensional world.

As it is a highly powerful symbol, the Merkaba can pose a danger to the person using or activating it. Are you interested in this figure and want to discuss its powers in complete safety? To fully benefit from its benefits, discover before starting the incantation: the meaning, use, activation and the danger that this symbol could present.

Contents :

General meaning of the Merkaba

The meaning of the Merkaba in Judaism

Merkaba, pharaohs and ancient Egypt

The place of the Merkaba in the contemporary world

Use of the Merkaba

Warning: the dangers of the Merkaba

Activation of the Merkaba (4 effective methods)

Mysterious face in the middle of a Merkaba, in a vortex of energy.

General meaning of the Merkaba

Depending on the origin of the interpretation, the Merkaba can have various esoteric meanings. To understand the meaning of this symbol, we must take into account 4 different points of view.

The Merkaba symbol firstly represents a double tetrahedron of 6 peaks indicating 6 different directions. In the middle, it has a central point which is considered a center of gravity. Its graphic design is reminiscent of the 3D image of the Star of David. It results from the superposition of two pyramids with contradictory positions, one pointing upwards while the other downwards. The first therefore reflects masculine power and the energies of the universe. Regarding the second, its position represents the feminine force and the energy of the earth. Therefore, this symbol is the perfect embodiment of the balance and interdependence of two opposing forces. In Chinese culture, this is identical to the principles of Yin and Yang.

Through the image of its two pyramids, the Merkaba is also considered to be the materialization of the three forces of the universe, including the physical, the spiritual and the energy. Moreover, its name comes from the association of the word “Mer” which means light, “Ka” which means spirit and “Bah” which translates body. It is from this perspective that this symbol is often associated with the Chakras.

To explore this subject of the symbolic meaning of certain particular geometric patterns, this collection dedicated to sacred geometry should arouse your curiosity.

Image of the prophet Ezekiel having a vision of God and the Merkaba.

The meaning of the Merkaba in Judaism

The Merkaba occupies an important place in Jewish culture since it appears in the sacred texts of the Book of Ezekiel. The latter includes the main fundamentals of Judaism. In this context, this symbol is mentioned in the Maassé Merkavah which is the first chapter of this sacred book. This is why some people also call it by the name merkavah.

Throughout these ancient writings, this symbol is considered synonymous with the word char or zodiac. It is a means of transport with 4 wheels and pulled by 4 cherubs. The Merkaba then symbolizes the chariot of God and his supremacy over simple mortals. It is considered a spiritual gateway that allows man to attain supreme consciousness or travel to the divine world. According to Jewish belief, human beings can access this dimension through the use of this symbol. You just need to apply some spiritual practice.

Here again, if Hebrew civilization and religion question you, you will undoubtedly find answers to your questions through this collection of symbols from Judaism.

Egyptian bas-relief, with ancient hieroglyphics and esoteric symbols.

Merkaba, pharaohs and ancient Egypt

In the civilization of ancient Egypt, the appearance of the Merkaba was traced thanks to the discoveries of experts during excavations. The latter have in fact revealed that this symbol appears among the hieroglyphs on certain engravings and inscriptions.

According to the interpretation of these experts, the word Merkaba results from the combination of 3 terms, including “mer-ka-ba”. In ancient Egypt, the first element signifies light which carries the fundamental energy of the Universe. The second element designates the spirit or the dual etheric divine power while the third indicates the physical or the body.

The interpretation of these different elements thus evokes the capacity of this symbol to convey the body and spirit through the divine world. The people of ancient Egypt therefore associated the Merkaba with the title of rotating light.

Never two without three: part of our site (here) has been dedicated to the mysterious Egyptian civilization.

Several pieces of jewelry bearing sacred geometry motifs.

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Sacred geometry has pierced many


The place of the Merkaba in the contemporary world

In the contemporary world, the Merkaba symbol has inherited the interpretation of Jewish belief. Modern authors indeed consider this figure of sacred geometry as a vehicle of ascension which transports the body and spirit throughout the Universe as well as into other higher dimensions.

Modern perception thus indicates that the energetic structure of this symbol consists of transient interlocking energy spirals. These can thus create vibrational fields capable of gradually raising the observer. There then exists a personal Merkaba field which is the representation of the organic personal merkabic circulation system. It is through this process that consciousness manifests itself in the space-time of matter.

The personal Merkaba field then divides into two structures including the microcosmic personal Merkaba field and the macrocosmic personal Merkaba field. The latter is larger since it represents the entire cosmos. In summary, the contemporary interpretation of this symbol describes it as a sphere of golden light.

Woman facing the void, preparing to activate a Merkaba.

Use of the Merkaba

The Merkaba is a very powerful symbol of sacred geometry.

The simplest way to use it is to equip yourself with this energy pendulum. Used in reiki or dowsing (a form of clairvoyance), it allows you to easily channel the powers of the Merkaba.

But concretely, how to do it?

To fully benefit from its benefits, it is advisable to master its use. Indeed, this figure has significant powers, but specific esoteric practices must be applied to evoke his strength.

Why use Merkaba?

The Merkaba contains a very powerful vibrational field. Its use thus brings its observer numerous benefits. Since its appearance until today, followers of this symbol have used it as a tool for healing and harmonizing inner balance.

To begin, activating the Merkaba helps stimulate the circulation of vital energy using the ancient Prana breathing technique. The latter consists of soliciting the pineal gland in the center of the brain. This practice, used for millennia, is carried out in sleep. It thus awakens our body's telepathic and extra-sensory perception capacities. Observing this symbol thus pushes the hoop to exploit its mental capacity as much as possible. According to experts, human beings currently only use 5 to 10% of their spiritual potential. The Merkaba therefore helps to unblock the higher self in order to reach a higher level of consciousness.

Thanks to its power, the Merkaba is also considered the ideal tool for mastering Kundalini, a category of yoga, but it is linked to spirituality. This practice considers yoga as a philosophy and not a simple well-being exercise. It is often applied in this context to the creation of a peaceful and harmonious reality. Its ultimate goal is indeed spiritual awakening. In this context, this symbol has a powerful link with the Metatron Cube. Indeed, the Merkaba is capable of transcending reality and opening up another, higher dimension.

Finally, the Merkaba symbol is, thanks to its graphic structure, the materialization of harmonization or the union of contradictory forces. Its followers generally use it to find inner peace. Its observation allows us to balance the masculine and feminine order of the mind. This helps to establish harmony, coherence between action, emotion and thought.

How to use Merkaba correctly?

The Merkaba is able to associate with different practices linked to sacred geometry since it has no limits. Its only blockage is the belief and the capacity of its observer. With the exception of healers, no human being can program and manipulate another person's Merkaba.

To fully exploit the powers of this symbol, the observer must learn the different activation techniques reserved for this purpose. Once he can master these methods perfectly, he is able to affirm, declare, ask, program and activate the Merkaba. He can thus easily access the reality he wishes to create or exploit his creative potential and then realize his desires.

To use Merkaba wisely, the ideal is to integrate it into a meditative practice. By respecting the different steps indicated in this framework, you will be able to evoke its energy and strength as a symbol of sacred geometry. This allows you to purify and elevate your being towards a more spiritual dimension.

To achieve this capacity, several meditative options are available to you. You can use the symbol during a meditation session which aims to activate its light energy. In this case, you can resort to the use of the metatron cube or ask the archangels in charge of the Merkaba.

Additionally, it is also possible to invite the energy of this symbol through observation of its sacred geometric structure. For this option, you must use it in the form of a drawing or a necklace. Finally, observation is also an effective practice for invoking the energy of this sacred symbol. You must carefully observe its double pyramids and imagine them unfolding around and inside you. This method creates a protective and beneficial vibrational field.

Painting of a scary demon.

Warning: the dangers of the Merkaba

The use of the Merkaba generally concerns the area of ​​spirituality. The different methods applied during the activation session of this symbol consist of connecting to the spiritual world.

The main objective of these practices is awakening. Without mastery or in-depth knowledge, the Merkaba could therefore present a real danger for the observer. Before you begin using this powerful symbol, you must be aware of the risks that could manifest after practice. It is also advisable to move forward step by step during the observation sessions and follow the various instructions to the letter.

The Merkaba allows you to create a reality and access another higher dimension. If the observer does not master the technique for this practice, it is possible that he will not be able to escape from the reality he has created. He could thus get lost in this dimension. In this context, the practice of the 18 breaths method remains the most dangerous. It is capable of quickly transporting the body and mind to the third dimension. After its realization, the observer could disappear completely from the physical dimension.

Merkaba meditation could cause incidents, scary things or accidents when the observer does not have the necessary basis for the practice. Remember that this symbol is a sort of transportation sphere to another dimension. Therefore, its use is not for everyone. According to historians, only designated initiates can perform Merkaba meditation.

Without good control on the part of the observer, carrying out this practice could also cause some physical ailments. It causes dizziness, migraines, diarrhea, pain in muscles or joints. It should be noted that the body could lose its density during observation.

A series of effective meditation tools

Activation of the Merkaba (4 effective methods)

As the Merkaba is able to combine with different esoteric techniques, there are several methods to activate its energy and strength. You will therefore be able to choose the practice that corresponds to your capacity and your needs.

Even if here again, the activation of our symbol can be done by the simple use of a pattern, certain techniques involve the use of a “physical” Merkaba. If you don't know where to find one, here is a Merkaba pendulum offered on our site.

Method #1: with meditation

To perform the meditation method to activate the Merkaba, you must adopt the usual position for meditating or lie down, closing your eyes and emptying your mind. You must then place the Merkaba so that it can wrap around your body. You can then activate it by rotating its pyramids. Make sure each tetrahedron rotates in a different direction.

You should know that this geometric symbol has two contradictory, but complementary poles. To create an energy field, its two points must therefore perform different tasks. The male pyramid must therefore turn from left to right and the female pyramid from right to left. During this sequence, imagine that the Merkaba creates a field of light around you. You need to do some inspiration work to boost concentration. You have to inhale and exhale in a circular manner.

Method #2: Using a Merkaba Prop

For the guided meditation method, you must sit with your legs crossed. You must then place the sculpture, pendant or medallion in front of you. You must then place your right hand on the palm of your left hand then inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth.

You must then raise your hands above your head, following the high point of the Merkaba, while continuing the work of inspiration. Lower your hands then try to connect to the earth by feeling its power.

Then, you must carefully observe the central point of the symbol so that its inner energy expands through your body and creates a shield. To end the session, raise your hands to forehead level then inhale and exhale to return to your heart chakra. Don't forget to thank the Merkaba before getting up for good.

Method #3: the 18 breaths

The method with the 18 breaths is a very effective practice for activating the energy of the Merkaba. It is divided into 4 series, the last of which only includes the 18th breath and remains the most powerful.

During the first series which includes breaths 1 to 6, it is therefore appropriate to adopt a common meditation posture. You must therefore sit down and then place both hands open upwards on your knees. The thumb should touch the index finger during the first breath, the middle finger for the 2nd breath, the ring finger during the 3rd breath, the little finger for the 4th breath then return to the index finger for the 5th breath and the major during the 6th breath. At each change in thumb position, you must inhale in Om6 on the tetrahedron and visualize its luminous mass.

For the second series which includes breaths 7 to 13, you must also change the position of the thumb on the other fingers, while inhaling on the Merkaba.

During the 3rd series, you must continue these movements, but speed up the pace.

Concerning the 4th series which is the 18th breath, it is necessary to use a particular technique to transmit the breath to the tetrahedron. Experienced initiates adopt the Higher Self method or “superconsciousness” as they call it. This allows you to accelerate the inspiration to the speed of light and then disappear from the real dimension.

Method #4: through energy programming

To program your Merkaba, the ideal is to adopt a comfortable position conducive to relaxation. You can then sit or lie down. Once you feel relaxed, you can close your eyes and let your mind know that you are ready to practice.

To begin the session, see in your mind the pyramids of the Merkaba. Imagine their strengths are all around you, with the masculine tetrahedron pointing upwards from your knees and the feminine tetrahedron pointing downwards from your shoulders to your feet.

You then need to activate the pyramids of the symbol so that each tetrahedron rotates towards a different direction. During this moment, imagine that a field of light radiates around your body and gradually expands. To end the session, thank the Merkaba then rest while repeating the works of inspiration.

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