Everything you need to know about Wicca (or modern witchcraft)

Magic is often associated with occult sciences. It is considered a practice of using supernatural powers to harm others. However, this is not always the case, because white magic or modern witchcraft does exist. Wicca is one of them, a beneficial and safe supernatural practice that has been used for ages. It even has multiple benefits and everyone can practice it.

What is it exactly? Here's everything you need to know about Wicca magic.

Contents :

What is Wicca?

The origin of Wicca

Festivities and celebrations among Wiccans

The great figures of Wicca

The deities of Wicca

What is Wicca for?

Examples of Wicca Usage

Tips for Mastering the Practice of Wicca

How to practice Wicca?

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Occult powers?

The esoteric secrets of witchcraft

What is Wicca?

The art of witchcraft has been practiced for years and has always fascinated people. This is also what pushed us to be interested in this type of practice and, ultimately, to have created this collection dedicated to occult and esoteric arts.

Today, the name "Wicca" is frequently used to describe all neopagan traditions practiced in the West. A real phenomenon on social networks, many young people are claiming it... without always understanding it is Wicca.

Many believe that the terms "Wicca" and "witchcraft" are interchangeable. The first actually designates a complete belief system, while the second defines a more global form of practice. To put it simply, Wicca includes an element of witchcraft but also includes other facets. Witchcraft can take the form of the Wiccan tradition, but also many others (such as shamanism, theurgy, alchemy, etc.).

A second question arises regarding the difference between Wicca and paganism. Here, the border is even more tenuous. Wicca is a nature-oriented form of religion with group rituals and based on traditional pre-Christian beliefs. In this sense, it is a form of paganism, it is undeniable. However, not all paganisms are linked (directly in any case) to Wicca! Druidry, Hellenic or Roman religions, the religion of the Berbers and so many other examples show us that it is possible to conjure a pagan faith without anything modern.

Anyway, there was a time when witches were considered bad people. Furthermore, 400 years ago, they were condemned to death or exile. Currently, witchcraft still exists, but it has a modern aspect. This is precisely the case with Wicca, an art of witchcraft associated with white magic and practiced in several countries.

Wizard's wand used by practitioners of Wicca

The origin of Wicca

Wicca is a term originating from two English words “Witch” and “Craft”, which mean “Witch” and “Art” respectively. Taking this into account, W icca is nothing other than an art of witchcraft.

But in reality, it is a religion that emerged during the middle of the 20th century. It is inspired by several ancient beliefs, including, among others, Greco-Roman, Celtic and Nordic mythologies; Druidism as well as shamanism. Its practitioners are called W iccans and at the beginning, they played the role of druid, healer or even wizard.

W icca gained popularity thanks to the British Gerald Gardner. The latter actually dedicated two books entitled “Witchcraft Today” (1954) and “The Meaning of Witchcraft” (1959) to talk about this art of witchcraft. Other works have also seen the light of day, the most famous of which is “the Book of Shadows” (for which here is the Wikipedia description ). It has been rewritten by many authors and it summarizes beliefs and rituals.

Many followers of W icca draw inspiration from these works which contain esoteric knowledge and ancient traditions. That said, beliefs and practices have evolved over time. Thus, each W iccan now has their own Book of Shadows.

Carnival in the north of France, with witches disguised in scary masks.

Festivities and celebrations among Wiccans

Like all religions, Wicca has a calendar including different holidays that W iccans celebrate. These are the sabbats or esbats associated with the equinoxes and solstices.

It is worth mentioning, among others:

  • Samhain (festival which will be described to you here) associated with the New Year for the Celts and the day of God's death. It is a somber event celebrated every October 31.
  • Yule, celebrated every December 21, is on the other hand a holiday dedicated to hope and rebirth. It marks the birth of the Horned God.
  • On February 1 and 2, W iccans celebrated Imbolc, the day of purification and prosperity. They put a candle in their window after sunset.
  • March 21 is the feast of Ostara or the Sabbath of Growth.
  • On May 1, W iccans celebrate Beltane.
  • June 21 marks the summer solstice, it is dedicated to the Litha Sabbath. It symbolizes the power of the Horned God.
  • Lugnasad, celebrated every August 1, coincides with the harvest period.
  • Finally, there is the Mabon Sabbath, celebrated on September 21, a day dedicated to meditation and reflection.

Bundles of sage, pieces of palo santo and myrrh

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thanks to the secrets of plants and alchemy

The great figures of Wicca

Like any movement, Wicca has its great figures.

Here is a list of four emblematic ones:

  • Margaret Murray : The history of Wicca is inseparable from that of feminism. This is particularly seen through the life of Margaret Murray. Egyptologist, folklorist and great esotericist, she wrote several works dealing with witches and pagan religions of the Middle Ages. Besides this, she actively engaged in the cause of the women of her time.
  • Gerald Gardner : Many consider him the founder of Wicca, and this is easily understood. A specialist in occultism from the beginning of the 20th century, he discovered a particular witchcraft tradition during a visit to a witches' circle in Highcliffe in England. He was inspired by it to create the doctrine that we know today.
  • Aleister Crowley : Famous magician of the past century, no neopagan tradition is untouched by his influence. The work of Aleister Crowley has influenced all the secret or esoteric societies of recent years, and therefore inevitably Wicca.
  • Doreen Valiente : Initially a journalist, Doreen Valiente interviewed Gerald Gardner in 1952. Following her discussion with the man, she was convinced and embraced Wicca. Doreen Valiente then became one of the greatest specialists in this esoteric tradition and, a few years later, one of its leaders.

Stone statuette of the Goddess “Mother Earth”

The deities and beliefs of Wicca

Most Wiccans practice magic. This is also the reason why you find this page on our site.

More than a simple system of witchcraft, Wicca is a true spirituality with its tutelary figures, its gods, its goddesses, etc.

The Great Goddess and the Horned God

First and foremost, W iccans believe in the mother goddess or the Great Goddess. This represents feminine energy, fertility, water, night and magic. It is also associated with the Moon and its four phases. The waxing Moon symbolizes the young girl, the full Moon represents the mother, the waning Moon is associated with the old woman and the Black Moon symbolizes death.

To learn more about the primordial goddess of Wicca, here is more information available on Wikipedia about her.

W iccans also believe in the Horned God or Father God. It must be emphasized that he has no connection with Lucifer or Satan even if he takes on horns. Rather, it represents the God Pan, a renowned deity in Greco-Roman mythology. He is the god of the harvest, the hunt, death and rebirth.

Other Wiccan deities

Wiccans revere nature, often personified by Mother Earth and Father Sky. As polytheists, they can use many different names for their deities.

It is also not uncommon for Wiccans to choose deities from other religions to worship. This spiritual practice being “free” and decentralized, everyone is ultimately free to practice a form of Wicca in their own personal way.

For example, Wiccans believe:
  • To the powers of nature
  • The law of threefold return which states that your actions, good or bad, will be returned to you three times
  • The energetic influences of the 4 elements (fire, water, earth and air) on the spirits
  • On the existence of polarity
  • To reincarnation.

In short, few religions will be as marked by regional folklore, tales and fantastic stories as Wicca.

The Wiccan Rede: a fundamental text

Most religions have a founding text grouping together major precepts to follow. Wiccans have the Rede, a barely one-page statement that offers key elements of the Wiccan moral system.

It is notably specified that it “does what we want” as long as we do not “harm anyone”. The Wiccan Rede is thus a text of freedom which invites emancipation while maintaining a necessary benevolence.

Karma, balance and justice

If there is one idea to remember from Wicca, it is that of the immanent justice of the world.

Most people are familiar with karma: everything we do will come back to us one day, in one form or another. Wicca takes the idea further and states that everything we do will be returned to us threefold.

If you release positive energy, that positivity will come back to you tripled. If, on the other hand, you create negativity, it will come back to you just as much. It is therefore a reminder of the responsibility that each Wiccan has : free beings capable of creating both good and bad must choose the first path.

Help someone in need and never, when you need help, will loneliness weigh you down. Look away from that unhappy person and, when misfortune knocks at your door, your loved ones will turn away from you. Anyway, you get the idea.

Altar of a Wiccan witch with ritual ingredients.

What is Wicca for?

Wicca is now one of the esoteric arts practiced by many people. Indeed, you don't need to be a sorcerer or a shaman to understand and master it. It is enough to refer to the various works intended for this ancestral art. But what is it exactly?

White magic or black magic?

As has been mentioned before, W icca was a religion. But, nowadays, it has also become an art of living. W iccans aim to develop three fundamental qualities. It is about wisdom, knowledge and open-mindedness. They use divine energies and the powers of nature to help others, nature or themselves. To do this, they use magical techniques or natural methods.

This is simply white magic practiced with the aim of doing good to yourself and those around you. There is no demonic incantation to perform. In reality, W iccans use different magical techniques and natural practices such as Reiki, lithotherapy or clairvoyance to achieve the desired objective.

On the other hand, black magic, which consists of using evil forces to cause negative results, is not recognized by Wicca. So, if you are planning to hex someone or harm others, you cannot rely on Wicca.

Communication with spirits and natural forces

In fact, W iccan magick has many elements in common with mediumship. Indeed, it is almost entirely based on communication with a spiritual world known as the “other world”.

The other world is populated by spirits (good and bad), the two Wiccan deities (Mother Earth and Father Sky) and many energetic principles that are less obvious to personify. In many ways, a Wiccan magick ritual will consist of a prayer to one or other of these entities.

Through its link with nature, Wicca also speaks of a sort of energy field present everywhere around us, a sort of great invisible veil which covers our world and forms the link between the soul of each thing. It therefore happens that a particular conjuration or other invocation involves working with this energy field.

Tools used to practice W icca

Followers of this esoteric art use different tools, including natural stones and herbs known for their energetic power and therapeutic virtues.

They also use symbols with remarkable benefits. We must first mention the pentagram or the pentacle, a sacred symbol representing the 5 elements, including earth, fire, air, water and spirit. Then there is the Sigil, a mark or sigil that symbolizes angels, spiritual beings invoked by W iccans.

We must add to the lot the Triple Goddess symbol, represented by the alignment of three Moons respectively waxing, full and waning. It symbolizes the Mother Goddess. All these tools allow followers of W icca to successfully perform the magical ritual and obtain the desired result.

Magic grimoire with occult inscriptions, in front of candles.

Examples of Wicca Usage

Wicca is a safe esoteric art since it is based on the use of white magic and various natural practices. It allows you to modify the course of events in order to obtain positive results. It also has multiple beneficial effects on physical, emotional and moral health.

The emotional and loving return

First of all, you should know that it is not a bad spell, cast with the aim of bewitching someone and forcing them to love you. This is “ white love magic ”, practiced for millennia for emotional return. It will be of great help to you if you want to recover a loved one. It could be your husband or a loved one who has moved away following a conflict.

Eliminate bad spells

Indeed, Wicca magic is also effective in eliminating spells and fighting the evil eye. All you need to do is perform a healing ritual to find a harmonious life and free yourself from bad luck. So, if you are a victim of black magic, you can ward off the spell and defeat the evil forces with this white magic.

Treat various ailments

Wicca is also an effective way to treat various ailments. W iccans often use the virtues of medicinal herbs. It is also possible to use the power of natural stones. They help chase away negative energies as well as open and harmonize the chakras. All of this promotes healing and improves well-being.

Improve professional or financial situation

As has been mentioned before, W iccans have also mastered the art of clairvoyance. Through W icca you can predict the future. At the same time, you can identify the path to follow to improve the situation or change the course of events so that the results are positive and to your advantage.

Wicca for protection

Wi cca is an ally to protect oneself from evil forces, the evil eye, the harmful effects of magnetic waves or even various disorders linked to stress and anxiety. All it takes is a few magic formulas, a preparation based on natural ingredients or the use of powerful symbols to lead a peaceful life. Of course, you can also use Wicca to purify your home or office and chase away negative waves that could invade it.

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Tips for Mastering the Practice of W icca

The Wicca ritual, regardless of the objective to be achieved, must be done according to the rules of the art. So, before getting started, it is better to read a lot of works which explain the foundations and the operating principle of this esoteric art. If necessary, also consider meeting other W iccans to exchange experiences.

It is also advisable to put the knowledge acquired into practice. So, the more you practice Wicca magic, the more you will improve your know-how. Finally, respect for the deities is important. We must not forget that W icca is above all a religion. During the ritual, you will pray to the deities for help.

More broadly, having certain tools or accessories with you will be of precious help, even decisive. Many practitioners of W icca choose to wear this triple Moon necklace that we offer on our site or this mano cornuto pendant.

If we present them to you here, it is on the one hand because our community is delighted with them, but above all because the symbols they carry are indeed linked to the arts of magic and occultism.

Tarot deck of all colors, on a medium table.

How to practice a Wiccan ritual?

For people who wish to learn the practice of Wiccan art, a good apprenticeship is essential. Furthermore, there are some conditions to meet. Here are some tips that will help you practice Wiccan magic successfully.

The essential qualities

To practice W icca, you must first believe in the powers of white magic and the ritual to be performed. Otherwise, you will have no results. But it is also necessary to have the will to succeed and a good dose of concentration, that's clear.

For Wiccan magic to work, it is advisable to practice it with the aim of obtaining something normal or achievable. In other words, you will need to have realistic expectations. So, if you practice white magic to become a millionaire, there is little chance that it will work. It's the same if you want to attract a person you saw in a magazine under the pretext that you like them. The request must correspond to your real need.

Patience is another essential quality when practicing Wiccan magic. In fact, it happens that the results only arrive after a few days, or even weeks.

The ideal time to perform the ritual

First of all, it should be noted that there are no specific rules to follow. It is possible to perform the ritual at any time and day. However, you should know that there are more favorable times.

In general, acts of white magic are carried out on Monday. If the goal is to recover a loved one, it is better to perform the “white love magic” or red magic ritual on Tuesday. On the other hand, to find love, the ritual is to be done on Thursday. To make requests related to luck or money, Wednesday is the ideal day.

If you want to perform a magical act to eliminate bad luck or benefit from protection, Friday is the recommended day. Finally, Saturday is the ideal day to make requests regarding health or work.

The choice of location

The magic ritual must be performed in a well-ordered place. Highly frequented rooms such as the bedroom and kitchen should be avoided. You should look for a quiet and quiet place, because the ideal is to isolate yourself during the ceremony. An unused office, attic or cellar would be perfect.

Preparing the location is another point not to be neglected. First of all, it must be cleansed and purified in order to eliminate negative energies. Using natural stones with purifying power is an excellent idea. But it is also possible to place white sage in the room.

Construction of an altar

Of course, this is not obligatory; but it is recommended. Additionally, a simple coffee table or large storage crate would suffice. The ideal is to opt for a wooden altar since this material is natural. Regarding its location, opt for a place well exposed to natural light.

The next step is to arrange esoteric objects and symbols useful during the ritual. We must first mention those who represent the mother Goddess, the Horned God, the angels or other deities of your choice. Then there are the objects which symbolize the 4 elements such as the pentacle, the red candle, incense, the cup, the bell and the natural stone.

The location of each object is important. At the start of each ritual, therefore, first place the pentagram on the table. Then, put the candle on the upper tip and the stone in front of it. Place the incense on your right and the cup on your left. The bell must be located in front of the cup.

Preparing for the ceremony

Before the ritual, it is advisable to purify oneself, that is to say to cleanse the body and mind. To do this, simply take a bath. Furthermore, it is a way to relax and release stress and frustrations. You will need to add a few drops of rose water or lavender salt to the bath water. If possible, also add a white candle next to the bathtub.

Another way to do this is to combine the bath with a fumigation ritual. Here is a good description of how to follow the site feminibion.com.

Begin the ritual

First, you need to draw a circle around the altar using stones, salt, chalk or twigs. This is the circle of protection which has the function of keeping positive energies around you throughout the ritual. Then, put yourself inside it.

The next step is to stare at an object on the altar and meditate. The goal is to clear the mind so that you can focus on the desired goal. All that remains is to pray to the divinity of your choice so that it guides you and gives you precious help.

As a reminder, you can contact your guardian angel, an archangel, the Mother Goddess, the Horned God or the energies of nature. The prayer or incantation should include an introduction, a request, and a closing sentence.

In the introduction, you will respectfully seek help from the angel or goddess. You can then make the request. Finally, don't forget to thank the angel or goddess.

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