Fighting the Evil Eye with Prayer: what you need to know

Bad luck, bad luck, bad luck, evil eye..., all these terms are used to designate bad things that happen in life. Many people think that it really has to do with the envious look a person gives. Other people also believe that these are the works of an evil spirit.

But what is it really about? How to chase away the evil eye with prayer?

Contents :

What is the evil eye?

Does the evil eye exist?

How to fight the evil eye?

How does the evil eye manifest?

How to pray against the evil eye?

What are the benefits of praying against the evil eye?

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What is the evil eye?

In many ancient texts including the Old Testament, the evil eye designates a “murderous gaze”, a true source of curse. In the Middle Ages in Europe, people believed that only a sorcerer is capable of giving such a look and he does it willingly. He has only one objective: to hurt his target.

People who have had the misfortune to cross paths with this diabolical being are often suffering from incurable illnesses. They could also suffer enormous losses emotionally or financially.

Currently, the evil eye indicates the evil look cast by someone evil, an individual who develops negative feelings towards others out of simple envy or pride. All this jealousy and hatred becomes an evil influence on your life. They could bring you bad luck and many other problems. The evil eye can affect men and women of all ages, including children. It can even concern pets.

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Keep the evil eye away

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How to fight the evil eye?

To ward off bad luck, to chase away these negative waves and to fight against the forces of evil, some individuals resort to magic or clairvoyance. In fact, they perform magical rituals that help ward off bad luck.

Generally, the most effective tool to combat the evil eye is a good luck charm of Turkish origin known as “Nazar Boncuk”. This is a sort of small amulet in the shape of a blue eye capable of repelling the evil eye, quite simply. Very effective, we have dedicated an entire collection to it (containing necklace, bracelets, etc.) as follows. In particular, we have had excellent feedback with this Nazar Boncuk necklace, the effects of which seem particularly effective.

Other people prefer to use an esoteric item that can reverse the situation, that is, return the spells to the person who cast them. There are also those who are looking for a way to protect themselves against the forces of evil and also to find good luck. They then use a lucky amulet, a piece of jewelry in the shape of the hand of fatma or a protective stone.

Fans of lithotherapy can also wear key rings or jewelry containing precious stones or semi-precious stones, gems or fine stones such as turquoise, tiger's eye, crystals, quartz, amethyst pendant necklace, onyx, tourmaline, labradorite, celestial eye obsidian, aventurine, black agate, chalcedony, rose quartz, lapis lazuli, citrine, sapphire, ruby ​​or topaz or even rhodium to optimize protection against the evil eye.

But if there is an excellent shield against bad luck and bad luck, it is to pray. Prayers present themselves as effective solutions to fight against the evil eye, any act of witchcraft and the demon. Regardless of the solution chosen, perseverance and patience are essential. Defeating the forces of evil is not easy and it is an endless struggle.

Hand of a prayer practitioner holding a white rose and a lit candle.

Does the evil eye exist?

Demons, jinns and evil spirits populate our material world. All sacred books (Bible, Koran, Torah) warn us against them. Black magic exists and we can be subjected to spells and curses. All of us.

For individuals with a logical mind, it is stupid to believe that your misfortunes are linked to a bad spell intentionally cast by someone. They do not believe in negative energies, because for them, these are just superstitions. They might even think that you are developing psychological problems for believing all this. These individuals believe that no one is immune from the problem. So, you only need to learn to cope with the trials of life.

But people who have some knowledge of esotericism can confirm that malevolent spirits subject to Satan 's orders really exist. They can bewitch many people who agree to serve them. These can cast a spell on you and bring you bad luck with just one look.

To explore this question of the existence or not of the evil eye, here is a food for thought offered by a Muslim site, and another coming from people practicing white magic (if it indeed exists).

We also invite you to do your own research, and you will see that most opinions overlap in the end…

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How does the evil eye manifest?

Being a victim of the evil eye means facing many uncomfortable situations, harsh trials or illnesses. Permanent fatigue is one of the most common signs. The spell cast could also put you in a depressed state. In short, we must be protected against this phenomenon at all costs.

In some individuals, the evil eye causes sudden bad luck, clumsiness or difficulty concentrating. Add to the list of symptoms insomnia, headaches, neck pain, hiccups, excessive yawning, loss of appetite or illness.

In most cases, a person who decides to hex someone is often driven by jealousy or envy. This is why the evil eye generally results in bad luck or material loss.

Various stones, crystals and minerals of lithotherapy

How to pray against the evil eye?

How to remove bad luck and all the effects of the evil eye with prayer. As was previously mentioned, there is no specific ritual to follow. Just call on the divine force you want and communicate with it with simple and precise words.

Recite a surah, an invocation to a protective deity. Repent for your sins or burn sage with coarse salt. In short, do what you want to keep bad vibes away.

For example, if you want to ask your guardian angel for help, simply identify him and call his name. Then, with sincerity and respect, you can ask him to ward off the evil eye and its harmful effects on your life. It is also possible to request protection. This way, if someone plans to hex you, you won't have to suffer the consequences. You can pray in the morning, in the evening and at any time of the day.

For Christians, it is possible to use a sacred object during prayer. This is the case with holy water or sacred olive oil. These sacred objects are capable of breaking the spell immediately.

For a practitioner of lithotherapy, prayer can be completed with amulets, talismans, jewelry set with protective stones to wear on oneself. If you want to look into the question, start with the collection of lithotherapy tools that you will find here. With its stones, crystals and jewelry, it will undoubtedly help you make your prayers for protection more effective.

However, be careful of bad combinations! The association of a natural stone, more precisely a protective stone with a prayer nourished by belief can not only protect you from the evil eye, but also from all bad energies, curses, the impact of unhealthy witch activities, evil occult forces and evil spirits.

Concerning the choice of jewelry, pendants, rings, earrings and necklaces are among the most chosen women's jewelry. Among men, the most popular are men's jewelry such as bracelets or bracelets.

Marble stele with hands in prayer position engraved on it, made of gold.

What are the benefits of praying against the evil eye?

Prayers are requests addressed to spiritual and higher beings like Allah God, guardian angels or Saints. They present themselves as effective solutions to ward off the evil eye, bad luck, jealousy and all negative energies.

Removing the evil eye from our life is something important. If one of our loved ones is the victim of bad luck, it could even have consequences (indirect, it is true) on them. By bringing us good energy that radiates, a blessing can flow.

Spiritual beings are constantly available protectors. They are invisible, yet they are ready to intervene at any time, because their mission is to watch over humans. Since they are spirits, they have all the skills required to lead a fight against the forces of darkness.

Praying protects against the evil eye and its advantage is that it does not require complex rituals. So this is a simple solution. Another advantage of prayers is that they allow you to constantly benefit from the protections of angels, saints or the God you invoke. So, not only will you be able to find happiness and good luck, but you will also be protected from bad luck in the future.

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