Find out which Lucky Charm is associated with Your Zodiac Sign!

Each zodiac sign has its own characteristics. Knowing them helps you bring good energy into your life. Ascendant, horoscope, decan, astral being: all this determines our romantic, friendly and professional compatibilities.

When it comes to choosing your lucky charm, there’s no reason why it should be any different, is there?

Here is a description of some of the lucky charms that will suit you particularly well, depending on your astrological sign.

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Considerations on lucky charms and the zodiac













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Considerations on lucky charms and the zodiac

With this article, you will know which lucky charm to choose based on your astrological sign. You will undoubtedly find something to satisfy your desires on our lucky charms store.

However, remember this. Astrology is an extremely complex science, so it is almost impossible to paint an accurate portrait of each sign in a single article.

The lucky charm associated with the ram

Aries is a fire sign, which means symbols like the stars or the sun will be particularly effective for it. The vajra, Buddhist symbol of lightning, protects this sign and will easily serve as a good luck charm.

Carrying the paw or tail of any animal also means protection for them.

The gemstone associated with the sign of Aries is ruby, which makes a man sexually powerful, while it will help a woman find a protective companion.

The lucky charm associated with the bull

This sign is linked to the earth. He will therefore logically derive greater benefit from any type of jewelry containing metal.

In fact, this material, coming from the earth, will magnetize the bulls more. This will generally be synonymous with health and wealth.

More particularly, any lucky charm made of copper or bronze can prove very effective, the sign of Taurus being ruled by Venus.

These metals, in fact, are placed in the sphere of influence of the goddess of love.

A horseshoe of this type nailed above the door will therefore be an unrivaled good luck charm for all bulls.

The lucky charm associated with Gemini

Butterflies, dragonflies and hummingbirds are all effective lucky charms for this airy and flighty sign.

Winged creatures in general represent social success, creativity, imagination and freedom of the soul.

A feather placed in a Gemini's pocket or on his desk will bring him inspiration in writing, in communication and in carrying out his projects.

Mirrors, and therefore all lucky charms involving the notion of symmetry, will also be terribly effective when used by Gemini.

The lucky charm associated with cancer

In traditional Western astrology, water is the element that rules the lives of Cancers.

This means that bearers of this sign will be able to acquire any lucky charm linked to the marine world without asking too many questions.

Shells and pearls in particular can bring Cancers a certain success in love.

Lucky charms in the shape of a moon or crescent will increase the Crab's psychic powers and his connection with his higher self, just as the moon allows the waters to rise.

The lucky charm associated with the lion

The luck of this bold and arrogant sign can be enhanced by lucky charms, statues or any representation of the sun.

Golden jewelry is preferred, as are cat symbols, ancient coins and Chinese lucky charms in general.

Protection from evil, such as the Hand of Fatima, can help protect lions from the sometimes unfortunate consequences of their fiery temperament.

If you are a lion or lioness, rejoice: we offer a wide variety of Fatma's hands.

Additionally, a pendant of St. Christopher (the patron saint of travelers) will keep those reckless drivers safe on the road.

The lucky charm associated with the virgin

This very pragmatic sign is governed by the Earth element in traditional Western astrology. This means that stones, especially those relatively round in shape, will have a lot of influence on the bearers of this sign.

These types of stones have a high base vibration and are considered portals to other worlds. The symbol of the planet Earth is also believed to be a good luck charm specific to Virgo. Lucky fruit charms, such as lucky apples, peaches, and acorns, bring them health and prosperity.

The lucky charm associated with the scales

Libra is an air sign, which therefore means that lucky charms related to birds will be very effective for them.

The raven represents occult wisdom and the hawk, success in business. Hummingbirds symbolize popularity. Finally, bluebirds are like bridges to other worlds.

Other air creatures, such as bees, wasps and dragonflies will also bring good luck to Libra. Cupid is another very well-known symbol associated with the sign of Libra.

Holding an amethyst will help its wearer stay sober during drunken evenings.

The lucky charm associated with the scorpion

Scorpios are mystical individuals, ruled by the element water. For this reason, they have a great affinity with the moon, which, like water, governs the subconscious.

Silver lucky charms will be preferred. Scorpios being superstitious by nature, they should be careful not to be tempted by false lucky charms, such as the pentagram or the seven-pointed star.

The symbols of snakes, apples and horns will reinforce the attraction that scorpions can represent to the opposite sex.

The lucky charm associated with Sagittarius

Sagittarians are ruled by the element of fire, which means that lucky charms or images of the sun and stars will generally work well for them.

The moon is also an important symbol for them, as their sign is associated with Diana, the hunter goddess.

Lucky charms made from mother-of -pearl, or from any white stone, are believed to bring this sign love and affection.

Sagittarians who are suffering from problems in their love lives might also consider wearing a medallion of St. Martha to defeat the "green-eyed monster" (jealousy) of others.

The lucky charm associated with Capricorn

Astronomers consider Capricorns to be very ambitious. This stems from their connection to the element Earth, which reminds us that they must keep a stone or gem on hand if they want to attract luck.

A piece of quartz crystal will help them stay focused and not deviate from the right path. It will focus their intuition and channel their energy.

We also know that golden lucky charms will bring them money. A piece of amethyst will help Capricorns to protect themselves from fools, both in their relationships and in business.

The lucky charm associated with Aquarius

Aquarians are ruled by the air element. These are free-spirited individuals, with an affinity for wind creatures.

A lucky charm in the shape of a ladybug will protect Aquarius from domestic accidents. Dragonflies will strengthen the creativity of this sign and bees will bring them abundance.

Since Aquarians care about the world around them, they can never go wrong wearing a peace symbol, or any lucky charm associated with joy. They are also particularly receptive to the powers of the Egyptian symbol of the ankh cross, which symbolizes the constant evolution and renewal of the human race.

The lucky charm associated with fish

Obviously, those born under the sign of Pisces are ruled by the water element. This means that marine lucky charms such as images of oceans, seas, rivers, waterfalls, waves or creatures of the deep are particularly suited to this sign.

The moon is also an important symbol, as are silver metals and green stones such as emerald, peridot and citrine.

Neptune's three-pronged trident is also considered very effective in protecting this sign, as it rules the seas.

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