Find the incense holder you need (tips and comparisons)

There was a time when burning incense was purely a religious practice. The aim was to chase away evil spirits and negative energies.

Today, the situation has changed a lot. Using incense is a common practice in many homes, and the reasons given are as numerous as the individuals. Some people believe in the virtues of incense, particularly in its ability to purify the home, relax the mind and bring well-being. Others burn incense for the sole purpose of scenting the air and improving the ambiance.

In any case, the use of good, adequate support is necessary. Also called a censer or incense burner, the incense holder can be found in several models (all of which we will also talk about).

So why use an incense holder? How to choose it? Which model is right for you?

Together we will try to answer these questions today.

Contents :

Incense holder: origin and history

Incense holder: the benefit of having one at home

Choose your censer based on the type of incense

Incense holder: different spiritual forms

Incense holder: the choice of manufacturing material

Very different styles for your diffuser

How to use your incense holder?

Four incense sticks that produce smoke.

Incense holder: origin and history

As its name suggests, an incense holder is an accessory used to place incense and burn it. Used for centuries, it diffuses the sublime, intoxicating and pleasant scent of chosen fragrances throughout the room.

According to historians, this type of perfume diffuser saw the light of day in China between the years 206 BC and 220 AD, during the Han dynasty. At the time, it was called a hill censer. It was shaped like a shallow round bowl with an incense container with a lid pierced in the center. By its appearance, the accessory symbolized the Taoist Islands of Bliss.

In Japan, the incense holder has also existed for years. Bronze models were produced for export in the 19th century. They had a decorative pattern in the form of dragons and they were covered with an elegant patina.

Over the years, the manufacture of incense holders has become more popular. More refined models with more stylish shapes have emerged. They are also becoming more and more practical and available in different materials.

Several types of incense with different shapes

enjoy natural virtues

thanks to the soothing smoke of these incenses


Incense holder: the benefit of having one at home

Burning incense has many benefits. It's not for nothing that this collection of lucky charms from our store offers you some: incense smoke can really bring luck, ward off malicious entities and increase your vibration rate.

Of course, it is possible to burn incense with any medium, but having an incense holder brings many advantages. The first advantage of this esoteric accessory is that it generally has a decorative aspect. Manufacturers compete in creativity to create censers with unique shapes and styles.

Thus, incense holders can be discovered with different designs. There are models with a natural and sober look, colorful models which bring a little cheerfulness or fantasy into the house as well as more symbolic models.

An incense holder can also bring a Zen atmosphere to your interior. It also has the power to attract positive energies and luck. Here, however, everything depends on its shape and the pattern it represents.

In addition to all this, a natural incense holder can be a source of benefits. It can help you overcome stress, sleep disorders or even depression and anxiety, like scented candles from essential oil diffusers... all this, once again, thanks to the strong symbols it contains. represents and the properties of incense smoke.

A wooden incense holder, with a burning stick on it.

Choose your censer based on the type of incense

Did you know that incense comes in different forms? The choice of support must therefore be made according to the shape of the incense chosen.

The incense holder for sticks

Stick -shaped incenses are the most common on the market.

Incense sticks are very popular because they produce thick smoke. There are several models of censers designed especially for them.

As a first choice, there is the Japanese type stick incense holder (which you will find here). It looks like a piece of wood bent at the end, it has a small hole where you can put the incense stick. But there are also models made of aluminum, glass, ceramic or stone.

The incense holder for hanging spiral

Very popular, this type of spiral incense can burn for hours. There are therefore censers which can serve as a suitable support. That said, they are sometimes difficult to find. It is an incense holder equipped with a rod with a hook at the end and a plate whose function is to collect the ashes. This censer also exists in the form of a box with a carved wooden lid. The patterns allow smoke to escape.

The incense holder for cones

If you have chosen this type of simple cone incense that we offer, you can very well use a stick or spiral incense holder. There is no dedicated censer specifically for them. It should be noted, however, that they are made to burn completely. The use of an unprotected wooden censer is therefore not recommended if you opt for a simple cone incense.

It is better to opt for a metal model. Furthermore, the incense holder must not have a lid. Concretely, such an incense holder made for both sticks and cones will do the job perfectly.

For incense cones, you can also opt for the cascading or backflow incense holder. It allows the smoke to flow downwards using “backflow” technology. Often made of ceramic, it also comes in all forms.

The mixed incense holder

As its name suggests, this type of censer is suitable for any type of incense. This one (which we told you about just before) is therefore a mixed incense holder.

In other words, it can replace the incense holder for sticks, cones and spiral incense. This accessory will often be discovered in different materials. The choice will be made according to its use. For example, metal models are preferred if you are using a simple cone incense.

The grain incense holder

Grain incense still exists today, even if it is used very little. The censer which serves as a support generally has the appearance of a box. Just drop the beans inside and light them. It is often this type of incense (and therefore incense holders) that priests use during religious ceremonies.

Zen-style incense holder with burning incense in front of a calming landscape.

Incense holder: different spiritual forms

The incense holder is an accessory that can have virtues through its simple shape. It is a true treasure in Asian culture. Its therapeutic and spiritual properties therefore vary depending on the symbols it carries. And here are some examples.

The “Buddha” incense holder

Among followers of the Buddhist religion, what is used to distribute the captivating smell of incense is used to distribute blessings. It is therefore logical that such an object bears the image of Buddha. Apart from its decorative aspect, an incense holder therefore constitutes a symbolic object for Buddhists. It is a source of serenity and calm. This accessory therefore constitutes an ally in the fight against stress. Furthermore, the Buddha incense holder transmits positive waves within the house, a bit like a statue or a painting.

It is also an essential accessory during many meditation sessions. This decorative object conveys peace and is a symbol of teaching. In addition, the Buddha incense holder has a protective property and has the power to drive away evil spirits and negative energies.

The “dragon” incense holder

Very popular with fans from Japan, here we are talking about an aroma diffuser model that has specific meanings. It should actually be emphasized that the dragon is one of the symbolic animals in Asian culture. For the Indians, he is called the spirit of water.

Indians believe that dragons float in the clouds or live in lakes and rivers and they protect Buddha. An incense holder with the image of the dragon also symbolizes wisdom. It therefore has the power to guide you and show you the ideal path thanks to the spiritual knowledge and higher forces of the dragon. It is also a good luck charm, which can therefore serve as a good luck charm.

The “lotus” incense holder

The lotus flower is a sacred object in Asian culture. Among followers of the Buddhist religion, it represents the awakening of the Buddha. We must not forget that this flower grows in the mud and it appears on the surface of the water with its dazzling beauty. Thus, it has the power to enlighten you. The lotus flower also symbolizes the spiritual path.

The incense holder with the image of this flower has the same properties. When it looks like a closed bud, it represents the beginning of the journey. On the other hand, when the censer has the shape of an open flower, it symbolizes the end of the journey and personal accomplishment.

The “monk” incense holder

It is a very important accessory in the Christian tradition. As its name suggests, it symbolizes a monk, an individual who has decided to isolate himself from the rest of the world to be closer to God. His life rhymes with prayers and meditations. He also took a vow of silence, peace and poverty.

The monk incense holder therefore symbolizes wisdom, reason and knowledge. It also brings serenity. Through this censer and the smoke of the incense, the monk communicates with you. This accessory includes a small figurine of a bald individual and can also become a real lucky charm.

Dozens of incense sticks burning in a temple.

Incense holder: the choice of manufacturing material

The manufacturing material can give a special touch to the incense holder. Practically, it can also influence the burning of incense. This is why it should not be neglected at the time of purchase.

Here is a list of some common materials:

  • Terracotta : Several models of censer are made of terracotta. They invite users on a spiritual journey to Asia with their natural appearance. They also provide a zen and relaxing atmosphere in the room. In addition, terracotta is a solid material (as long as you don't drop it), which guarantees the longevity of the incense holder.
  • Ceramic : Ceramic is also a material widely used in the manufacture of this type of fragrance diffuser. Very solid, it is able to resist heat. In addition, the ceramic censers offered on the market have a unique charm.
  • Wood : Wood is a material that seduces with its natural appearance. It also stands out for its elegance. Some models of incense holders are made with carved wood. They have an authentic charm, true works of art.
  • Clay : There are also odor and incense diffusers made of clay, a material beneficial to health. Don't forget the metal models. They allow smoke to be evacuated well and they also provide a zen atmosphere.
  • Metal : You have to add the metal incense holders to be complete here. Made of cast iron, copper or brass, they are solid and allow the creation of delicate patterns.

Several types of incense with different shapes

enjoy natural virtues

thanks to the soothing smoke of these incenses


Very different styles for your diffuser

A real asset to interior decoration, the incense holder comes in different styles. Simple decorator or practitioner of Feng Shui, this is a powerful ally that will change the atmosphere of your home.

When choosing your censer, you can take into account its general appearance.

The old style incense holder

In the past, in Chinese traditions, the incense holder is an important object, hand-carved by a talented craftsman. A model faithful to the origins will therefore often be decorated with magnificent engravings and will bring a particular charm to the room.

Currently, it is still possible to find old style incense holders. Authentic models can be found in flea markets or sellers of old objects. No matter where you make the purchase, such an accessory can in any case provide a personal touch to your decor.

The original incense holder

For those who are more demanding in terms of decoration, it is now possible to find original incense holders on the market. We are talking here about censers with authentic, sometimes even extravagant shapes. Very aesthetic, they can make your interior decor extraordinary. Additionally, these items will appeal to collectors.

An original incense holder thus takes on varied shapes. For example, there are models bearing the image of an animal such as a cat, a butterfly or an elephant. All of this is well suited for animal lovers. There are also censers featuring the figurine of a cartoon character like Aladdin, and many others.

The modern incense holder

This will be a censer with a modern appearance, like a high-tech object which diffuses smoke with equally contemporary scents. A modern incense holder will therefore be a beautiful creation that can have a designer shape, difficult to define, but pleasant to look at. It will be a real decorative accessory for the house.

A religious altar with incense smoke.

How to use your incense holder?

Decided to buy an incense holder ? Here are some tips to remember for proper use of the product, which will allow you to fully benefit from its benefits and virtues.

Choosing the Best Censer to Start With

The first thing to do is to choose your incense holder carefully. The multiplicity of models can make the choice difficult. That said, there are a few rules that might help you make a good decision.

First of all, you should always favor premium quality censers. You can count on their ease of use and longevity. This is good, all those that we offer on our site are of high quality.

Next, you need to focus on the meaning of the incense holder. As you discovered in this article, a censer can have different spiritual properties and virtues depending on its shape.

Obviously, the appearance and style should not be neglected. You also need to choose the manufacturing material carefully. As a reminder, there are models that could satisfy fans of wooded and natural decoration. There are also designer style metal censers and ceramic or bronze models with a more vintage look.

The ideal is to opt for an incense holder rich in charm, solid, with good longevity, easy to maintain, accessible at a reasonable price and which corresponds well to your personality.

Learn how to use incense properly

Whether in a stick, cone or spiral, incense must be handled with care. It must first be lit, before delicately placing it on the censer. According to experts, it is advisable to place the incense in an inclined position when lighting it.

At first, the incense burns in the form of a flame and this is completely normal. But after a few seconds, you will only see a small glow. It will therefore burn slowly so that it can spread its sweet scent throughout the room.

To learn more about how to use stick incense, here is a guide from the WikiHow site. And here's another one for cone-shaped incense.

Choose the location of the incense holder carefully

The choice of location for the incense holder is of paramount importance. You can place it in the living room, bedroom, meditation room or any room in the house. You just need to make sure it is in a quiet area.

You should also avoid placing your censer near an open window. The smell of incense would escape to the outside. As a result, you would not be able to benefit from its benefits. Plus, it would burn faster.

It is also advisable to place your stick or cone incense holder on a flat surface, especially if you plan to put it in a busy place. This helps prevent falls that could damage it. In addition, it must be installed in a place inaccessible to children and pets.

In addition to all this, it is advisable to keep the incense holder away from textile materials such as curtains and clothing in order to avoid accidents, particularly domestic fires. Finally, for your incense holder to improve in performance, you must provide it with fresh air. So, remember to open the door slightly to ventilate the room. In this way, the smoke will spread correctly throughout your living space.

Maintain the incense holder properly

So that the incense holder can serve you for a long time, its maintenance must be done with great care. The principle is to clean it regularly to eliminate dust and ashes. Other care to be carried out depends on the manufacturing material. Do not hesitate to ask the seller for advice.

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