Find your Lucky Color (analysis of each)

For centuries, people have attributed meaning to colors.

In some cultures, there are colors believed to bring luck, happiness and prosperity.

And you, do you believe it? Do you have a lucky color?

Read on to find out which colors are considered lucky in different parts of the world and find the one that suits you!

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The Red


The green


The White

The golden



The brown

What lucky color according to your astrological sign?

A red rose placed on a wooden floor.

The Red

Red is considered a lucky color in many cultures, including China and India.

Here are its main meanings:

  • Red is the color of fire and blood, so it is associated with energy, war, danger, strength, power, determination as well as passion, desire and desire. love.
  • In China, red is also the color of prosperity and good fortune.
  • It is often used in decorations for Chinese New Year and other festivals and celebrations in order to attract good spirits.
  • In India, red is the color of purity and devotion.
  • Hindu brides often wear red saris at their weddings because it signifies marital happiness and fertility.
  • In Asia again, red represents Agni, the god of fire. Warriors therefore sometimes wear this color to show their ardor and courage in battle.

Red stones and crystals are ruby, rhodonite and red jasper.

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Yellow is also a lucky color, and here are some of its meanings:

  • In China, yellow is the color of gold and wealth. Obviously, associating it with your decoration or your outfit will offer you prosperity and success.
  • In India, yellow represents spirituality and wisdom.
  • In Nigeria, yellow is the color of hope and blessing.
  • In Thailand, this lucky color will rather be that of the sun and good fortune.

Yellow stones and crystals are citrine, fluorite and topaz.

Zoom in on the leaves of a green plant, with dew on them.

The green

Like making a list of lucky colors without mentioning this one: Green is another color considered lucky all over the world.

Here are its main messages:

  • In Ireland, green is associated with luck because it is the color of clovers, which are considered the most powerful of good luck charms. Green is also the national color of Ireland as well as that of its tutelary saint, Saint Patrick.
  • In Islam, green is the traditional color of paradise.
  • In China, green is associated with luck and happiness in general.
  • In Thailand, this color expresses ideas of friendship and peace between human beings.
  • For the Japanese, green will be the color of nature and harmony.
  • In Africa, it represents fertility and primordial vitality.

Green stones and crystals include malachite, green opal, aventurine and emerald.

Image of the ocean, with a whale whose tail can be seen.


For many people, blue is the color of happiness. Many of us see it as a symbol of good luck and choose it to decorate our homes and offices, with the aim of attracting positive energy.

Although the origins of the use of blue as a lucky color are unclear, here are some things to think about:

  • In ancient Egypt, blue was associated with the gods and was used to decorate temples and tombs.
  • In China, the color blue is often used in weddings because it is believed to represent a happy union.
  • In Judaism, blue signifies truth because it is the same color as the pure sky.
  • Blue also has positive connotations in Christianity as it represents heaven and piety
  • Whether you believe in the power of blue or not, there's no denying that this cheerful color can bring a touch of optimism to your day. In any case, this is what color psychology affirms, this science which is interested in the chromatic effects of different shades on our mental state.

Blue stones and crystals include blue calcite, celestine, aquamarine and sapphire.

A white dove landing on a branch.

The White

White is also a lucky color, and here are the meanings you can give it:

  • White is often said to be associated with purity, but it can also symbolize success, prosperity and luck.
  • In China, white is the color of happiness and harmony.
  • In Japan, it is the color of cherry blossoms, a symbol of beauty, rebirth and the immense power of nature.
  • In Europe, white is associated with purity and the holiness of Christ.
  • According to color psychology, having light shades around you (and white is clearly the lightest of all) will bring calm and lightness to your daily life.

White stones and crystals include quartz, magnesite, pearl, moonstone and selenite.

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The golden

Gold is a color that is traditionally associated with happiness and prosperity. Yes, whatever culture you come from, gold remains an extremely positive lucky color... and there are good reasons for that:

  • In ancient times, gold was considered a sacred metal that represented the sun.
  • In China, gold is the color of sunshine and wealth.
  • In Southeast Asia, it is considered a sacred color.
  • In India, gold is the color of power and royalty.
  • In the same style of idea, in Arab countries, it is associated with opulence.

The golden stones and crystals are gold (logical!) and amber.

A black cat on the cobblestones of a street.


It is often believed that black is an unlucky color that brings bad luck. This is due to several superstitions and popular beliefs but, in reality, this is not necessarily true:

  • Some say that black is associated with luck, as it is said to absorb all negativity and bad energies.
  • More broadly, it is said that black has magical powers and can repel the forces of evil that would like to attack us.
  • Others believe that black represents abundance and wealth, as it is considered a symbol of luxury.

Black stones and crystals include black tourmaline, hematite, onyx and obsidian.

A lavender field in France.


Purple is associated with luck and success.

As with other chromatic shades, let's discover its meanings:

  • Many people believe that if you wear this color, you will be more likely to pass your exams and various tests.
  • Mauve is also known to be a calming and soothing color. Many mothers also like to put them in their children's rooms.
  • In the same vein, purple is a lucky color associated with spirituality and wisdom.
  • Some even believe that if you meditate with a crystal or purple stone, you will be able to communicate with spirits.

Purple stones and crystals are amethyst, charoite and lepidolite.

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The brown

Many people believe that the color brown can help bring luck, and they are right:

  • First of all, brown is linked to the earth and nature, which are often seen as positive forces for us.
  • Additionally, brown is a color associated with strength and stability, two other qualities often considered necessary for daily luck.
  • Brown is also a calming shade, which can help reduce stress and promote relaxation.

Brown stones and crystals are tiger's eye, iron's eye and sardonyx.

Astrology works on a sheet of paper, with mysterious drawings and calculations

What lucky color according to your astrological sign?

According to astrologers, each zodiac sign has unique associations. Animal totem, lithotherapy stones, professions or relationships: all of this is influenced by your astrological sign.

The same goes for choosing your lucky colors, and here is a brief summary of the subject:

Aries' lucky color is red, because it is an assertive and energizing color.

That of Aries is green, through its link with hope and the energy of action.

Those placed under the sign of Gemini, Virgo or Cancer will see white (or silver) as their lucky color, because they are light beings and of a certain purity.

The lucky color of Scorpio and Libra is black, due to their mysterious and complex aspects.

Sagittarius and Capricorn will be linked to brown, for its elemental side and anchored in reality.

Aquarius like Pisces, two astrological signs full of optimism, will have blue as a lucky color.

Finally, Leo's lucky color is gold, a shade full of brilliance, courage and joy of life.

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