Find your Lucky Number! (descriptive guide)

Numbers have always played an important role in human history.

Obviously, they help us to count, calculate, manage our stocks, etc. However, if we look more closely at the question, it appears that many men throughout history have found more "special" things through some of them.

We are actually talking here about deep symbolic meaning, links with certain energies of our world and even, for some, real magical powers.

It is precisely from this particular prism that we decided to create this guide to the lucky number.

Contents :

Introduction: what is numerology?

The concept of personal number

The number 0

The number 1

The number 2

The number 3

The number 4

The number 5

The number 6

The number 7

The number 8

The number 9


Two statues representing the number 1, one in white stone and the other in black stone.

Introduction: what is numerology?

To put it simply, numerology is the study of the impact of numbers and figures on our lives. Many specialists also consider this science as a sort of great universal language used by all people in the world, nature and the world as a whole.

However, all this does not really advance us… Are we talking about mathematics here? Strict scientific laws or, on the contrary, a more spiritual esoteric art.

Well actually, numerology is a bit of both.

When someone wonders how to find their lucky number, they quickly find themselves confronted with a whole bunch of information, more or less serious and verified in practice. In this sense, numerology can be seen as a science.

However, there remains a huge amount of personal interpretation and comparison of this information with our experience!

Concretely, the information you will find in this guide will help you find your lucky number, yes, but on condition that you compare it to what makes you individual.

There is therefore also a spiritual element in the art of numerology.

If you want to learn more about it, here is an interesting article that talks about numerology.

Whether you believe in numerology or not, there is compelling evidence that the numbers around us speak a common language that we can (modestly) attempt to interpret.

Some of us are so successful at it that they manage to make numerology a true divinatory art!

Again, if you are curious to learn more about the subject, you should take a look at our collection of objects and tools used to practice clairvoyance.

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The concept of personal number

Numerology consists of the mystical study of figures and numbers from an esoteric point of view. This is therefore a art close to magic and divination in general.

Some clairvoyants also like to use numerology as a tool to determine the personality of things and people.

Among the multitude of things that this art teaches us is notably the personal figure concept.

To put it simply, each of us would be placed under the protection of a particular number which would influence our life and our character.

When we live in accordance with our associated number, we are better aligned and experience greater overall well-being. We're not going to go into detail here, but the benefits you can get from it are truly enormous.

In short, a good way to get closer to your lucky number is to place it everywhere around you: on your license plate, in your telephone number... and on your pendants!

Number 0 displayed on a morning alarm clock.

The number 0:

0 is the lucky number expressing both the ideas of nothingness and infinity.

In this sense, it is deeply linked to the spiritual world because it is outside the constraints of the material world. When we use it as a lucky number, 0 can help us go beyond the limits imposed by matter.

Another interpretation is that of freedom: 0 being associated with emptiness, with nothing... it is entirely possible for you to fill this emptiness with whatever you want!

In the same perspective, 0 is a number associated with God and his creative force which generates the world and life from nothing. Some therefore also appreciate this number for its link with the divine and the sacred.

If, moreover, you start seeing 0s almost everywhere around you from one day to the next (when you look at your watch, in the newspapers, etc.), this could be the sign of a higher message being sent to you.

Two statues representing the number 1, one in white stone and the other in black stone.

The number 1:

Some people wrongly think that the number 1 could be linked to loneliness or even abandonment.

Nothing could be further from the truth regarding its meaning.

When we want to find our lucky number, we need to know how to interpret and look at the hidden messages beyond appearances.

Basically, the essence of 1 expresses ideas of independence, positivity and an accomplished personality. After all, don't we say that the most stable among us are one with the universe?

Aside from that, the meaning of the number 1 is necessarily linked to success. Number 1 is indeed the one who, through his efforts and personal qualities, has been able to rise above the others.

Some also like to see this number as a sign of new beginnings and opportunities that destiny sends us at certain times in our lives.

If you feel closer to this lucky number more than another, this is undoubtedly a sign of big changes (or even upheavals) that are about to show up.

Badge of an apartment at number 2.

The number 2:

Numerology specialists see the number 2 as the most perfect expression of the concepts of union and, paradoxically, difference.

Couples are in fact made up of two distinct people who decide to form a larger body together.

This idea of ​​a couple in reality goes far beyond human considerations: the moon and the sun form a couple, yin and yang too, etc.

In fact, this idea of ​​two opposite but complementary poles whose balancing creates life and beauty is an idea deeply anchored in our reality.

When we are looking for how to know if a number is lucky, noticing this kind of disturbing fact is in any case a serious lead.

The number 2 also symbolizes cooperation and teamwork. Choosing it as a lucky number can only help you develop qualities of diplomacy, tact and kindness, but also to better understand others and the feelings that they do not dare to express.

Number 3 painted on the ground on a road marking.

The number 3:

The number 3 is undoubtedly one of the most sacred and one of the most present in different religions.

In Christianity, it is logically associated with the Holy Trinity and therefore with God in its essence. Those faithful to Christ therefore see this number as a powerful lucky charm that can accompany them on their path of faith.

In the East, 3 is rather associated with creative energies and creativity. Musicians, painters and other artists often choose it as a lucky number.

In any case, those of us who feel connected to the energy of 3 should learn to concentrate or, rather, not to get distracted. The 3 is in fact associated with an energy that is sometimes too overwhelming and has difficulty channeling itself.

If, however, it is controlled, it can bring us strength without equal.

Truly, the number 3 has very important mystical, almost magical aspects.

Number 4 painted on a green wall.

The number 4:

4 is the number of stability, justice, order and righteousness.

When someone combines all of these qualities, they have all the cards necessary to build a peaceful future, for themselves and for those close to them.

When we want to find a lucky number that suits us, we sometimes have to go beyond our simple individuality to think of others.

Choosing 4 therefore means choosing to develop qualities that will make us a better person for those we love.

This is a consideration to take into account for parents, for example, but also for caregivers and those who work in the social sector.

Someone who is stable and upright will indeed be able to easily handle stressful situations, will prove to be a loyal friend and can easily develop an iron will.

Also in matters of love, the number 4 allows you to find (or keep) strong and lasting relationships.

Birthday candle in the shape of 5.

The number 5:

Of all the lucky numbers we will talk about in this article, none has an energy comparable to 5.

Magicians, alchemists and other practitioners of esoteric arts have understood this well and have made it their favorite number.

Basically, the 5 is linked to developments and changes of all kinds. It can refer to the change from one form of energy to another, the change of a lifestyle or that of a personality.

If you lack versatility or simply don't like rapid upheavals, you might do well to stay away from the number 5.

If, on the contrary, you feel ready to see things move in your life, you now know which lucky number corresponds to you!

In any case, if this kind of consideration of the magic and energies of our world interests you, you would do well to take an interest in our different tools, lucky charms and symbols linked to witchcraft.

Number 6 drawn on a wooden board door.

The number 6:

The number 6 allows us to get closer to truth, sincerity and the harmony of purity.

According to what the Bible tells us, it expresses the imperfection specific to the material world and to human beings.

The link with the notion of truth is quite obvious: admitting our imperfection is the first step towards discovering our deep being.

This idea of ​​incompleteness can also be understood as a great message of encouragement. If we are imperfect, then we can logically improve and move forward.

6 will thus be a motivating lucky number which, in its realism, will remind us that we can always do better for ourselves and for others.

Let us also point out that certain traditions link the number 6 to empathy and listening to others. In particular, the idea behind it is that we should never believe ourselves to be better or closer to perfection than the person we have in front of us.

Street sign with the number 7.

The number 7:

If you know anything about lucky charms, you have undoubtedly been impatiently awaiting the number 7!

It is in fact the most powerful and the one we use most often when we seek to have more luck.

In popular culture, we can for example find the 7 in casinos, on the t-shirts of professional players or even in tobacco bars offering games of chance.

Studies have even shown that this lucky number is in fact so popular that it is the most used of all in lottery grids!

The powers of the number 7 are in fact well known and, for several centuries now, mediums and mages around the world have used it as an esoteric symbol.

Explaining everything to you would take too long, but the main thing to remember with the 7 is that it helps strengthen your wisdom, your internal strength and the power of your instincts.

Biker helmet with an 8 painted on it for good luck.

The number 8:

Of all the numbers in numerology, 8 is very clearly the one that can help us the most in our everyday lives.

The strength he hides is immense and his ability to help us in our projects has been verified more than once.

In China, for example, 8 is the lucky number par excellence. Asians love it so much that on average, a house at number 8 on a street will cost a little more than its neighbors of the same quality level!

All superstition aside, numerology teaches us from the number 8 that it allows us to develop business sense, motivation and our ability to attract luck.

The Buddhist tradition has understood this well, and has raised the number 8 to the rank of recognized symbol by associating it with ideas of infinity and rebirth.

Billiard ball number 9 yellow and white.

The number 9:

The last number we will look at today, 9 represents love, faith and spiritual ecstasy (illumination, state of grace or other).

So we finish our guide to lucky numbers with a candidate of choice!

In fact, it seems that the truths hidden behind the 9 constitute a kind of trail whose final goal would be the understanding of the universe itself.

A whole bunch of spiritual currents speak to us of this particular number as an expression of the world and its consciousness.

If so many healers choose to work with the 9, it is not for nothing.

In short, taking an interest in it too could be a rather wise choice.


Figures and numbers are actually powerful sources of information that can teach us much more about the world (and ourselves) than we might at first think.

The laws of the zodiac and astrology are based on the same foundations as numerology. Calculating a personality from a date of birth makes no less sense than basing the calculation on a lucky number.

Mathematical rules do indeed govern our world and, through them, numbers provide a framework for life. Understanding the deep meaning of the lucky numbers that we are going to talk about is therefore absolutely essential.

Finding yours is like finding an ally capable of bringing us luck, a guide who will dictate the choice of our jewelry and our style. In this sense, finding the lucky number of one of your friends can be the source of a wonderful gift idea.

In a lighter way, this little guide will have helped you find your lucky number, the one that corresponds to your personality.

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