Grandma's tips for luck (TOP #10)

Who knows how to advise us better than our grandmothers?

To take care of the house, the garden or simply attract luck: age makes experience, and experience makes wisdom.

So let's discover together today the ten best grandmother's tips for having more luck.

Thanks to them, fortune will smile on you, fate will be favorable to you and bad luck will never again dare to knock on your door!

Contents :

Tip #1: Be positive first thing in the morning

Tip #2: Hang a horseshoe in your home

Tip #3: Get a four-leaf clover

Tip #4: Meditate before going to bed

Tip #5: Play the lottery (in moderation)

Tip #6: Decorate your home according to Feng Shui

Tip #7: Respect your zodiac

Tip #8: Wear the right color

Tip #9: Find your lucky stone

Tip #10: Have confidence in yourself

Woman smiling and happy to be lucky.

Tip #1: Be positive first thing in the morning

Positivity attracts positivity, and good humor attracts good humor.

Most grandmother's remedies are based on this simple principle.

Smiling first thing in the morning can radically change the course of your day.

Christian monks pray first thing in the morning to put themselves in a spiritual state of mind throughout the day. Buddhists meditate when they wake up and so do Muslims.

So here's a grandmother's tip that can change your life: smile first thing in the morning, to yourself and to others, and the way you think and experience the world will be transformed.

A horseshoe being forged.

Tip #2: Hang a horseshoe in your home

Being lucky is a matter of attitude, but also of lucky charms. As such, no symbol is as powerful as the horseshoe.

Grandma, grandma and good mother: they will all advise you to hang a horseshoe above your door.

According to the folklore of our villages, this would allow luck to remain “stuck” inside, which would ultimately bring good luck to all those who pass underneath.

A true vector of luck for some and a simple charm for others, a horseshoe will at least have the advantage of arousing questions from your guests and will be the center of interesting discussions.

If this grandmother's tip for having more luck speaks to you, take a look at this horseshoe that we offer on the store on our site.

Collection of four leaf clovers

The most famous lucky charm

Finding a clover means finding luck


Tip #3: Get a four-leaf clover

While it is possible to hang a horseshoe on your wall, it is more complicated to always have it with you (unless you wear it as jewelry, of course).

There is another lucky charm dear to the hearts of our grandparents that does not have this problem: the four-leaf clover.

Finding such a clover is actually extremely rare. Folklore says that about one in 10,000 clover would have four leaves, and the science of genetics seems to support this claim.

Coming face to face with such a clover is therefore certainly a sign of great luck, of an improbable and happy event.

If the stars are aligned like this for you, perhaps this luck could carry over to other areas of your life.

In any case, this is the idea behind the law of series, as well as behind this collection of jewelry bearing the clover.

Silhouette of a woman doing yoga in the evening, in front of a sunset.

Tip #4: Meditate before going to bed

Meditation is a powerful tool capable of soothing our soul, calming our mind... and attracting us luck.

Without necessarily putting the name “meditation” on it, most of our ancestors loved to meditate in nature, look at the sky and let their thoughts escape.

Here is a tip too often forgotten by those who seek to have more luck: meditate, recharge your batteries and live in harmony with the world.

Raising your vibration will help you be luckier.

Calm, relaxation and relaxation are all factors promoting good mental and spiritual energies.

Meditation can really change your quality of life, and your level of luck on a daily basis.

Balls from a lottery game.

Tip #5: Play the lottery (in moderation)

Nothing ventured, nothing gained !

Lotto, trifecta and scratch tickets are all ways to try your luck.

Playing cards or casino roulette are others.

In short, if you want to have more luck, you will have to put yourself in situations where she can smile at you.

Please note: this is not an invitation to play, simply a reflection on luck and chance.

Moreover, according to the law of karma and universal balance, even if you lose in a game of chance, it could well bring you luck...

Indeed, such a “negative” event will have to be made up of another “positive” one, which will come to you in one form or another.

Once again, this grandmother's tip for getting lucky is not an encouragement to play, and even less to play risky.

A collection of Feng Shui lucky charms

Energize yourself and your home

with the help of Feng Shui and its tools


Tip #6: Decorate your home according to Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancestral Asian art that focuses on the circulation of energies.

The best known aspect of Feng Shui concerns the decoration of your interior (bedroom, living room, bathroom, etc.) but there are many others linked to meditation, the way of moving in space or the way of thinking.

In short, if our grandmothers and grandfathers loved lace placemats and old wooden furniture so much, it was for a reason!

In one form or another, the art of decoration is made up of thousands of fun tips.

Feng Shui surely includes some that your grandmother or grandmother could have given you.

Esoteric clock, with the twelve signs of the zodiac represented.

Tip #7: Respect your zodiac

There are different traditions in all families.

For some, astrology and respecting one's horoscope is something essential, and that is understandable.

Aries, Virgo or Cancer: we are all born under a particular astrological sign which will define (in part) our personality and our destiny.

Following your horoscope daily will therefore be a way of knowing what will happen in your days, and therefore of preparing yourself for it.

You will then know how to act to have more luck and success. You will be prepared for crushes and disappointments in love, for professional failures and for obtaining promotions.

Colored powder from India.

Tip #8: Wear the right color

Never wear green if you go on stage!

This well-known custom from the world of entertainment teaches us one thing: choosing the right color of clothing will bring you luck… or misfortune.

This is also a grandmother's trick known in our villages.

Wearing too much black is a sign of mourning. Green is bad luck, except on St. Patrick's Day. And red will awaken the most intense emotions.

So choose colors that will match your personality and your goals for the day. This way, you will never be caught off guard as to what fate has in store for you.

Several types of lucky stones

heal yourself with stones

thanks to the powers of lithotherapy


Tip #9: Find your lucky stone

We all have a zodiac sign. Most of us have a favorite color. Either.

But who exactly knew the name of their lucky stone?

Lithotherapy is the complex art of using stones and crystals. This science knows how to heal by acting directly on our vibrations (or rather, those of the matter that composes us), influencing those around us, our present life and our future.

So find the lucky stone that matches your personality.

Then place several in your house, in strategic locations.

Also choose your jewelry (pendants, rings or bracelets: it doesn't matter) according to their material rather than just their shape.

In short, if these few tips from grandmothers for having luck through stones question you, take a look at this collection of accessories linked to lithotherapy.

A young woman who walks with confidence and self-confidence.

Tip #10: Have confidence in yourself

What if, in the end, the nine tips from grandmothers to become luckier that we have just listed boiled down to this one: develop your self-confidence.

Lucky charms, rituals and folklore are all elements to which our minds can attach importance.

A bit like a beacon in the night, they will help you navigate and find your way in the unknown.

Having confidence in yourself can come from life's challenges, personal development work or grandmother's tips. Never mind.

The fact is that greater confidence will help you take action, make the right decisions when they are necessary and, quite simply, grow.

So hold the things that give you confidence close to you, and move away from those that taint your self-esteem.

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