Gypsy Tarot: prediction technique for gypsies and travelers

The tarot is an effective tool for knowing your future, professionally or personally. This clairvoyance technique has been used for millennia. It allows you to obtain relevant information by deciphering symbols on the cards.

There are several types of tarot decks, and gypsy tarot is among the most popular choices. The reason for this is simple: this method of divination allows you to obtain clear and precise information. The predictions it offers can also affect very broad areas.

Together, let's find out everything you need to know about this tarot deck.

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Dozens of colorful gypsy tarot cards.

What is the gypsy tarot?

The gypsy tarot is a derivative of the famous Marseille tarot, a divinatory tool well known to clairvoyants and fortune tellers.

It is a very ancient divination tool that may surprise you with its effectiveness.

We will now demonstrate its effectiveness through its history and the simple (but terribly relevant) principle of the gypsy tarot.

The history of the gypsy tarot

The history of the gypsy tarot dates back to 850 BC, when Hindu nomads immigrated to Greece. They were then called Gypsies and were often seen as slaves, because these people were so poor. In 1399 they took refuge in Bohemia and since then they acquired the name Bohemians.

Throughout the Middle Ages, these travelers had a bad reputation. For what ? Quite simply because they had unusual traditions and customs.

Indeed, the Gypsies or Bohemians had a gift for magic and divination, which earned them the mocking nickname of “fortune tellers”. However, they were actually able to identify an individual's personality by reading the line of their hand or using tea leaves.

Some Gypsies also practiced cartomancy. They were able to predict the future about love, finance or health using cards they brought back from India. They especially practiced this art of divination during the full moon period, which is the origin of the gypsy tarot, also known as the gypsy tarot, or gypsy tarot.

The principle of the gypsy tarot

The gypsy tarot is a deck of 38 cards called arcana or blades. These are original cards, created by Gypsies or Bohemians. They have been passed down from generation to generation.

Today, however, most tarot decks derive from these cards. This is for example the case of the famous Rider-White tarot (which you can also find here on our site) which, even if it modifies the name and appearance of certain cards, comes directly from the tradition gypsy.

To practice gypsy tarot, it is better to use this type of authentic cards. Very colorful, they feature hand-drawn illustrations that highlight everyday life. They are able to give you information regarding your love or professional life. All you have to do is carry out the draw according to the rules of the art.

It is important to emphasize that gypsy cards can give important information regarding love life, work, health or even luck. They concern the past, the present and the future.

In gypsy tarot, predictions often come in the form of advice. In this case, the gypsy tarot constitutes a valuable aid in periods of doubt or fear. It will allow you to make the right decision. But it also happens that the cards offer a precise answer to a question.

Tarot cards and a crystal ball of gypsy fortune tellers, next to a guitar pendant

Predict, announce, see

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Composition of gypsy cards

As mentioned previously, the gypsy tarot is a divination game composed of 38 cards including 22 unnumbered arcana. Furthermore, this is what differs from the Marseille tarot. Called “doors of mysteries”, the 22 arcana are illustrated by the 22 Hebrew letters which symbolize the universe. They also include specific images such as that of an old woman, a doctor, a prison or a letter.

Then there are the 4 series which represent the large tribes of the Roma people, including the Roma, the Gypsums, the Gypsums and the Gitanos family. Each series is made up of 4 blades, each with a specific meaning. There is the father who symbolizes the past, the mother linked to balance, the child representing the future and the tool which is at the origin of the other three blades.

It is important to emphasize that the tool can be presented in the form of Lové. In this case it refers to money. If it represents a pot, it is related to work. The tool in the form of the stick, on the other hand, represents the primary tool and that in the form of the instrument is known as the evolved tool.

Gypsy cards are rich in color. The dominant blue generally symbolizes faith, the sacred or even women. The color yellow represents the universe. As for red, it is a symbol of passion. Finally, green represents the path to follow.

Through these categories and divisions, one thought immediately comes to us: the gypsy tarot is really (but really) marked by the warm and colorful culture of travelers.

If this culture interests you, you will like to discover the lucky charms in this collection, all linked to gypsy culture.

Several tarot decks on the altar of a magic practitioner.

Drawing methods of the gypsy tarot deck

To perform the drawing during a divination session with the gypsy tarot, several choices are available to you. Here are some methods you could apply.

As a general rule, it will be good to listen to your intuitions when choosing the type of draw to do.

Drawing with three blades

This is the best known and most used drawing method. The principle is to draw a first card, an arcana, which will represent you. Then, you have to draw another one and it will have the function of predicting the future, that is to say, it will highlight the problem and perhaps the answer or the solution. Finally, you must draw one last card which will provide advice, which will allow you to know the right decision to make.

The past, present, future draw

With this drawing method, you also have to take three cards and line them up. We must then decipher them one by one in order to know the messages they convey. The first is supposed to represent the current situation. The second, on the other hand, will reveal possible solutions. Finally, the third card is the one that provides advice that will help you identify the course of action to follow.

The cross draw

This drawing technique is also widely used by fortune tellers and clairvoyants. The principle is to lay down all the cards. Then, choose 5 and arrange them in the shape of a cross with their faces hidden. The first card always describes the real situation. The second, however, talks about your health. As for the third, it highlights your social life. The fourth card evokes professional life and the last offers a summary of the draw made. This will also be the solutions map.

A map of astrology constellations, divinatory tarot cards and a clairvoyance compass

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How the gypsy tarot works

How to practice gypsy tarot ?

If you want to know your future with this divinatory art, there are a few rules to respect. In general, the approach to follow will depend on your objective, yes, but there are certain general principles that we will now discover.

How to use cards

During a drawing, it is possible to use only the 22 major arcana. This method will allow you to obtain information about your life in general. By using this technique, you will not have to concentrate on a single question throughout the draw. You will only have to concentrate in the game and the gypsy cards will tell you everything you want to know.

On the other hand, if the idea is to obtain answers regarding a particular situation, it is recommended to use all gypsy cards. In addition, you must concentrate well on your request throughout the divination session. Attention ! You must formulate the question well so that it is very clear and precise. This is the only way to get an adequate response.

The approach to adopt

To make a draw, the first thing to do is to shuffle the cards well. There are no specific methods to apply. You just have to listen to your intuition and your feelings. They will guide your hands for sure.

The next step is to place the cards in front of you. All that remains is to draw three or 5 cards, depending on your desires. To choose the right drawing method (because, yes, it is important), it may be a good idea to seek the advice of an expert or to do some research in advance. As such, this article from dealing with the different tarot readings tells you quite well about it.

Then, analyze your print carefully to obtain the best interpretation. Attention ! If you want to ask a specific question, it is important to focus on it throughout the draw.

Some rules to respect

During a gypsy tarot divination session, it is strongly recommended to remove all jewelry. Then you need to wash your hand. It is also advisable to isolate yourself in a room and burn a little incense. It is a way to purify yourself and clear yourself. This promotes concentration and the ability to interpret the cards correctly.

During a divination session, it happens that the cards refuse to speak. In this case, the only possible solution is to give up and start the draw again another day. For divination with the gypsy tarot to work, it is advisable to carry out the drawing between Tuesday and Saturday. Sunday is a day of rest, so it must be respected. According to Gypsy tradition, the cards lie if you draw on a Monday. It is therefore also better to avoid doing it on Monday.

There are actually several simple but necessary rules to know like this. For example, here are 7 proposed by the site that you might be interested in.

It is important to emphasize that the gypsy tarot is a simple divinatory art that is suitable even for beginners. However, in order not to make mistakes when interpreting the cards, you must first become familiar with the game. Otherwise, the best solution is to contact a psychic.

Gypsy tarot cards in Egyptian style, according to the ancient tradition of the pharaohs.

Interpretation of gypsy cards

As mentioned before, the gypsy tarot is a very complete divinatory art. Indeed, gypsy cards can identify the current situation, that is to say, your problem or the situation that you wish to clarify. They are also able to tell you what will happen in the future. This is the answer to your question, of course. But they will also give you information that will help you improve your situation and choose the path to take.

It should be noted that each card has a specific meaning.

For example, that illustrated by the Old Woman can evoke the fear of growing old or the lack of time. The card showing the Messenger, on the other hand, announces news that you will soon receive.

That illustrated by the Letter evokes a new opportunity or a transformation. It can also announce the arrival of a response or approval to a particular request.

The card highlighting the Doctor reveals the existence of an emotional wound that needs to be healed or an illness. As for the one revealing the Wife, it can refer to a quarrel and the desire to engage in a relationship.

Finally, the card illustrated by Money is a lucky charm. It is the card of fortune and can be associated with prosperity and success.

Two gypsy women dancing to traditional music.

Why gypsy tarot rather than another type of clairvoyance?

As you can see if you take a look at the collection of clairvoyance tools that we offer here, there are many other ways to practice divination than that advocated by the gypsy tarot.

This ancestral divination tool, however, has many advantages. First of all, it is easy to understand and master. So everyone can practice it. However, if the experience of drawing the cards alone does not tempt you, you can always call on a professional clairvoyant or fortune teller.

In short, what are the advantages of this art of divination?

A tarot covering several areas

With the gypsy tarot you can obtain information about your love life. Whether you are single or in a relationship, this art of divination can help you gain insight into your love situation in the near or distant future. You can also get advice on how to manage your relationships.

With this divination technique, you can also know your future professionally. During the drawing, simply focus on work or career to get detailed information on these topics. Gypsy cards can predict upcoming promotions and present new opportunities to you.

Obviously, the gypsy tarot can reveal major events to you that could influence your family life. It can also talk about your state of health or your life in general.

A powerful art of divination

This is another major asset of the gypsy tarot. Even though it is easy to handle and accessible to everyone, it is a particularly powerful and rich divination tool. This is why he managed to stand the test of time. Furthermore, the traditions of the Bohemians are well preserved. The color, design and meanings of the cards have not changed.

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