How to (easily) make a Lucky Charm?

Yes, that’s true, how can you easily make a lucky charm that really works?

The question has arisen for each of us one day or another. Most of the time, it just crosses our mind and then leaves again. But if you are reading this today, it is because you have decided to dig into the question and go further…

That's good, we're here to give you an easy and fun method that will allow you to make your own lucky charm!

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But first of all, why care about lucky charms?

Anxieties: enemies to fight

The main steps to making a lucky charm

An alternative that is undoubtedly easier… and more effective

Some tips for choosing the right lucky charm

A lucky clover and a horseshoe hanging on a wall made of wooden planks.

But first of all, why care about lucky charms?

We are not here to deal with spiritual matters.

These themes are covered at length in the hundreds of articles on our site and in the end we have no one to convince: the belief in the power of lucky charms is above all something personal.

Some people believe in energies, in certain inexplicable phenomena or in the power of symbols, and others do not. For our part, we are very clearly part of the first group but, after all, everyone is free to think what they want. No, we're here to talk about much more down-to-earth things...

Stress and anxiety are natural responses of the body when we are faced with certain uncomfortable situations or uncertainty. We have all experienced these feelings and know them well. However, when we let them overwhelm us, this type of emotion can block us, literally becoming debilitating.

We can wish this on no one, least of all those we love. To help those who suffer from stress to combat it, we have written training based on visualization and self-hypnosis which teaches how to manage this type of problem.

In short, with today's topic, you will learn how to make an object capable of chasing away evil spirits and bringing you real abundance!

Sad woman experiencing too much stress

Anxieties: enemies to fight

However, despite all the existing methods, some people are more sensitive to stress than others, it's unfortunate but that's how it is. For them, relying on personal rituals or lucky charms can be a good thing.

By giving them a kind of unshakable beacon in their life, a simple pendant or a special bracelet can provide that little boost of self-confidence that allows them to overcome obstacles. There is also no shortage of serious scientific studies on the subject. It has been proven more than once: lucky charms have a real impact on our well-being.

If the ancients used charms, medallions and other charms to repel the evil eye, they were undoubtedly also looking for this little extra confidence. What if a fertility ritual simply had the function of giving confidence? What if a certain omen announcing a dark omen simply wanted to encourage his community to prepare?

Besides that, if we think about it, we all know a parent, friend or child who is in this situation. For them, receiving a lucky charm can really be something that changes their life... Even more so if it's you who's giving it to them!

We now see the benefit of making a lucky charm for ourselves or for our loved ones!

Brushes, pencils, scissors and rulers used to make lucky charms.

The main steps to making a lucky charm

We will now get to the heart of the matter and see how to make a lucky charm easily.

The duration of the process may vary from person to person. For the most inspired among us and for those who know how to feel things instinctively, the production can be done in a few dozen minutes. For those who find it more difficult to feel what they are missing, days (or even weeks) of personal reflection will be required.

Don't worry: only in very rare cases does the process of making a lucky charm take this long.

1) Find a “physical support” for your lucky charm

Concretely, it can be a jewel, a stone, a branch... In short, any thing which is not yet charged with a particular energy and which you would like to carry with you at daily. This step is important because this support will form the essence of your lucky charm.

So take the time to think carefully and feel what destiny is leading you towards. This support can be a crystal, a precious stone, a bracelet, a statuette... The possibilities are endless and will all bring you luck.

2) Purify it, energize it, elevate it!

Once you have the material in your hands, spend a few minutes thinking about it. Simply.

Keep it close to you and meditate briefly next to it to see if it really suits you. By emptying your mind, you will also empty this object of its vibrations from the past.

In short, you feel good with it, it will then be time to mark it with your energy. To do this, you will just need to wear it for a few (tens) minutes.

Be careful, your skin must be in contact with it throughout. You can also try to visualize as much positivity as possible to speed up the process. When you have forgotten the presence of this object, this will be a sign that your respective vibrational rates have been in tune.

3) Choose a specific symbol

All symbols existing in our world have different energy.

In fact, they are a privileged gateway to the deepest levels of our unconscious. They know how to express emotions buried deep in the human imagination. To go further, here is a book by Dominique Coquelle which deals with the place and power of symbols.

In short, some symbols will suit you better than others, that's obvious. Choosing the right one is therefore an essential step in making your lucky charm.

To be sure not to make a mistake, you can safely rely on the work of our site which presents you with some of the most popular/famous/powerful symbols in the world. If you already have a lucky symbol, something that has followed you since birth, you can use that too. In short, you need to choose something personal and that will meet your needs.

Often, this will require introspection work upstream. Yes, attracting luck is not intended for the superstitious but for people who are open-minded and capable of observing themselves with humility. Once you have found your symbol, you can paint it, draw it or even engrave it on your support.

4) Check the effectiveness of your lucky charm

When you have followed everything we have just stated, you normally have a lucky charm in your hand!

It is clear that each step involves a huge amount of subjectivity. Finding your way is therefore entirely possible and you could very well end up with an object that does not meet your needs or, worse, does not work.

So, we advise you to wear your new lucky charm for a few days and see the effects it has (or, precisely, that it does not have). You will then be able to decide and form a real opinion on it. After all, this lucky object that you created for yourself must bring luck!

Young child looking surprised and doubtful.

An alternative that is undoubtedly easier… and more effective

Here we have shown you how to make a lucky charm quickly. As we have just mentioned, this process is however not infallible, and it can of course “fail”.

Here are some reasons that can explain such a failure:

  • You have simply chosen a wrong symbol/support (which for example does not agree with your astrological sign)
  • Sometimes a lucky charm can be cursed without you even realizing it, causing it to attract bad luck.
  • Also sometimes we find ourselves in an emergency situation where we don't have the time or energy to follow these steps correctly.
  • It also happens that, being too busy with our activity (professional, school, parenting, etc.), we simply have other things to do.
  • Some people also want promises of results and therefore prefer to rely on lucky charms whose effects they know in advance.

It is in these cases in particular that buying a lucky charm directly instead of making it can prove to be a good idea.

For them, people who recognize themselves in this, we offer a range of several hundred different lucky charms from cultures around the world.

Their overall effectiveness has also been confirmed by hundreds (or even thousands) of years of use.

Believe us, you will find at least one that suits you in there!

Display in a boutique full of handmade lucky bracelets.

Some tips for choosing the right lucky charm

It can sometimes be complicated to find what you need among the impressive number of lucky charms that exist in the world.

Some arise from religion and spirituality which do not necessarily correspond to us, while others will require quite complex rituals to express all their possibilities. There are even some that can take a lighter form, such as a key ring or coins.

Here is a small selection of some lucky charms to buy, to make, to give away. .. in short, lucky charms that you can enjoy with your eyes closed!

The four leaf clover

Four-leaf clovers are often said to represent faith, love, hope and luck (a quality for each leaf in fact).

For our part, we really like this reflection… and we are not the only ones!

Celtic Druids also loved clover, which they saw as a powerful magical plant capable of warding off spirits and demons.

When we also know that the probability of finding a clover is approximately 1/10,000, we understand why this lucky charm is so linked to the notions of luck and providence.

Horse Shoe

The use of a horseshoe as a symbol of protection is centuries old, perhaps even millennia old.

There are also many traditions about it.

In some regions of Europe for example, it is advisable to place your horseshoe pointing upwards (i.e. in a “U” shape), to prevent luck and positivity from affecting fall from it.

In other places, it is the opposite: putting it the other way allows it, according to those who put it that way, to rain happiness on all those who pass under it.

So choose your side and take this into account when you decide to create and make your lucky charm!

The ladybug

Ladybugs are widely associated with luck, happiness and joy.

Throughout time and throughout the world, these little lucky insects have brought pleasure to those on whom they land.

In fact, it is often said that a ladybug landing on you means great success and happiness to come.

In some countries, it has even been said that these little “beasts of the Good Lord” are a kind of divine messengers used to send us more spiritual messages.

Whatever happens, never kill a ladybug: at worst it would bring you bad luck, at best it would be very cruel.

The rabbit's foot

The rabbit's foot is a very common symbol in America due to the influences of voodoo culture.

Associated with powerful magical forces, if we are talking to you about rabbit feet today, it is not to advise you to make your own.

There are in fact hundreds of lucky charms to create that can work for you.

From that point on, why would we need to kill an innocent beast?

Dozens of others

Our site was created from the ground up to pay homage to the power of lucky charms and, believe us, there are dozens of different designs.

Here is a small list of some talismans which will show you all the diversity of our collections:

  • The Laughing Buddha: a powerful figure of Chinese Feng Shui
  • Elephant, turtle or tiger statuettes: symbolic animals from around the world
  • “Lucky bamboo”, lotus or lily of the valley: famous lucky plants
  • Scarabs: treasure of spirituality of the ancient Egyptians
  • Various costume jewelry linked to ancient superstitions: our store is very extensive and presents the history of each one.

In short, you will have enough to make your choice to become luckier!

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